Drop in during vacation week, December 27-30 from 10:30-11:30 with your 4 – 7 year olds for sensory activities.  Children may do more than one of the activities during the hour.
Messy, Messy Crafts
Ages 4-8, Drop in!
Tuesday at 10:30
Warning:  These crafts are really messy. Please dress down. 
Kids have their choices of painting balloons with strung from the ceiling, finger painting, or engaging in a messy collage. 
Squeaky Clean Crafts
Ages 4-8
Wednesday at 10:30
Not as messy as yesterday, but please feel free to dress the kids down again today!  Kids will carve soap boats and float them, make bath bombs with citric acid and  baking soda, and play with bubbles. 

Fragrance sensitivity alert!  The Program Room will abound with a broad variety of scents with these projects. 

Smelly, Smelly Crafts
Ages 4-8
Thursday at 10:30
Work with a variety of scents in different forms.  Make scented pie crafts, take part in the Aromatic Mysteries activity, and make a scratch and sniff project. 
Tasty, Tasty Crafts
Ages 4-8
Friday at 10:30
Allergy alert:  Some of the cookies used in this craft may have nut products or gluten in them.
Use cake decorating tools to practice basic designs on cookies.  Make a snowman out of marshmallows and icing.  Visit the flavor station and sample and name a number of frostings.