oh my gosh you guys MAGICIAN

Ah, April. It’s kind of mostly Spring! We’ve had a couple of fun things already, and I’ll tell you more about those later on, but right now I mostly want to make sure you all know that TOMORROW WE HAVE A MAGICIAN COMING! In case you can’t tell, *I’m* excited.

This is something that you guys have been asking us to do for a while, pretty much every month at the Advisory Board meetings. So tomorrow (Wednesday, April 11) at 3, come down to the lecture hall to see Magician Stephen Brenner do a show for us! I can’t make any promises about this show other than that it will be entertaining, but I *think* that he might be a magician that uses BUNNIES. I know I’m acting ridiculous right now, but I am super excited about this.

Please come! It’s going to be awesome!

I’ll be back with more stuff later on!

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