The Shaun F. Beasley Memorial collection of materials on grief and loss has been provided through funds generously donated in Shaun’s memory. It is hoped that parents and siblings dealing with sudden traumatic loss (along with their teachers, peers, and community), will benefit from the print and ebooks available for both children and adults. Please feel free to ask a librarian for recommendations in selecting material. We’re here to help!

The Shaun Beasley Memorial Fund also has a Facebook page, where you can find the purpose & vision, articles on grief, and memories of Shaun.


Children’s 155.9 Grollman
Grollman, Earl A
Straight Talk About Death For Teenagers : How To Cope With Losing Someone You Love

155.937 Ascher
Ascher, Barbara Lazear
Landscape Without Gravity A Memoir Of Grief

155.937 Bennett
Bennett, Paul
Loving Grief

155.937 Broken
Mccracken, Anne
A Broken Heart Still Beats After Your Child Dies Revised

155.937 Canfield
Canfield, Jack
Chicken Soup For The Soul Grieving And Recovery 101 Inspirational And Comforting Stories About Surviving The Loss Of A Loved One

155.937 Chicken
Canfield, Jack
Chicken Soup For The Grieving Soul Stories About Life, Death And Overcoming The Loss Of A Loved One

155.937 DeVita-Raeburn
Devita Raeburn, Elizabeth
The Empty Room : Surviving The Loss Of A Brother Or Sister At Any Age

155.937 Donnelly
Donnelly, Katherine Fair
Recovering From The Loss Of A Sibling Digital Original

155.937 Fitzgerald
Fitzgerald, Helen
The Mourning Handbook The Most Comprehensive Resource Offering Practical And Compassionate Advice On Coping With All Aspects Of Death And Dy

155.937 Gravelle
Gravelle, Karen
Teenagers Face To Face With Bereavement

155.937 Grollman
Grollman, Earl A
Straight Talk About Death For Teenagers : How To Cope With Losing Someone You Love

155.937 Mastley
Mastley, Scott
Surviving A Sibling Discovering Life After Loss

155.937 McCurry
Mccurry, Anne
Letters To Sara The Agony Of Adult Sibling Loss

Children’s 155.937 Penn
Penn, Audrey
Chester Raccoon And The Acorn Full Of Memories

155.937 Seriani
Seriani, Nancy
For The Love Of Sister A Siblings Story

155.937 Silverman
Silverman, Phyllis R
A Parents Guide To Raising Grieving Children : Rebuilding Your Family After The Death Of A Loved One

155.937 Snyder
Snyder, Ronald
Take Your Time, Go Slowly After The Tragic And Sudden Death Of A Child For The Parents And Siblings With No Time To Say Good Bye

Parent’s Shelf 155.937 Sprague
Sprague, Zander
Making Lemonade Choosing A Positive Pathway After Losing Your Sibling Updated

155.937 Stack-Costantino
Costantino, Roberta
Coping With The Loss Of A Sibling

155.937 Wolfelt
Wolfelt, Alan D
Healing The Adult Siblings Grieving Heart 100 Practical Ideas After Your Brother Or Sister Dies

155.937 Wray
Wray, T J
Surviving The Death Of A Sibling : Living Through Grief When An Adult Brother Or Sister Dies

204.092 Starr
Starr, Mirabai
Caravan Of No Despair A Memoir Of Loss And Transformation

306.9 Schillace
Schillace, Brandy
Deaths Summer Coat What The History Of Death And Dying Can Tell Us About Life And Living

362.28 Miller
Miller, Sara Swan
An Empty Chair Living In The Wake Of A Siblings Suicide

EBOOKS – The following titles are in ebook format, readable on most tablets, smartphones, ereaders, laptops, or other devices. They are available for free from our OverDrive ebook collection and can be checked out on your NOBLE library card. If you need assistance accessing ebooks on your device, please contact the Reference Desk at Beebe Library. We’re happy to help you get set up!

Bozarth, Alla Renée
A journey through grief

Canfield, Jack
Chicken soup for the grieving soul : stories about life, death and overcoming the loss of a loved one

Coryell, Deborah Morris
Good grief : healing through the shadow of loss

Crider, Tom
Give sorrow words : a father’s passage through grief

De Vries, Robert C.
Traveling through grief : learning to live again after the death of a loved one

DePaola, Tomie
Nana upstairs & Nana downstairs

Evans, Julian
A help in grief : coping with the death of someone close

Feinberg, Linda
I’m grieving as fast as I can : how young widows and widowers can cope and heal

Fitzgerald, Helen
The grieving child : a parent’s guide

Fitzgerald, Helen
The mourning handbook : the most comprehensive resource offering practical and compassionate advice on coping with all aspects of death and dying

Fitzgerald, Helen
The grieving teen : a guide for teenagers and their friends

Gootman, Marilyn E.
When a friend dies : a book for teens about grieving & healing

Grollman, Earl A.
Straight talk about death for teenagers : how to cope with losing someone you love

Grollman, Earl A.
Talking about death : a dialogue between parent and child

Kilgore, Tanya
The Grief recovery kit : a young person’s guide through the journey of grief

Kübler-Ross, Elisabeth
On grief & grieving : finding the meaning of grief through the five stages of loss

Mellonie, Bryan
Lifetimes : a beautiful way to explain death to children

Myers, Edward
Teens, loss, and grief : the ultimate teen guide

O’Connor, Joey
Children and grief : helping your child understand death

Penn, Audrey
Chester Raccoon and the acorn full of memories

Perkins, Janice
How to help a child cope with grief : a book for adults who live and work with bereaved children

Reiss, Michele A.
Lessons in loss and living : hope and guidance for confronting serious illness and grief

Romain, Trevor
What on earth do you do when someone dies?

Schillace, Brandy
Death’s summer coat : what the history of death and dying can tell us about life and living

Thomas, Pat
I miss you : a first look at death

Vigna, Judith
Saying goodbye to Daddy

Wolfelt, Alan D.
The journey through grief : reflections on healing

Wolfelt, Alan D.
Living in the shadow of the ghosts of grief : step into the light

Wolfelt, Alan D.
A child’s view of grief : a guide for parents, teachers, and counselors

Wolfelt, Alan D.
Understanding your grief : ten essential touchstones for finding hope and healing your heart

Wolfelt, Alan D.
Healing the adult sibling’s grieving heart : 100 practical ideas after your brother or sister dies

Wolfelt, Alan D.
The wilderness of grief : finding your way

Wray, T. J.
Surviving the death of a sibling : living through grief when an adult brother or sister dies