One of the best parts about working in a library is that you’re surrounded by stories!  Here is where the Youth Room Librarians share the things they like best. Come explore these topics and genres further at the library!


So the teacher just told you that you need to get Level H books.  You try to find the recommended books, only to discover that you need to buy them from an educational publisher in Wisconsin. What’s a mom to do?

Your library can help!

Leveled Books from Beebe Library

Click on the links below to see Beebe Library holdings for the levels listed below.  All the Guided Reading Levels are not listed below, just the ones that parents request from us most frequently.

Level B   Level C   Level F   Level G     Level H   Level J   Level L   Level M   Level O  Level Q  Level S

If a book you want is checked out, you can place a hold with your library card if have a PIN set up with your account. If you don’t have an account with a PIN set up, you can do that on your next library visit!  It’s free.  Having a PIN also allows you to manage your library account from home, so you can always see what books are on your account, and when you need to return them.


Get Online Suggestions from Booksource!
Do books bore your child?  Need more variety to choose from?  Do you have one of those ‘fussy’ readers at home?  No worries.  Children don’t want to read all the same books.  They have individual tastes.  Your child just has not found the right sort of book yet.

Here are some more suggestions for books!  Booksource separates books within each level by Fiction and Nonfiction.  When you click on See All, to the right of  those two categories, the menus change to display plenty of book categories, one of which will surely appeal to your child.  So to get started:

  1. Follow the link to the level page.
  2. Choose whichever genre appeals, Fiction or Nonfiction.
  3. Click See All.
  4. In the left margin a menu appears, sorting book types, allowing you to focus on a list that better reflects individual interests.

idea-1019808-pixabay-1024x1024Still More Lists from Reading A to Z

Do you need Guided Reading Levels decoded into Lexiles?  Click here for a Lexile Conversion Chart from Reading A to Z that lists ages, Guided Reading Levels, and Lexiles as they relate to each other.  Click on the level letter to reveal thumbnails of suggested books for that level.  Hover your mouse for a book summary!