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Culinary Mysteries

Culinary mysteries are usually Cozies that prominently feature food and or cooking – sometimes with the recipes included. And like a Cozy, the body is often offstage, and most of the time, the author does not explicitly describe the death or any other violence. The sleuths are almost always amateurs who have sniffed out a murder or crime that needs to be solved. The detective may dine well, or may run a catering service, restaurant, or bakery. The sleuth is usually, but not always a woman, who solves the mystery through intuition and her knowledge of human nature. Small-town settings and gossip are integral parts of these savory stews of murder and mayhem.

The following is a list of authors who fit into this category. Many authors have series in this theme. Titles in each series is given, although not all authors’ or series’ titles may be here.

Babson, Marian.
Death Warmed Up

Barnes, Linda.
Cities of the Dead.

Beaton, M.C.
Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death.

Beck, K.K.
Body in the Cornflakes.

Bishop, Claudia.
Hemlock Falls series.
A Taste for Murder Not in NOBLE.
Dash of Death.
A Pinch of Poison Not in NOBLE.
Murder Well-Done Not in NOBLE.
Death Dines Out Not in NOBLE.
A Touch of the Grape.
A Steak in Murder.
Marinade for Murder. Not in NOBLE
Just Desserts.
Fried By Jury.
A Puree of Poison.
Buried By Breakfast.
Dinner to Die For.
Ground to a Halt
A Carol for a Corpse
Toast Mortem

Bond, Michael.
Monsieur Pamplemousse. series

Bruno, Anthony.
Devil’s Food.
Double Expresso.
Hot Fudge.

Cannell, Dorothy. Ellie Haskell mysteries.
Thin Woman: An Epicurian Mystery.
Widows Club.
Mum’s the Word.
Femmes Fatal.
How to Murder Your Mother-in-law.
How to Murder the Man of Your Dreams.
Spring Cleaning Murders.
Trouble with Harriet.
Bridesmaids Revisited.

Childs, Laura.
Death by Darjeeling: A Tea Shop Mystery
Gunpowder Green
Shades of Earl Grey
English Breakfast Murder
Jasmine Moon Murder
Chamomile mourning
Blood Orange Brewing
Dragonwell Dead
Silver Needle Murder
Oolong Dead
The Teaberry Strangler
Scones & Bones

Crespi, Camilla. Simona Griffa mysteries
Trouble With a Bad Fit: A Novel of Food, Fashion and Mystery.
Trouble with Going Home.

Crockett, Jessie.
Drizzled with Death: Sugar Grove Mystery#1
“The annual pre-Thanksgiving pancake-eating contest is a big event in Sugar Grove, New Hampshire. It’s sponsored by the Sap Bucket Brigade, aka the firefighters’ auxiliary, and the Greene family’s farm provides the syrup. But when obnoxious outsider Alanza Speedwell flops face-first into a stack of flapjacks during the contest, the Greener Pastures’ syrup falls under suspicion.”–cover.

Cutter, Leela.
Murder After Tea-Time

Daheim, Mary.
Just Desserts

Davidson, Diane Mott. Goldy Bear mysteries.
Catering to Nobody
Dying for Chocolate
Cereal Murders.
Last Suppers.
Killer Pancake
Main Corpse.
Grilling Season.
Prime Cut.
Tough Cookie.
Sticks and Scones.
Chopping Spree.
Double Shot.
Dark Tort.
Sweet Revenge.
Fatally Flaky.
Crunch Time.

Mama Stalks the Past.

Immaculate Reception: Madeline Bean Catering mystery,
Killer Wedding,
Sympathy for the Devil
Dim Sum Dead.
Mumbo Gumbo.
Perfect Sax.
Flaming Luau of Death

Fluke, Joanne.
Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder: A Hannah Swenson Mystery
Strawberry Shortcake Murder
Blueberry Muffin Murder
Lemon Meringue Pie Murder
Fudge Cupcake Murder
Sugar Cookie Murder
Peach Cobbler Murder
Cherry Cheesecake Murder
Key Lime Pie Murder
Carrot Cake Murder
Cream Puff Murder
Plum Pudding Murder
Apple Turnover Murder
Devil’s Food Cake Murder
Sugar and Spice
Candy Cane Murder
Gingerbread Cookie Murder

Hart, Carolyn G.
Mint Julep Murder: Death on Demand mysteries,
Sugarplum Dead

Hart, Ellen.
Killing Cure: A Jane Lawless Mystery

Heald, Tim.
Just Desserts

Hess, Joan.
Maggody in Manhattan:An Arly Hanks Mystery.

King, Peter.
The Gourmet Detective: Gourmet Detective mystery,
Spiced to Death,
Dying on the Vine,
Death Al Dente,
Healthy Place to die,
Eat, Drink, and Be Buried

Lamalle, Cecile.
Appetite For Murder
Glutton for Punishment
Prepared for Murder

Larmoth, Jeanine.
Murder on the Menu

Lathen, Emma.
Brewing Up a Storm:A John Thatcher Mystery.

Laurence, Janet.
Death and the Epicure: Darina Lisle mystery.
Death at the Table,
Hotel Morgue,
Recipe for Death Not in NOBLE
A Tasty Way to Die Not in NOBLE

Lawrence, Cynthia.
Chill Before Serving: A Mystery for Food Lovers

Lyons, Nan.
Someone Is Killing the Great Chefs of Europe
Someone Is Killing the Great Chefs of America

Mayor, Archer.
Fruits of the Poisonous Tree

Cooked Goose: Savannah Reid mystery,
Just Desserts,
Killer Calories,
Sugar and Spite
Sour Grapes
Peaches and Screams
Death By Chocolate
Cereal Killer
Murder a la mode
Corpse Suzette
Fat Free and Fatal
Poisoned Tarts
A Body to Die For
Wicked Craving
A Decadent Way to Die

Meyers, Annette.
The Groaning Board: Smith and Wetzon Mystery

Moyes, Patricia.
Twice in a Blue Moon Henry Tibbet mystery.

Myers, Amy.
Murder Makes an Entrée: A Victorian Whodunit

Myers, Tamar.
Too Many Crooks Spoil the Broth: Pennsylvania Dutch/Magdalena Yoder
Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Crime,
No Use Dying Over Spilled Milk
Just Plain Pickled to Death
Between a Wok and a Hard Place
Eat, Drink, and Be Wary
Play It Again, Spam?
Hand that Rocks the Ladle
Crepes of Wrath
Gruel And Unusual Punishment
Custard’s Last Stand
Thou Shalt Not Grill
Assault and Pepper
Grape Expectations
Hell hath No Curry
As the World Churns
Batter Off Dead
Butter Safe Than Sorry

Page, Katharine Hall.
The Body in the Big Apple
The Body in the Belfry
The Body in the Kelp
The Body in the Bouillon,
The Body in the Vestibule
The Body in the Cast
The Body in the Basement
The Body in the Bog
The Body in the Fjord
The Body in the Bookcase
The Body in the Moonlight
The Body in the Bonfire
Body in the Lighthouse
Body in the Attic
Body in the Snowdrift
Body in the Ivy
Body in the Gallery
Body in the Sleigh
Body in the Gazebo

Pence, Joanne.
Cooking Up Trouble: Angie Amalfi Mystery
Too Many Cooks NOT IN NOBLE
Bell, Cook and Candle
Cook In Time
Cooking Most Deadly
Cooks Night Out
Cooks Overboard
To Catch a Cook
Bell, Cook, and Candle
If Cooks Could Kill
Two Cooks A-Killing
Courting Disaster
Red Hot Murder
The Da Vinci Cook

Pickard, Nancy.
27 Ingredient Chili Con Carne Murders: Eugenia Potter mystery
Blue Corn Murders
Secret Ingredient Murders

Reed, Ishmael.
The last days of Louisiana Red.

Rich, Virginia.
Cooking School Murders
Nantucket Diet Murders
Baked Bean Supper Murders

Richman, Phyllis.
The Butter Did It: A Gastronomic Tale of Love and Murder
Murder on the Gravy Train,
Who’s Afraid of Virginia Ham?

Rosen, Dorothy and Sidney.
Death and Blintzes: A Belle Appleman Mystery
Death & Strudel

Russell, Charlotte Murray.
Message of the Mute Dog

Smith, Julie.
Sourdough Wars: Rebecca Schwartz Mystery

Stout, Rex.
Too Many Cooks.

Temple, Lou Jane.
Death By Rhubarb,
Revenge of the Barbeque Queens
Bread On Arrival,
A Stiff Risotto–Not in NOBLE/Out of Print
Cornbread Killer,
Red Beans and Vice,
Death is Semisweet

Weber, Janice.
Devil’s Food

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