Book Review: The Pickle King

Sometimes I’m lucky enough to have advance copies of books, and kids who come to the Advisory Board Meetings can pick one out to review. This is the first in the series of reviews. If this book sounds interesting let us know and we’ll put it on hold for you!

The Pickle King, by Rebecca PromitzerCover for The Pickle King
Book review by Cole Kraus

This is a very peculiar book. Well, if you see the cover it’s definitely not your everyday walk in the park book, or everybody lives happily ever after. NO, because a lot of odd things happen. I like this book because you think you have the picture painted but then you see a part that you haven’t painted. There’s alway just another problem.

So this is what the book is about: There’s an 11 year-old girl named Bea, who lives in a nowhere town where nothing much happens but rain. It rains constantly all summer long. The residents think that they have green mold growing between their toes. That’s how bad it is. Bea’s friend, Sam, brings her to a house. There was a dead guy in that same home, floating in the green murky water. Who killed him?

Maybe their summer wasn’t going to be that boring after all.


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