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Beebe Library owns a number of books about Wakefield history which have been scanned and made available online through the efforts of the Internet Archive, a non-profit organization founded in 1996 to create an online digital library and preserve it for future historians as well as current users. The archive currently contains well over a million books, as well as extensive collections of media such as newsreels, advertising, cartoons, music, radio shows, and more. Materials in the archive, mostly published prior to the 1920s, are in the public domain and can be used without restrictions.

The books in the following list are owned by Beebe Library in hard copy, but by following the “full text” link, you can go directly to the online version and view the scanned copy, as well as search the text of the book by key words.


Hand-book of Wakefield, Mass. A strangers’ guide and residents’ manual. by William E. Eaton (published in 1885).

History of Wakefield (Middlesex County) Massachusetts by William E. Eaton (published in 1944).

Malden, Maplewood, Wakefield, Reading, Stoneham, Medford and West Medford : their representative business men and points of interest. (published in 1893).

Tabloid history of the town of Wakefield by Arthur A. Fulton (published in 1923).


Vital records of Wakefield, Massachusetts, to the year 1850. covering births, marriages, and deaths in Wakefield (South Reading) up to 1850 (published in 1912).


Reading’s “Old Burial Ground” now in Wakefield, Massachusetts, 1688 by William E. Eaton. Lists names and locations of stones in the old burying ground on Church Street (published in 1935).

Inscriptions from the most ancient burial ground in South Reading, 1644-1834. covering inscriptions from the old burying ground on Church Street (published in 1938).


Inaugural exercises in Wakefield, Mass. : including the historical address and poem delivered on the occasion of the assumption of its new name, by the town formerly known as South Reading, on Saturday, July 4th, 1868. (published in 1868).

Wakefield souvenir of the celebration of the 250th anniversary of ancient Reading, at Wakefield … May 28th, Reading … May 29th, 1894. (published in 1894).

Proceedings of the 250th anniversary of the ancient town of Redding, once including the territory now comprising the towns of Reading, Wakefield, and North Reading : with historical chapters. edited by Chester W. Eaton, Warren E. Eaton ; compiled and arranged by Will Everett Eaton (published in 1896).


Genealogical history of the town of Reading, Mass. : including the present towns of Wakefield, Reading, and North Reading, with chronological and historical sketches, from 1639 to 1874. by Lilley Eaton (published in 1874).

Lucius Beebe of Wakefield and Sylenda Morris Beebe, his wife, and their forebears and descendants. by Louise Beebe Wilder (published in 1930).

Wakefield memorial, comprising an historical, genealogical and biographical register of the name and family of Wakefield. by Homer Wakefield (published in 1897).


Wakefield Congregational church : a commemorative sketch, 1644-1877. by Charles Robinson Bliss (published in 1877).

Commemorative address, by Samuel K. Hamilton, delivered at the celebration by the first parish in Wakefield, Massachusetts of the completion of payment covering the cost of the fifth meeting-house of the Congregational Church (published in 1919).

The five meeting houses and early parsonages of the first parish of Old Reading, now Wakefield, Massachusetts. by William E. Eaton (published in 1937).

History of the First Baptist Church in Wakefield, Mass., 1800-1900. compiled by N. R. Everts (published in 1901).


History of the Richardson Light Guard, of Wakefield, Mass. 1851-1901 by William E. Eaton (published in 1901) and the second volume, covering the years 1901-1926 (published in 1926).

The military record of Reading men in the War of Independence. by Loea Howard Parker (published in 1934).

Wakefield, Massachusetts in the World War, 1917-1920. compiled by Emma Florence Eaton (published in 1935).


The Lucius Beebe memorial library : an historical sketch. by Elizabeth Frances Ingram (published in 1925).


A completed century, 1826-1926; the story of the Heywood-Wakefield Company. a history of the notable Wakefield wicker furniture manufacturer (published in 1926).

Wood work, chair designs. designs from Wakefield’s wicker industry hand drawn and colored by local artist Joseph C. Payro (published in 1885).


Geology of Wakefield, Massachusetts. by E.E. Fairbanks (published in 1922).

History of the Hartshorne House in Wakefield, Massachusetts. by William E. Eaton (published in 1937).

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