Browse through reviews by your classmates of books from the High School Summer Reading List. The books are listed in alphabetic order by author’s last name.

    • FICTION Diary
      Diary of an oxygen thief
      1.) I read “Diary of an Oxygen Thief” by Anonymous.
      2.) The genre is realistic fiction.
      3.) A theme that stood out is that if you hurt people, it will eventually come back to you.
      4) I personally found the book very unsettling and difficult to read. It had a very slow pace and didn’t follow a traditional story arch. I was expecting something much more thrilling based on the title.
      5.) I believe the author intended for the narrator to be hated, or at least for the reader to not care about him. The first line in the book is “I liked hurting girls” (Anonymous 1).  It was difficult from that point forward to have any feelings at all toward the main character/narrator.
      6.) “Diary of an Oxygen Thief” was written in 2006 in the Netherlands. The story takes place partially there, until the narrating character moves to America for work. As it was written ten years ago, it was fairly current.
      7.) This book is not something I would recommend to anybody. I read the whole thing in one night, and didn’t really take much away from it.  I do not think it was worth reading, or purchasing for that matter.

    • Reading List 9-12 Suggested Al
      Albertalli, Becky
      Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens agenda

      1.) Which book did you choose?
      I chose the book Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda.
      2.) What is the book’s genre?
      The genre of this book is fiction.
      3.) What theme stood out for you in the book?
      The theme that stood out for me is that you should get to know someone before judging them.
      4.) What were your personal reactions to the book?
      Personally, I loved this book. The characters were very real and relatable.
      5.) Did you particularly love or hate any characters or points? Which ones and why?
      I hated the character Martin. He blackmailed Simon to help Martin get a girlfriend.
      6.) When and where was this book written? How does the book reflect the time and place in which it was written?
      This book was written in 2015 and it reflects the time because the story is very diverse. There are gay characters and characters of many different races.
      7.) Is this book worth reading? Why or why not?
      This book is definitely worth reading, especially if you are looking for diversity.

    • Review:
      The book that I chose to read this summer is Tuesdays With Morrie by Mitch Albom. This book was a biographical novel. The theme that stood out to me the most while reading the book was to appreciate everyone and everything in your life while you still have it because you never know when it will be taken away from you. Reading this book made me view life in a different way and I was encouraged to see how happy the main character, Morrie was even though he was going through such a difficult time. I loved the main character Morrie in the book because of his attitude and positivity and his ability to make others happy while he was down. A point that I loved was a quote by Morrie, “Accept who you; and revel in it”. This book was written a few years ago and mostly takes place in Massachusetts, the book does not really reflect the time and place which is was written. I would defiantly recommend reading this book because it has many great life lessons and messages that I think everybody should know, and it is very inspirational.

    • Young Adult Fiction Anderson
      Anderson, Laurie Halse
      The impossible knife of memory
    • 1.) I chose to read “Impossible Knife of Memory.”
      2.) The genre of the book is fiction.
      3.) Throughout the whole book, there was a strong theme of miscommunication, and lack of communication. Hayley seems to be constantly guarding herself by not revealing aspects of her life to her friends, boyfriend, and father. When she does, there are half-truths and it is something featured throughout the whole novel.
      4.) I have been a fan of Anderson’s novels in the past and I think both the pace and style of her is evident here. I love the commentary Anderson makes about people living with mental illness, and in this case, PTSD. Also, I really enjoy the commentary she is making about how modern war can affect people, not just the soldier. Although the plot was predictable and a bit too dramatic at times, the writing and the social commentary made me really enjoy it as a whole.
      5.) I did not feel a strong connection to any of the characters in the book, which was disappointing, Hayley, the main character, was not compelling in any way. Hayley’s father was borderline violent, and most definitely emotionally abusive, but Hayley loved him so it made it difficult for the reader to hate him. Overall, the connections made between reader and characters was the weakest point in the book, as there were no strong feelings made about any of them.
      6.) This book was written in modern day in a suburb. The book reflects this with the use of technology, particularly the aspects of Hayley texting her friend and boyfriend. Hayley is not used to be settled into a home, nevermind a suburb, so that is described quite often to indicate where she is.
      7.) I believe this book is worth reading because of the over-arching messages that it is conveying. Its focus on mental illness and the effects of war is very interesting and compelling, but it does not jump out at the reader explicitly which is something I appreciate. However, if the reader is looking a good plot, this is not the right novel as it is too dramatic which makes it slightly unrealistic, while also revealing a predicable course of events.

    • Reading List 9-12 Suggested An
      Andrews, Jesse
      Me and Earl and the dying girl : a novel
      I chose Me and Earl and The Dying Girl as my choice book this summer. The genre of this book is  fiction. The theme in this book that stood out to me was that you should never take anyone in your life for granted. I got this theme from the part of the book when the main character’s friend gets cancer. My personal reactions to this book included disappointment in the main character when he refused to visit his friend with cancer. Then later in the book I was surprised that the person with cancer became very close with the main character, even after the main character didn’t want to visit her at first. I liked the main character, Greg, because I felt like I could relate to him a lot in the story. I didn’t like his friend because he was always rude. It is not clear when this book was written. This book is worth reading because it’s not your typical cancer story. It is very unpredictable, and it keeps you intrigued the whole time.
      1) I chose to read the book “Me and Earl and the Dying Girl,” written by Jesse Andrews.

      2) The book’s genre is a comedy, as well as a drama.

      3) A major theme that stood out to me throughout the book was the idea that you may not realize your self worth or the impact you have on other people’s lives.

      4) Overall, I really liked this book. It was written in a way that made the narrator, the main character, Greg,, seem personable and casual. I liked how at some points, the book was light and humorous, and at other points was very serious. I was never too sad at any point in the book because there would always be a sudden turn into a lighter mood.

      5) I particularly loved the friendship between Greg and Earl. I liked how realistic the friendship was portrayed. The two friends would get into stupid fights and make up. It made the book seem more realistic to the lives of actual teenagers.  I also liked how the two were so different in some aspects of their lives (such as home life), but so similar in other aspects of their lives (such as their love of film making).

      6)  The book takes place in about 2012 in Pittsburgh, The narrator does a great job in portraying a modern teenager (as he describes his experience in Benson High School). His morals, priorities, and emotions accurately depict that of a modern student and friend.

      6) This book is worth reading because it is a good, light read that is both deep but also humorable. There is a good mix of genres and story lines that make it relatable to a lot of young adults.

      1.  For my choice summer reading book I chose “Me and Earl and the Dying Girl” by Jesse Andrews.

      2.  This book’s genre is fiction.

      3.  I think one theme of this book that stood out to me was trying to do the right thing even if you feel it’s because you have to. I think this because Greg felt a responsibility to cheer up Rachel, even though he didn’t want to he still went to extreme lengths to make her happy. He visited often and the film they tried to make her was a good example of him sacrificing the most important thing to him(his privacy and films) to be a better person. I think the theme is displayed in most of the characters, the entire school seem to care about Rachel as soon as she gets cancer when they didn’t care before. They don’t want to support her, they feel like they have to.

      4. I found this story relatable in the fact that Greg just wanted to fit in. I think it is very common for kids especially in high school to not share personal things about themselves with the people at school because of the fear of being judged. Greg doesn’t tell anyone about his films because he doesn’t want them to be able to hold it against. He was willing to give up having a few friends in order to have approval and acceptance from everyone.

      5. The only part about this book that I didn’t like was I feel like we didn’t get to know Rachel enough, but I think it worked for the story because that later became a lesson in the book.

      6.  This book takes place in modern day Pittsburgh and revolves around a high school student. It does a very good job of showing a high school student’s perspective and was very accurate.

      7. Yes, I think this book is worth reading. I think it offers a good lesson. My favorite part was after Rachel died and Greg realized he didn’t know her at all even though he had spent so much time with her. And it made him a lot more aware because he suddenly realized that no other human like her will ever exist again and that she is gone and not coming back.

      1. I choose to read Me and Earl and the Dying Girl by Jesse Andrews.

      2. The books genre is fiction.

      3. The theme that stood out to me most was the idea that even though life can be crap there is always a reason to find the best in things. In this particular situation Greg and Earl are forced to befriend a dying girl and it shows them a different perspective of things.

      4. My person reactions to the book were that it was something many can relate to. Life always throws us our ups and downs and it’s our job to suck it up and push foward. We have to find the good and the world and sometimes it takes something as powerful as the death or process of dying of a friend to show us.

      5. I particularly loved Greg because he went through a great stage of development throughout the book. In the beginning he has one sorta friend who he made videos with and avoided the rest of the world. As he became friends with Rachel he learns to love and that there’s more to life than just his movies. He sees that what happens to people around him does in turn have some affect on him.

      6. The book was written in modern day Pittsburg.

      7. The book is worth reading because it shows that there is more meaning to life when you think of those around you. High school is high school and yeah sometimes it sucks and you want to not speak to anyone but there are others who have it worse and helping to make their lives better will do the same for you. No matter how you look at death it’s hard thing to go through. But befriending a dying girl meant a whole new world for Greg that he was better for having gone through.

      1.) I chose to read “Me and Earl and the Dying Girl” by Jesse Andrews.

      2.) The book’s genre is fiction.

      3.) A theme that stood out to me is that you have to take care of yourself and your education before you worry about the needs of other people.

      4.) Generally, I liked the book and found it hilarious. Unfortunately, I wasn’t a fan of how negative it was. I would’ve enjoyed it more if the character had tried to reflect on and make improvements to his behavior toward his peers as the book went on. There was minimal character growth throughout the book, and it would’ve been more interesting if there was.

      5.) I didn’t necessarily hate or love any characters, but I was bothered by some of the things they said or did. For instance, I’d cringe when the main character, Greg Gaines, would ramble on about a random topic that his peers couldn’t relate to and were bothered by. Also, when he was comforting his friend Rachel who had been diagnosed with Leukemia, and he’d accidentally start joking about death and realizing what he’d done, he’d awkwardly apologize and run away. I also wasn’t a fan of Greg’s character. He was very insensitive, and always said the wrong things at the wrong time. It would be one thing if he had good intentions, but when the author would let you in his head, some of the things he’d be thinking were cringeworthy. He struck me as ignorant, was very aware of it, and made no effort to change that about himself.

      6.) This book was written in 2012 in New York. Because it describes life through a high schooler’s point of view, it’s easily relatable for people my age. The book also discusses problems that some teens may face in high school, making it up to date with the times.

      7.) This book was worth reading. This is because I got to view the world from a perspective I hadn’t seen before. It was an eye opening experience.

      1.) Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

      2.) Me and Earl and the Dying Girl is a Fiction  book.

      3.) The theme that stood out to me in the book was dealing with and overcoming insecurities. Throughout the book Greg has to accept who he is and embrace it or else he will consider himself to be “Mr. Invisible” forever.

      4.) This book is an emotional roller coaster bringing you laughter, joy, devastation, and appreciation. The author of the book does a great job of keeping the book light throughs using humor to distract from the terrible situation Rachel is in.

      5.) The only parts of this book i didn’t like were the sad parts. Although necessary for the story line it, even though fiction, is tough to read.

      6.) The book was written in Boston in 2012. The book reflects the time in which it was written because it has a very modern setting and feel. The dialogue is pretty realistic making the story easier to really believe as being a true story.

      7.) The book is definitely worth reading. It may be a very sad story it also offers some great lessons and is overall just very easy and fun to read.

      1.) Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

      2.) Teen Fiction

      3.) Self Absorption is a very strong theme in the book. Greg is so obsessed with his own problems and insecurities that he fails to notice how much better off he is than those around him.

      4.) I thought the book was okay for the most part. It didn’t really stick for me a lot, and I started to even forget details about it shortly after I finished it. I think it was because I was so distracted by how much I disliked the main character because it seems like it took him way too long to really reach his realization that he wasn’t the worst off person.

      5.) I didn’t really like Greg at all. As I said, I found him uninteresting and distracting. However, I do realize that that could’ve been the point of his character, to see how relatable he can be despite also being unsavory and annoying. It almost allows the reader to realize the faults in themselves.

      6.) The book takes place in modern day Pittsburgh primarily in High School life. It very easily reflects the attitude of a high schoolers life, and it doesn’t just speak to the rejects like most teen books, but rather to the people who are just staying under the radar and getting by without standing out.

      7.) I think it could possibly be worth reading maybe just for the connection to the themes and ideas presented, if you can handle the main character’s personality. I don’t regret reading it and I did enjoy large parts of it, but sometimes I found myself annoyed by Greg. But since it did elicit an actual reaction from me, perhaps that shows how strongly its written.

      I chose to read Me and Earl and the Dying Girl by Jesse Andrews. The genre of this book is fiction.  A theme that runs through this book is that by letting your own insecurities get in the way of how  you act with others you can ruin your relationships. I was sad at times throughout reading this book, which makes sense because this book deals with things like loss and friendship. Personally, I did not like Greg. I thought he was narcissistic to an extent, as well as obnoxious. He did grow throughout the book into a better person, but not enough for me to say I loved him at any points. The only time he really grew up to me was at the very end of the book. I loved Rachel and her strength despite the awful diagnosis she endured. The book was written in Pittsburgh during this time. I think it reflects how people nowadays tend to only worry about themselves and their own social hierarchy.  People continue to get more and more self-absorbed, much like Greg’s character.  Personally, I did not love this book. I read it because I love teen/ high school books, however, this one just did not do it for me. I disliked most of the characters, plus I was bored throughout most of the book. Some people will love this book. I just did not.
      I read Me and Earl and the Dying Girl by Jesse Andrews. The genre of the book is fiction.  A theme that stood out to me was that life moves on after death.  Greg and Rachel became friends solely on the fact that his mom made him. They don’t fall in love or have this deep connection, he’s just there to keep her company while she’s dying. When Rachel dies there is no  big lesson that she taught or story to tell. She was just an ordinary girl who got cancer and died. There’s something so simple to it but something so real to it as well. Greg felt sadness when she died but he was able to move on with his life. Death is apart of life and it sucks but there is life after death. I was very surprised by the set up of the book when I started reading it because Jesse Andrews creates the story through the point of view and language of a teenage boy. It made the book seem like real life told through a real person. The way Greg felt and reacted to the situations he was faced with made the book so authentic. My favorite character was Greg. I loved how  the story was told through his thoughts and actions. The book was like a look in a teenage boy’s brain and it added humor to the book. Another reason why I like Greg is because he keeps his humor throughout the whole book and it adds comic relief. The book takes place in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Greg, Earl and Rachel attend Benson High School. The book reflects the place because it is portrayed as an ordinary high school  in an ordinary town. This captures the idea that this story can happen in real life. Their school could be considered like the one I go to. This highlights that Greg is a real teenage boy who goes to a real high school and lives the life many high school students live. I do think this book is worth ready. Like I said before, this book is told by a real kid with real emotions. We get to know Greg through the way the book is written and we are able to connect with him. The book brings humor to a sad situation. This book is unlike anything else I have ever read because there is no fantasy, even though it is fiction it is a story that any high school student could experience.
      I read Me and Earl and the Dying Girl by Jesse Andrews. This book is realistic fiction. The theme that stood out for me was friendship. The main character has never considered himself as having friends, but he must realize that even though the numbers are few, there are people that care for him and that he cares for. I was surprised by the book. The main character thinks very differently from me, but I was still able to relate to his high school experience. I love Greg, Earl, and Rachel. I love them because they are all so different, yet fit together so well. They  all come from very different lifestyles, and have contrasting personalities, yet they are able to connect and make something special.  The book was written in 2012 in New York, but is based in Pittsburg. The book reflects this because it seems like the life of any old teen nowadays. I think the book is very worth reading because it is very realistic. It shows what real life is like. It is not a sugar coated romance novel, but instead a story of a regular guy becoming friends with a girl in the last past of her life. The key word is friend. I like that this book is a friendship story and does not idealize getting sick and dying. It shows that you can love without being in love. I would definitely recommend it.
      The book I chose to read was Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, a fiction novel by Jesse Andrews. One major theme that stood out to me in this book was that you need to learn to appreciate what is in your life while it is still there. Personally, I enjoyed this book very much, but I was also aggravated by Greg’s attitude throughout the entire novel. I believe I would have enjoyed the book more, if it was not dragged down by the narrators negative outlook. Of course, this was mandatory to show his growth throughout the story, but I still think I would have had a different reaction to it if Greg had been slightly more relatable to how I personally would have handled his situation. Overall, I didn’t particularly love or hate Greg. He had his faults, but I still believe he was a good person inside. One character I really loved was Earl. Though he was hostile and had a temper, he really was a great person. He cared so much for Rachel, even though they weren’t that close, he wasn’t afraid to point out his best friend’s flaws, and he really cared for his family, even though they never seemed to care for him. This book was written in America in 2012, and is generally set in the same location and timeframe. Though it is not stated in the story, the use of Greg’s father’s camera, helps me infer that this book was written in the 21st century. Generally, I believe this book is worth reading, because it teaches a good lesson, and relates to real life struggles.
      The book I chose was Me and Earl and the Dying Girl. The book’s genre is a comedy. It is realistic fiction. The theme in the book  that stood out to me is that life goes on no matter what.  Both Rachel and Greg deal with. Rachel has to deal with it basically her whole life since the book starts.  Greg has to deal with this mostly towards the end of the book when he gets into fights with his friends. He also sees Rachel going through treatment which is hard for him but he doesn’t show it in front of her.

      My personal reactions to the book include feeling sad and sympathetic for both the characters and different times. I felt bad for Rachel especially when she had to cut her hair and she thought she looked ugly. I felt bad for Greg towards the end of the book when she died watching his video. I also felt bad for Greg when he got into fights with his friends. One character that I really loved throughout the whole book was Rachel. I liked the amount mental strength she had. She handled all the situations she had to deal with in a calm and composed manner which I really liked. I really did not want her to die at the end especially since she and Greg had developed such a strong friendship in a short amount of time. Another part that I really liked in the book was the movie scripts they had. It was actually written like a script in the book which I thought was very cool. I also really enjoyed the realism in the book. It was very relatable and realistic in the view of a teenager. The way Rachel reacts to sympathy or the way Greg talks to his parents and how his parents act is very relatable which makes it funny.

      This book was written 2012 in America. It reflects the time and place it was written by the type of humor in the book and the writing style. It was written in a very creative way as a teenagers perspective especially the beginning. It was written the way we think and act which made me enjoy the book more.  The high school drama and groups also affect the time and place in was written.

      The book is definitely worth reading. It is definitely and enjoyable and quick read. It is very relatable to teenagers and I think that is the age group it was written for.  It really keeps the reader hooked from the beginning and I didn’t think any parts were boring. It was very engaging throughout. It is written in a style that keeps you interested the whole time.

    • Reading List 9-12 Choice
      Asher, Jay
      Thirteen reasons why
      I read Thirteen Reasons Why and the genre is is realistic fiction. A theme that stood out is to be careful of what you do it may affect someone in a way you don’t know. My personal reaction to the book is that I loved it and it was very interesting and good. I liked how each chapter was like a mini story that tied all together. The book was written in the 21st century in a small town and it reflects it because it is an issue that is still happening today. The book is worth reading because it sends a good message and it is enjoyable.

    • Reading List 9-12 Suggested Av
      Aveyard, Victoria
      Red queen
      The book I chose is the Red Queen  by Victoria Aveyard.  The book is a fantasy novel.  In Mare Barrow’s world people are grouped based on the color of their blood. People with silver blood had special abilities and controlled the people with red blood. Tired of being oppressed, the Reds create the Scarlet Guard, a group working to overcome the Silver tyranny. Mare Barrow is a seventeen year old girl born with red blood. Fearing her upcoming conscription into the army, she involves herself with the Scarlet Guard until she is saved by Cal, the Silver prince. She becomes a red servant but is quickly discovered to be special. She has red blood but a silver ability. She is taken in by the royal family and given a new identity. She spends the next weeks making friends and enemies and learning the ways of the Silvers. She would later find out through near death who she could trust and who had betrayed her.

      A theme that stood out in the book was  that anyone can betray you.  While part of the royal family, Mare is torn between two brothers. Cal saved her from conscription, but she is engaged to Maven.  She decides to trust both of them, but they both end up betraying her. She thought Cal would join the side of the Reds in conflict but is mistaken. He turns in both Mare and Maven to the King and Queen. Maven had pretended to join the Red resistance with Mare, but after being turned in, Maven betrays both Mare and Cal by teaming up with his mother. Maven and his mother force Cal and Mare to kill the king, sending them to their deaths. Mare had put most of her trust in Maven. He had pretended to care for her and the resistance. His betrayal taught her and the reader the lesson that anyone can betray you.

    • Reading List 9-12 Suggested Ba
      Banks, Russell
      Rule of the bone : a novel
      I chose Rule of the Bone by Russell Banks. It is a fictional book. The theme that stood out to me the most was that if you go down the wrong path, it is hard to dig yourself out. My personal reactions from the books were how the kids were younger than me, and I was thankful I didn’t have to go down the path that the kids in the novel did. I was a fan of the main character Chappie, but other than him, no character stood out to me that I really enjoyed or disliked. This book was written in 1996 in New York. It reflects the story because drugs and alcohol were becoming more popular to the youth and that could be the reason why the story was written in the first place. I wouldn’t recommend this book to any of my friends. I wouldn’t recommend this book because of my own opinions towards the subject. Also even though it is fiction, it is still really unrealistic towards the actual situation.

    • Review: 
      1. I read the book called Sergeant Stubby.
      2. The genre of this book is nonfiction.
      3. One theme that really stood out was companionship as salvation.
      4. Personally, I found this book to be very interesting. I find the world wars facinating and with the added aspect of an inflence like Sergeant Stubby it made it more enticing.
      5. One point that stood out to me in the book was after the war was declared between the US and Germany due to the sinking of the Lusitania and all of the men were put on a train and were being sent to get on a boat. However, Stubby when with the men and animals were not allowed on the ships but when the officer went to repremand James Conroy, Sergeant Stubby saluted the officer and was named the mascot and was allowed to go with the patrol.
      6. This book was written in a more modern time using the knowledge of the past. It was mostly modern english with the exceptions of some names and terms used early in the 1910’s.
      7. If a potential reader like history whatsoever, I would definitely recommend this book to them. This book was very interesting and I enjoyed my time with it as it took my favorite aspect of history, the Great War, and dogs and put them into one story. Also knowing it is nonfiction and not made up makes it more interesting.

    • Reading List 9-12 Suggested Be
      Betts, A J
      Zac & Mia
      1) I chose the book Zac and Mia by Betts as my suggested summer reading book.

      2)The book’s genre is a mix of realistic fiction and young romance.

      3)The theme that stood out the most to me in Zac and Mia was of isolation and love. The reason this is the theme is because Zac has to stay isolated for a long period of time and during this, he is curious about the new girl next door. They form their own way of communication and in their own unlucky times, they become each other’s’ closest friends.

      4)My personal reactions from this book was of the realization that cancer is real and is diagnosed more often than I thought. The story was sad but it showed how love beats all and you can overcome anything the world throws at you with hope and determination.

      5) At first, I hated Mia’s mother. She seemed mean and unwilling to understand what Mia was going through. But as the story goes on, you realize her mother was grateful for Mia’s existence and truly cared about her. Their mother-daughter relationship grows tremendously by the end of the book.

      6) Zac and Mia was written in 2013 in Australia. This time reflects the book since they use technology we use today. For example, they message each other through facebook. The location reflects the book since they talk differently. An example of this is when Zac calls his mother “mum.”

      7) I definitely think this book is worth reading. The love story is brilliantly written and unravels throughout the story. It also has a lot of twists and is very interesting. You also learn about different types of cancer and how the characters deal with them. Though the story is sad, you most certainly will be left pleased at the end.

      1. I chose Zac and Mia by A.J Betts.

      2.  The genre of Zac and Mia is realistic fiction.

      3. One theme that I saw throughout the text is that everything happens for a reason. Zac and Mia both have been hit with the worst, they are both diagnosed with cancer at a young age. But being admitted to the hospital they are able to find each other and lean on one another to survive. It is interesting because Zac and Mia would never have been friends if they were in school or walking around their town because they are so different. But  I was able to see that something as horrible as this can bring people together and have a positive outcome.

      4.  I was kind of hit hard at first with the fact that these two teenagers are both facing cancer and it brings you down at first. But then reading through how each one of them deals with it differently I was truly amazed on how each of them dealt with the experience but the book was awesome and I would pick it up another time for sure.

      5. I loved both Zac and Mia through the whole book. I felt like I was a part of them when they would hit their low points I feel like I would to. The nurses I loved too because that is what I want to do when I’m older and watching them help was awesome.

      6. The story is written in Australia just earlier this year. Being such a new novel and i modern times it helped to understand the text and be able to relate.

      7. Yes I would recommend Zac and Mia. If you love all the dramatic hospital stuff its a must read.

      1.) I chose the book Zac & Mia.

      2.) The book’s genre is realistic fiction.

      3.) One theme that stood out for me would be you can find courage and beauty in the most expected places.

      4.) I usually avoid books about cancer, but after my aunt passed away last year from cancer, I decided to give it a try. I was not disappointed. What was most uplifting for me was the portrayal of the two teens, Zac and Mia, and the amount of resilience that was necessary to survive cancer treatments. On the way Betts was able to impact a lot of information about cancer and how important support systems are to people who have cancer. Her intimate knowledge of the hospital system and cancer treatment shone through, but it was the humor and compassion in the book and budding relationship between Zac and Mia that was outstanding.

      5.) Both main characters, Zac and Mia were enjoyable. Zac had a judgmental narrative point at times, yet his sarcasm and general authenticity made it hard not to love him. Zac has been dealing with leukemia for some time and during his time in the hospital, meets dangerously fiery Mia. Who seems to have a bad taste in music. Who shouts at her mum. Who has no friends that know about her fatal illness. In all honesty, I found Mia unappealing for the majority of the novel. With her constant swearing, ignorance and crude behavior, I felt isolated from her, nonetheless, all her glaring flaws seem to have a foreshadowing meaning to it, which resulted me into likening Mia eventually.

      6.)  This book was written in a hospital and the time was not specifically told. The book reflects this place in which it was written because it is all about Zac and Mia cancer patients in the hospital.

      7.)  I liked that Betts showed the ugly side of things as it made it all a little more realistic for me. It felt well researched from both a medical standpoint as well as the personal side of cancer. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. It’s thoughtful and heartbreaking yet sincere and at times amusing. I highly recommend it.

      1. Zac and Mia
      2. Fiction
      3. No matter what life throws at you, you have to be as positive as you can and keep pushing forward.
      4. My personal reactions to the book was that it was a page turner and you feel like you develop a relationship with the characters and you feel that you are apart of the book.
      5. I loved Zac because he is kind and has a great attitude towards life even though he has cancer and at first I didn’t like Mia as a character because I thought she was bossy and mean but throughout the books she grows on you.
      6. The book was published in 2013 and it was written in Australia. The book reflects the time and place in which it was written because the setting of the book is in Australia and Zac’s family owns a farm and there are animals like kangaroos which are only found in Australia. The time setting of 2013 reflects the book because Zac and Mia communicate through technology when they are in the oncology ward and Mia’s favorite music artist is Lady Gaga which helps modernize the book.
      7. This book in my opinion is worth reading because it can show you the meaning of friendship and can teach you to push through the tough parts in life because just one person can be so important that letting go of life is not an option because you care about that person. I also recommend this book because the adventure within the book keeps you wanting to read more.

    • Young Adult Fiction Black
      Black, Holly
      The darkest part of the forest
      I read the book, “The Darkest Part of the Forest” by Holly Black. The genre of this book is fantasy, but it is unlike any fantasy book I’ve ever read. It combines fantastical elements with the real world in a fascinating way that made me wish that I lived in such a place. For me, the theme that stood out to me in the book was karma. More specifically, what goes around comes around. I really enjoyed this book. It was a little predictable, but to the point where I was enjoying reading and waiting to know if my guesses about future events in the story were correct. Even though the genre was fantasy, I could relate to some elements of the story and to the characters, which I think is really important. I really liked all of the characters in this book. I honestly cannot think of any that I did not like. I loved Hazel’s witty and quirky personality, and also her bravery. I love her brother Ben’s vibe too, as he is very likable and easy to relate too. I even liked the devilish and sneaky faeries that lived in the forest, because they really shaped the atmosphere of the story, and I loved the monster in the book, because her own backstory was fascinating and sad. This book was written in the USA in 2015. Because of this, the author was able to write a story that she knew teens in the US would be drawn to, and upon reading it, would be able to relate to. I would 100% say that this book is worth reading. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I loved the eerie and dark feeling of the story. It has underlying messages about acceptance of all people, which I really appreciated.

    • FICTION Blundell, J.
      Blundell, Judy
      What I saw and how I lied
      1. I read “What I Saw and How I Lied”
      2. The book was a historical mystery
      3. One major theme in the book was with the right motives people will do anything for wealth; and others will do anything for family.
      4. I personal did not like this book very much , i thought the theme was a little dull and the story line felt like it never relay began.
      5. I relay disliked the mother of the main character in this book. While she was constantly acts like she is the perfect mother she rarely helps her daughter with her many issues, and in many cases she deliberately make the issues worse. At the end of the book she even makes her daughter lie to a court, something she did not want to do. Despite this throughout the book she is regarded to as a good mother.
      6. This book was published in 2008 so all of the narrative is fairly modern.
      7. This book is not worth reading because the characters are boring and predictable, the plot is dull, and the book in general is unrealistic.

    • 1. The book I choose to read was The Promise of a Pencil.
      2. The book’s genre is Nonfiction.
      3. The one theme that stood out to me the most throughout the book was ‘hard work equals success’
      4. When reading this book, I was happy to know Adam Braun was going to start a business where he would make schools in areas where there was no education for children. When he had successfully built his first school, I really saw the pace of the book pick up and it was much more enjoyable to read. Finally, I was honestly shocked when he choose to quit his one reliable job to work on his company Pencils of Promise.
      5. I loved Adam Braun because in my eyes, he was a role model. He was someone who would take risks but would work hard so he can see the positive outcome of the risk he had taken. He was one of many people who went out and did what he believed was what was right. In this case, he built schools so children around the world can get an education. Someone I really did not like is Braun’s father. I know it was tough for Adam’s dad to allow his son to take these major issues, but the way the author made his father look in the beginning made me think, “this father has no faith in his son’s decisions.”
      6. The book was released in 2014. The story in the book was written in times before 2014 though. The book reflects the time and place in which it was written because in the early 2000’s, there were kids without schools in poor countries. There were kids working to earn money for their families, but without an education. This book reflects the excitement and also struggles going into the formation of an organization that builds schools for areas that are to poor to build themselves one.
      7. This book is fascinating. Of course it is a book that is worth reading because it is a true story about a man who changed lives of children by putting his life at risk. He suffered so much just to help poor kids get an education that would benefit them in the future. Its a book about how a man changes how people view the world. By creating Pencils of Promise, Adam is directing the worlds direction to the areas that need support and help the most.

    • Reading List 9-12 Suggested Br
      Bray, Libba
      Beauty queens
      1. I chose to read Beauty Queens by Libba Bray

      2. Beauty Queens is a young adult novel that is also a retelling/nod to William Golding’s classic Lord of the Flies.

      3. An overarching theme of Bray’s novel is that society should focus less on looks, and more on the person. Each of the beauty queens in this novel have won the title of Miss [insert state here], and each one has their own worries and fears that aren’t always acknowledged. By showing that every one of them is a unique person, Bray is expressing that people should look beyond appearance.

      4. While reading Beauty Queens, I spent a lot of my time laughing out loud. The frequent “commercial breaks” that advertised ridiculous products made by “The Corporation” were funny as well as thought-provoking.

      In addition, Petra, a transgender character, had a story arc focused on her trying to find her medication, which had been separated from her in the plane crash. I was so worried for her, since no one knew that she was transgender and she couldn’t ask for help. I was on the edge of my seat as Petra desperately tried to retrieve her medication.

      5. Though at first I really hated Taylor and Tiara, they grew on me after a while. It’s sort of difficult to read this novel and maintain hate for any particular character, because each one gets their own time expressing their point of view. Tiara may be pretty dumb, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t a good person. As for Taylor, the end of her character arc is too funny in a sad way to hate her. (Spoilers) When she stayed on the island to be one with nature, I worried about her. I wasn’t sure if being on an island had finally gotten to her, I was worried that her transformation would lead to the other girls going all Lord of the Flies, and I was worried that they wouldn’t be able to stick together without Taylor’s charisma. There wasn’t anything in this novel that I hated long-term.

      Like I mentioned before, I absolutely loved the commercial breaks.

      6. Libba Bray is from the United States, and Beauty Queens was published in 2011. Because it was published in this decade, a lot of its points are still reflected today. Because there is a lot of discussion today about beauty pageants (the discussion hasn’t ended; recently, there was something going on with the swimsuit section of pageants) and feminism is something rising in popularity, these topics are prevalent in the novel.

      In comparison to the novel it was inspired by, Lord of the Flies, it is completely modern. Even though they’re very similar in concept, a time difference of more than half a century is enough to completely transform a story.

      7. Beauty Queens is ABSOLUTELY worth reading. Anyone who enjoys a funny story that also provokes serious thought will love it, and everyone else should read it, too.

      For my summer reading I chose to read the book Beauty Queens written by Libba Bray and it is a fiction book. A theme that stood out to me is, “No matter how much society tries to make you ‘perfect’ you will always be the person you are supposed to be in the end.” While I was reading this book I was pleasantly surprised by the different layout  of the chapters because they had some normal chapters, then they had “commercial breaks” and “classified reports” where they would provide background information or foreshadowing. Also, the author made many satirical references regarding today’s society, government, and views on women. In the book I disliked the character Ladybird Hope because she was very fake and used to people to get what she wanted regardless of whether it was safe for them or not. The book is written in modern day America and an unnamed island off of the coast. It reflects how people are pushed to be people other than themselves just to fit in with the standards that society sets and that it can sometimes be too much for people. I personally think that this book is worth reading because although it may be a bit confusing and slightly overwhelming it gives you many different views from people of different backgrounds with different desires from life.
      The book that I chose to read was Beauty Queens by Libba Bray. The genre of this book is satirical fiction because the characters and themes highlight real world problems that relate to  how the female population is treated in current day society. The theme that stood out to me the most is that all the girls had inner feelings and thoughts that they felt were wrong to have because of the social pressure they had in the eye of the public, so girls should live to please others, and instead should live life the way they want. My personal reactions to this book was amazement and happiness because the girls were able to be their true selves after realizing that it was not wrong of them to feel like they did not want to be beauty queens anymore. My favorite characters were Tiara and Petra . I liked Tiara because even thought she knew that she may not have been the smartest on the island, she still tried her best and helped to the best of her ability. I liked Petra because she was just being herself, and she did not need to hide that fact that she was born is the wrong body. This book was written in the United States in 2011. The book reflects the this time with the words and phrases that are used in the casual dialogue. The book also reflects the expectations and realities of present day women. This book was definitely worth reading because not only was it well written and planned out, it was also entertaining. It was fun to read and brought light to real world problems.

    • Reading List 9-12 Suggested Br
      Brown, Jennifer
      Hate list

      1.) I chose Hate List by Jennifer Brown.
      2.)The book’s genre is fiction.
      3.) Throughout the book, we see that the actual Hate List Valerie and Nick wrote exists because of anger. Anger from bullies. Anger that parents are fighting. It is like water in a balloon. If you don’t let it out in small amounts and instead let it fill up, the balloon will pop. Valerie was so blind. She should have told someone about Nick’s apparent jokes about hurting people. Sometimes you don’t realize how obvious it is until it is too late.

      Not acting upon warning signs leads to catastrophe.

      Anger fuels mindless violence.

      Reciprocating negativity does not solve any problems.

      4.) Here were my thoughts:
      -Valerie is kind of hard to understand. By being so hesitant about telling the detective the truth, she was just hurting herself more. Making herself seem suspicious. Why couldn’t she just confess it all? I was extremely frustrated by the lack of defending herself.
      -I immediately knew Nick was like all of the other kids who have committed school shootings. Rough upbringing and home life, lack of friends, bullied. That is no excuse to kill students who haven’t learned that what they are doing (bad nicknames, gum in food) is really nasty. As adults they will regret that, and learn from it. Not everyone matures right away. So yeah, Nick either had psychological issues that he never got help with, or he just didn’t care about the consequences of doing it. Perhaps he really didn’t care too much about his own life. He probably thought that before he made his escape he might as well harm those who brought him to feeling that way.
      5.) All of the characters had flaws, but I did love Dr. Hieler. He seemed like the only character who didn’t rush to judge Valerie. He was way more helpful as a therapist than the other guy in the hospital. So laid back in his chair. You need to be comfortable around a therapist. Bea was nice as well, as she provided art supplies to Valerie for her to vent on canvas. I hated Valerie’s dad. He was never there. He immediately accused Valerie of being the cause of the shooting, and stuck with it. Her mom on the other hand learned to slowly change her mind. Her dad never trusted her again, down to the end when she graduated. And who is he not trusting her when he himself had been lying and cheating on her mother with his secretary? What a hypocrite.
      6.) The book goes from 2008 to 2009 in Garvin County, but also slips in scenes from before then when Valerie met Nick and they spent time together. The book reflects the time and place in which it was written by first presenting a school with little preparation for school shootings. Time and again, it is now shown that hiding under lunch tables doesn’t protect kids from shooters. Here, in 2016, we do ALICE training. We are way more prepared. Maybe back then they had heard about a few instances. However, it hadn’t become as common as we know it to be today. Also, Valerie was using an MP3 player separate from her cell phone.
      7.) Sure, the book is worth reading. It is lengthy though (I still finished it in a day). I liked how the scenes switched often, keeping it fresh. Some parts, like most books, were a little cliche. For example: the whole “nobody understands us” thing that was between Valerie and Nick. I mean come on, all teenagers think that. You’re not special. Or how about the fact that Nick is sort of an outcast, hidden in the shadows, but surprise! He has this hidden interest in Shakespeare! Predictable. Seen before. I still liked the plot and the way the author made it hard to tell whether Valerie was a hero or villain.

    • Review: Bill Bryson’s A Walk in the Woods brings reality to adventure with a humorous spin. The book recounts the story of Bryson and friend Stephen Katz walking the Appalachian trail, a 2,200 mile hiking trail going from Georgia to Maine. Between meeting hilariously unprepared hikers, such as Mary Ellen, and facing a bear armed with a pair of nail clippers, A Walk in the Woods is soon a be a classic. Along with hilarious anecdotes about life on the trail, Bryson was able to infuse facts about the landscape around him, and provide meaningful life lessons. “Distance changes utterly,” he recounts, “when you take the world on foot. A mile becomes a long way [and] fifty miles at the very limits of conception” (100). When on the trail, Bryson is able to illustrate how big the world is and how much we take luxuries such as cars for granted. When he decided to hike the AT, as it is called in the book, Bryson was living in a small town in New Hampshire, in which the trail passed through, and was a hiking novice, unaware of how much the trail would change his perspective and later, the perspectives of his readers. Before departing, extensive research about the trail had convinced him not to go alone and he recruited his old friend Stephen Katz. The friendship that they rekindle throughout the hike is not only admirable, but also very real and relatable. When Bryson left his walking stick, “four miles back,” Katz offered to get it without hesitation although he was always a few miles slower than Bryson (223). Although a great friend, Katz’s return to drinking toward the end of the book hurts his character which formerly contributed lightheartedness to the trip as he would pack food such as Slim Jims. Despite a falling out as a result of this problem, their ability to always rely on each other, work past problems, and continue on the trail sets an example for others. Although they ended up completing only 39.5 percent of the trail before deciding that they, “weren’t . . . mountain men,” Bryson and Katz prove that you don’t have to be an expert at something to try it, and that you can do anything that you set your mind to (383). While teaching these lessons, A Walk in the Woods, is one of the only books with the ability to make a reader laugh out loud. Bryson’s descriptions of the trail along with his personality, of being a relatable hero, make the reader want to take a walk in the woods with him. Although with the imagery Bryson uses, it seems as though you are already there. While the book was at times difficult to be submerged in, the narration is one that readers will remember for years after they read it. Although the history of highways being built on the AT can occasionally slow the momentum they only enhance the greatest moments in the novel such as when they see a bear or had to share a cabin with a drunk and snobby group of hikers. A Walk in the Woods is definitely worth reading because it allows the reader to experience the adventure that we all dream of but in a very real and funny way. Bryson is able to infuse humor and life lessons in a way that will appeal to any reader, and make them want to take a walk in the woods. 

    • PAPERBACK Nonfiction Ca
      Cahalan, Susannah
      Brain on fire : my month of madness
      Today I thank God for my healthy brain. People might not appreciate hearing until they go deaf or eyesight until they go blind or their legs until they don’t work and in this way people take for granted the simple working of our brains. In the book I read,”Brain on Fire-My Month of Madness” by Susannah Cahalan, the author comes down with a rare brain disorder in 2008 and starts to have difficulty with simple day to day activities. She is a full time reporter working for the New York Post and suddenly can’t write her columns or conduct interviews and she has no idea why. During this book review, I want to highlight the personal connection the book made with me and hopefully that explains why I would recommend everyone read this memoir. As Susannah is going through this torment early on in her illness, I draw comparisons to my own grandmother when she was having difficulties with early Alzheimer’s symptoms. Things that my grandmother had no problem with were now becoming monumental tasks. It was noticeable to people around her but I never understood my grandmother’s frustration level until I read how frustrating losing your mind was to Susannah in the book. Simple things like balancing her checkbook or driving to a place she had driven to for years were somehow lost in my grandmother’s mind never to be regained. I have a new appreciation for the fear and apprehension she had in dealing with with these new hardships and will now not take for granted my healthy brain. The problems that Susannah was undertaking is what millions of Alzheimer’s patients have to battle for the rest of their life. Fortunately for Susannah, her brain illness was reversible and she was able to make a full recovery. After countless interviews and research, Susannah wrote to communicate to the world her own experiences and her recovery. The book was at some times hard to read, not because I did not like the character, but because of how personal I felt toward her. I built a connection with her and this was partially because of the closeness with my grandmother. Unfortunately for my grandmother, her condition will continue to deteriorate, but she will still always be my grandmother. My grandmother is always happy to see my face, even if she cannot remember my name every single time. Although this can discourage her, we will always remind her with a smile on our face. One of the main themes throughout the book was to never give up hope and just like Susannah’s loved ones supported her when she was incapable of communicating with them or acting not like herself, I will continue to love my grandmother when she is not like the women I grew up with. This terrible disease has taken over her mind, but I will continue to make memories of us together for the both of us. As read the book, every page would remind me of the people in this world suffering from similar symptoms and struggle with remaining sane in their fear stricken mind. I have no bad things to say about the reading and it taught me so much about myself and the world around me.

    • 796.323 Calipari
      Calipari, John
      Players first : coaching from the inside out
      For my summer reading assignment, I read Players First: Coaching from the Inside Out by John Calipari. Throughout this non-fictional book, the reader discovers what Kentucky basketball is all about. Legendary coach John Calipari reveals how his program works together to be successful during his tenure at the University of Kentucky (2009-present). Many of the kids he recruits only stay one year in college, then make the jump to professional basketball in the NBA. This is referred to as “one and done” by many fans and has been scrutinized by many in the college game. This book shows how Coach Calipari not only prepares his players for the NBA, but also blends their talents to become a contender for a national championship. While reading the book, many themes were presented. However, the one that stuck out most to me was teamwork is needed in not only basketball, but in life as well. As pointed out in the book, some of the top high school basketball players in the country come to play at Kentucky. Without their teamwork and passion for one another, they will not be successful in impressing pro scouts and winning a national championship. Personally, I enjoyed reading this book because basketball is a passion of mine and the University of Kentucky is my favorite college basketball team. For any basketball fans, this book is a must-read. Not only does it give insight on one of the best basketball programs in the nation, but also shows how teams come together and sacrifice for one another in order to win.

    • Reading List 9-12 Suggested Ca
      Card, Orson Scott
      Ender’s game
      1.) Ender’s game
      2.) Science fiction
      3.) games, the role of the children, and the compassion
      4.) What my personal reaction to the book was how these children with brilliant minds defeated a whole army of buggers. What did aggravate me was how Ender did not know that all of those battles were real and not just practice. That these buggers did not want to fight the humans also.
      5.) I love Ender and Bean because they both had brilliant minds and they were very good leaders. I hate Peter and Bonzo because they both were jealous of Ender on how he was more intelligent then them an they wants to fight Ender a lot.
      6.) the book starts on Earth, and then quickly moves into space, although Earth still does play a big role until the end of the book. On earth was where peter and valentine were (siblings) and that is where they had to wear those helmets for the commanders to see what they saw. On space was where all the training was and it was where Ender defeated the bugger invasion.
      7.) This book is very well worth reading because it shows a lotof emotional effects, there is a lot of fighting, strategy, and war tactics what I thought was very cool.

    • Reading List 7th & 8th grade
      Charbonneau, Joelle
      The testing
      1. I chose The Testing as my choice book.
      2. The genre of this book is Science Fiction.
      3. A theme in this book that stood out to me is the effects of war on society.
      4. My personal reactions to the book mostly consisted of suspense. There would be times where the main character, Cia, would have to encounter dangerous situations and thinking of what her reaction would be caused a lot of suspense. Another reaction I had to this book was love for the supporting characters in the book, Tomas, for example, who really added to the plot.
      5. I really love Tomas’s character. Tomas is loving and supportive to Cia and without him the book would not have been as good as it was. Cia’s father was also an outstanding character because he would give Cia his kind words and confidence when she needed it and had also forewarned her of the dangers of the testing. A character a really disliked was Will because he lied about who he was the entire time and really messed things up for the other characters.
      6. The book was written far into the future after the great war had broken up the United States. It was set in the Five Lakes Colony (previously the great lakes). The book reflects really well on the time and place it was written in because it talks about how dirty everything is due to the war and how all necessities are man made. Any scenario the author describes creates a clear imagine in my mind.
      7. This book is definitely worth reading, the love of Tomas and Cia keeps the book alive, and the action parts keep you at the edge of your seat. It isn’t too suspenseful because there are answers that are given and the cliffhanger at the ending makes you want to read more. It’s a great read and I would definitely recommend.

    • Young Adult Paperback Chbosky
      Chbosky, Stephen
      The perks of being a wallflower
      1) The Perks of Being a Wallflower
      2)  Realistic fiction
      3) Be true to yourself and don’t let what others have to say about you define who you are
      4)The book made me feel happy at times but also sad and sometimes angry.
      5) I loved Charlie’s character because he was very laid back and very smart.
      6) The book took place in the early 1990’s and the book reflects on that because none of the characters had cell phones and nothing was very modern.
      7) The book is totally worth reading because it teaches a good life lesson that you will always find people who are there for you and even if you mess up they’ll still have your back.
      1.)  The Perks of Being a Wallflower
      2.)  The book’s genre is realistic fiction.
      3.) Don’t spend your time watching life go on, participate in it.
      4.) My personal reaction to the book was very positive. I can relate to the book on many levels and I was always excited to read more.
      5.) Two characters I loved and disliked were Charlie and Aunt Helen. I loved Charlie because he is very sweet and caring towards other people. I can also relate to many things he has been through. I disliked Charlie’s Aunt Helen. I disliked Aunt Helen because she sexually abused Charlie as a child.
      6.) This book takes place in 1991 through 1992. The setting of the book is unknown.
      7.) This book is worth reading because it is fun to read. It made me laugh out loud and cry. This book is also very relatable to freshmen coming into their first year of high school.
      1.) I chose to read “The Perks of Being A Wallflower.”
      2.) The genre was fiction.
      3.) A theme that stood out was the importance of finding those who support you finding yourself.
      4.) I found this book to be very entertaining and interesting.
      5.) I loved the protagonist because of his ability to discover things about himself while being with others.
      6.) This book took place around Pennsylvania during present time. This makes it easy for the reader to relate to the characters in this story.
      7.) This book is worth reading because it presents the reader with an alternative perspective of high school.
      1.) The book I chose to read was The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky
      2.) The book’s genre is young adult fiction
      3.) The theme of family stood out for me.  The main character’s family goes through hardships, some going a few generations back but they all come together to support each other.
      4.) While reading the book, I shared a lot of laughs and a lot of tears with the main character.  It really felt like I was connected to the main character in some way.
      5.) At one point I hated the main character’s sister’s boyfriend.  He did not treat her the way a young lady or even a human should be treated and it aggravated both the main character and I.
      6.) The book is set in or around Pittsburgh, PA in 1991.  The novel reflects the time and place by showing it through the main character’s point of view.  The most important thing to the main character are mixtapes.  He loves listening to cassettes which are a very popular way of listening to music in the ’90s.
      7.) This book is very much worth reading, every one who reads this novel can relate to the main character or his family in some way, shape, or form.  The reoccurring themes of family, love, coming of age, and drugs and alcohol make it very relatable to young adults.
      Briana Cieniewicz

      1. The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky
      2. Fiction, coming of age story
      3. A theme that stood out to me in this book was the struggle of transitioning into adulthood. The main character, Charlie, has difficulty in deciphering what it means to become an adult. Upon entering high school he is introduced to drugs and alcohol and has important decisions to face on that front. He also begins to discover his feelings for his best friend, Sam. Charlie has to figure out whether he wants to explore a relationship deeper than friendship with Sam, a decision that weighs on him heavily. However, while trying to make these decisions, Charlie is still struggling to come to terms with the fact that he was sexually abused by his aunt. Towards the end of the book, when Charlie finally begins to deal with this harsh reality, is when he truly transitioned into adulthood.
      4. My reaction to this book was that it was very relatable, especially for high school students. Charlie is stuck in the middle of childhood and adulthood which is a difficult phase to be in. He is trying to find himself, yet his struggles are very complex. Many people are trying to come to terms with who they truly are, even if they are not suppressing something as large as being sexually abused. This relatability was what made me react so positively to the book.
      5. Of course, I admire Charlie for his perseverance through his transition into adulthood. However, another character in the book that I loved was Patrick. He is one of Charlie’s first friends in high school and welcomes him into his friend group eagerly. He makes Charlie feel like less of an outcast, even through his toughest times. Patrick is also openly gay, and although this must have been hard in 1991, he is not ashamed of it. I loved Patrick’s character for being so friendly and trusting in Charlie, and for keeping their friend group together. He is someone that I would want to have as a friend in real life.
      6. This book is set in a small Pennsylvanian town in 1991. The presence of alcohol and drugs in the book reflects on high school culture in America today. One scene in the book that I thought was very reflective of the time was when a fight broke out between Patrick and Brad due to the romantic relationship that they had. Brad is the quarterback of the school’s football player, and if anyone found out that he was gay, it would ruin his reputation. People expected Brad to be the stereotypical jock, and he did not want others to know that he did not completely fall into that characterization. Because of the stereotypes that exist today, and those that were even stronger in 1991, Brad and Patrick’s relationship became an issue.7. In my opinion, this book is extremely worthwhile for high school students. Personally, I could relate to the challenges that Charlie and his friends faced while transitioning into adulthood, and I think that many others would be able to as well. It is refreshing to read something that addresses the problems that high schoolers face in a meaningful way, which is why I enjoyed this book.

      I choose to read the book The Perks of Being a Wallflower.  This book was written by Stephen Chbosky. The genre of the book is Young Adult Fiction.  The main theme in my opinion was friendship. Friendship was essential for Charlie in the story. There were many times in the story when I found myself almost crying. Charlie had gone through a lot and didn’t know any better. A character I loved was Patrick. Patrick was one of two of Charlies bestfriends. I loved him because he was very funny and could always make Charlie smile.  The story takes place in the early 90s and in Pittsburgh. The time could contribute the turn from the 80s to the 90s. This book is definitely worth reading because everyone can relate to it somehow.
      I chose the Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky. This book is fiction.  For me, the theme that stood out in this book is being yourself and embracing that. This book was very interesting and the personal stories were shocking and made me cry a little at the sad parts that I could relate to. I liked most of the characters, but I loved Patrick. He was so accepting and always so nice to Charlie when he didn’t have to. I did hate how Sam and Charlie’s relationship went because she was very confusing and I found that unfair for Charlie, just to have her show interest when she left for college. The book was written in Pittsburgh 1999. The book reflects the time and place through the kids life style and views towards homosexuals. This book is totally worth reading because it is very relatable to the things a teenager experiences in high school and it teaches life lessons.
      I chose The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky.

      The genre of this book is young adult fiction.

      Charlie’s relationship with his aunt stuck out to me, as he references it often throughout the novel.

      I thought this book was wonderful and it is worth another read.

      Sam is my favorite character because she makes Charlie feel wanted and special when nobody else does.

      This book takes place in the early 1990s in the Pittsburgh suburbs.

      This story is worth reading because it is a beautiful story of love, acceptance, and healing. I learned a lot from reading this book and I think other people have as well.

      I chose to read The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky. The book is a fictional coming of age tale. The theme was to be yourself and find people who accept you for being yourself. I really enjoyed the book. It has realistic characters and a twist ending. I loved the main character Charlie. I could relate to the fact that he felt like an outcast. The book was written in 1999 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The time is shown in the book due to the lack of upgraded technology. I really enjoyed the book and would recommend it. It can really help someone feel more understood if they’re an outcast.
      I read The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky, which is a work of fiction.

      The theme that stood out the most to me was friendship, because the main character Charlie is able to develop and overcome may of his fears with the help of his friends.

      This book made me feel like I was personally friends with Charlie and I felt every emotion he went through, reacting as if I was going through every scenario the author described.

      I loved the characters Charlie, Sam and Patrick but I was frustrated with Charlies family, especially his sister Candice. In one situation, Candice is slapped by her abusive boyfriend and Charlie witnesses this. He tells his teacher despite his sister’s wishes not to and she is angry at him for helping.

      This book was published in 1999, but takes place in 1991. It also takes place in the suburbs. The setting affects the book because in the early 90’s, the world was  different than it is today and it is important for the reader to understand that. Although the setting does not deeply affect the plot of the book, there are things such as cassettes and mixtapes mentioned that are no longer used in this decade.

      I think that this book is definitely worth reading because it deals with many subjects that teenagers my age go through. It is a wonderful read that I would recommend to anyone.

      The book I chose for my choice summer reading was The Perks of Being a Wallflower. The book is a novel that follows it’s main character, Charlie, write letters to his best friend that had committed suicide the year before. This was therapeutic to him with the struggles that he encountered after the loss of his friend. A theme that really stood out to me in the book was the value of friendship and that people need friends to lean on when rough patches come up. Charlie’s friends that he met when he entered high school Sam and Patrick introduced Charlie to a whole new life where he could be whoever he wanted to be and be surrounded by a group of people who were never afraid to be themselves and act in any way they felt expressed themselves. The book itself was very dark, with thoughts in mind that Charlie is only fourteen in the book it brings out empathy to think that at such a young age he is handling such mature situations and heartbreak. However I did love the way that the book itself is written in letters and really shows the thoughts that were going through Charlie’s head. The characters were all completely unique and had completely different experiences and stories to relate to, although i didn’t feel like I completely related to any of the characters, there were struggles and situations portrayed in the book that everyone in life may go through. The book was published in 1999 and it reflects the time that it was written. The book took place in present day during that time period in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. I would highly recommend this book to anyone, it was interesting and hard to put down while reading about the ups and downs of teenage life. Although it may cover dark subjects, Perks of Being a Wallflower gave me a new perspective on the struggles and experiences that any person can go through, as well as taught lessons on living the life you have the way you want to live it.
      The book that I chose was The Perks of Being a Wallflower. The genre of the book is definitely drama. The theme in the book that stood out to me was coming of age and learning new things. My personal reactions to the book was that the book was a lot better than the movie.  I overall loved the book from beginning to end and my reactions were happy, sad and angry. I loved bill because he was just that cool ninth grade teacher you could “chill” with. He was a great friend and teacher to Charlie; he was very supportive and motivational. The book took place in Pittsburgh and in the early 90s. The time reflects the book because Charlie experiments with drugs and there wasn’t as much of a problem with kids using drugs compared to now. I think the both was definitely worth reading because I could relate to the book and understand how charlie was feeling at whatever time.
      The book that I read this summer was “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”. The book’s genre is realistic fiction. The theme that stood out to me the most was that friends are always there for you, and you can always count on them. My personal reactions to this book was that it really focuses on the relationship between Charlie (the main character) and his friends and family. The reactions I had to the relationships between them was that Charlie seems to always want to please everyone, which sometimes doesn’t work out for him. This book made me feel bad for Charlie when he was put into a sticky situation because he as a character was a very sensitive person who sometimes doesn’t know what to do or say, and that can make things even worse. This book made me also laugh sometimes, but other times made me really sad for Charlie.  I really liked Charlie as a character because he seemed really nice, even though he seemed very awkward.  He always tried to be a good friend, and that made me like him. I didn’t really like his friend Patrick’s secret boyfriend Brad. I didn’t like how he treated Patrick because I also liked Patrick as a character. I liked him because he was always nice to Charlie, and tried to help him out. This book was written in 1999 . The publisher of the book is Pocket Books,  in New York City. This book was written in the United States of America. This book reflects on where it was written because it is about a american teenagers life during the 1990’s.  The book reflects on when it was written because there are dates in the book talking about when Charlie is writing in his diary (1992). A lot of it reflects on the time period because it has topics in it that are better understood and accepted now a days like Patrick being homosexual, and also things that were popular back then like the T.V. show M*A*S*H.  I think that the book is worth reading. It is a very good book that makes you think. I feel like a lot of kids would enjoy it. It is also a great fast book to read on your own time.
      This summer I read Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky. Its genre lies somewhere in between realistic fiction and an epistolary novel. Since the book was written in a series of letters, it would classify as an epistolary novel. The theme that really stood out to me was coming of age. Since Charlie developed and grew as a character throughout  the novel. I personally  related with Charlie, for a lot of reasons. Reasons being, he’s also a freshman, he’s somewhere in between happy and sad, and he’s more of an observer. Which I’m sure every other “misunderstood” teenager has also written as part of their review for Perks. But, putting that aside, it’s comforting to see that many other people think the same way I do, and I’m not that special after all. And that’s really how I viewed Charlie, humbling.

      I actually really liked the character Patrick. He  was just honest, and that was really interesting to see. I didn’t really hate any of the characters. The way the author portrayed them made the reader understand where they were coming from, and why they were like that. The book was written in the early 90s. This was emphasized in the abundance of mix tapes and 90s bands/ artists (The Smiths and David Bowie).  This book isn’t for everyone, but if you enjoy an honest, realistic, and thought producing  book, Perks is for you.

    • Reading List 9-12 Suggested Cl
      Clare, Cassandra
      City of bones
      I chose to read City of Bones by Cassandra Clare which is a fantasy book. A theme that stood out to me is “You are only as weak as people lead you to believe,” this means that you have no true idea of your strength only of your weaknesses. I personally really enjoyed this book, but one character I don’t particularly like is Valentine. He is the antagonist so you’re not really supposed to like him anyways. There is also Hodge, throughout the book he acted as a friend to Clary, Simon, Jace, Alec, and Izzy but in the end he betrayed them and chose to side with Valentine. Alec was quite unlikable at the beginning of the book, his heart was in the right place but his actions were questionable. Izzy is my favorite character in this book, she is a strong female character who can rock badass heels, kill demons, and despite all her talents, can’t cook. This book was set in Brooklyn, New York in mid 2000’s. I’d say the book reflects the time pretty well, it was meant to relate to teens and young adults who lived during this time and I believe it does a very good job at this. I would say this book is 100% worth reading, it is also the first book in a series which I read this summer and I loved them all.

    • Reading List 9-12 Suggested Cl
      Cline, Ernest
      Armada : a novel
      Review: I choose Armada by Ernest Cline. The genre of the book is science fiction. A theme that stood out for me was escapism. Zack Lightman the main character spends most of his time consumed by science fiction in an effort to ignore the outside world and reality itself. I thought the book was very interesting, Ernest Cline’s first book Ready Player One is one of my favorite books ever so I decided to read his follow up. It has the same elements of science fiction and “nerd talk,” with a bit of action due to fast pacing and some romance. I find Zack to obviously have been one of the more interesting characters, his personality seems a lot similar to that of Wade from Ready Player One, both were shy, antisocial, internet lovers, who used the virtual worlds they had as an escape from their somewhat miserable realities. The book takes place in a town near Portland, Oregon a few years a had of the present day. The book reflects the time well, if you took out the alien invasion part it doesn’t seem to far ahead from our present day reality, people engulfed in virtual, distinct lack of common social abilities as real society breaks down into a quieter virtual existence. I think this book is very much so worth reading, the writing is easy to understand and engaging, and especially if you read and/or liked Ready Player One.

    • FICTION Coelho, P.
      Coelho, Paulo
      The alchemist
      1. I choose The Alchemist: A Fable About Following Your Dream

      2. This book is fiction

      3.  The theme of this book is that if you are truly motivated, along with the compassion in your heart, then you can accomplish anything.

      4. I personally loved the book. I tend to like books that have to do a protagonist going through the depths of hell trying to find  a lost treasure. This book dragged me into reading it, since it included things about alchemy. In general I just love a story where the protagonist has to go through many hardships in order to get what he wants.

      5. I loved the protagonist, Santiago. He displayed many qualities such as bravery and motivation in order to get what he wanted, and to me those are two qualities everyone should have. I also loved Melchizedek, the king of Salem. I was interested in this character because you don’t really meet a lot of people in your life who tell you to follow your dreams no matter how unreasonable they are. I personally think that everyone should have someone in their life that they can look up to or even help out.

      6. This book was written in Brazil and in the year of 1988. This book is related to the time and place in which this book was created as Brazil has a big gap between the rich class and the poor class. In Brazil, its hard for the poor to rise up the social ladder and pursue their dreams, as they are born into poverty. I feel that this book relates to this as it shows how anyone can make their dreams a reality through hard work. This is clearly evident as throughout the 1900s poverty was at an all time high, its settled down after 2005, as more countries are taking action to lower the unemployment rate.

      7. This book is definitely worth reading because I feel that the plot alone is enough to drag anyone in. I also recommend this book because it makes us work hard in order to get what we want. It shows us to neglect the people that tell us that we cant do anything.

      1. The book that I chose from the 2016 Suggested Summer Reading List was The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.
      2. The Alchemist is a fable, which is the genre of the book.
      3. The theme that stood out for me in The Alchemist is perseverance.
      4. The ending and epilogue were a surprise to me. Also considering that it was a fable, there was some unrealistic actions (ex. talking to the wind; turning a man into the wind) which confused me somewhat. The lack of actual character names also confused me a lot.
      5. I like the main character Santiago. There were some troubling moments in Santiago’s journey but he went on with his life and managed to not be in those troubling moments anymore (ex. his savings were stolen once by a thief but he worked at a crystal shop to get back the savings that he lost).
      6. The Alchemist was written in Brazil (I’m assuming Brazil because it does not say) in 1988. The book does not reflect the time and place in which it was written (The Alchemist takes place in Spain and Egypt but not in Brazil). However, Coelho had walked the five hundred-plus mile Road of Santiago de Compostela in northwestern Spain in 1980. My assumption is this is the event that inspired the main character’s name, Santiago, and part of the setting of The Alchemist, in Spain.
      7. I think The Alchemist is worth reading if you have the time. It was a fairly simple read (not too many complicated words). The whole “embarking on a journey” thing also really interested me because I myself like to explore new places. The plot was great as well.

    • Reading List 9-12 Suggested Co
      Colasanti, Susane
      Something like fate
      Review: This summer I read a book by Susane Colasanti called “Something Like Fate”. The theme has taught me to treat people the way you want to be treated. For example “when Erin who just finished junior year goes off to summer camp for a month and thinks she can trust her relationship with her boyfriend (Jason) and her friend Lani not to get together. Little does she know the letter Jason sent her which said “he would like to break up ” was because her best friend Lani and Jason have been hooking up. When Erin gets home and she finds out about Lani and Jason then she sends an email to their whole grade that Lani is a slut. Then the word gets out that somebody heard Lani say her best friend Blake is gay. Lani’s senior year did not start the way she wanted it too.” This shows that Lani should had thought twice before she started hoking up with Jason because Lani would hate it if Erin had treated her that way.

      When I was reading “Something Like Fate ” I was always left with a hook which always made me want to keep reading. At the beginning I loved how opposite Lani and Erin were but always were best friends. Then in the middle of the book I felt that it was Lani and Jason’s fate to be together but it got to the point were they were obsessed with each other and I didn’t like what Lani was doing to Erin. Towards the end of the book I liked how Blake forgave Lani and so did Erin. This non-fiction book kept me reading which I liked.

      “Something Like Fate ” was published in 2010 in New York City. And the story takes place in a town in New Jersey. The story also takes place during modern time based on the technology they use and how the characters live. This book is definitely worth reading because there are many twist and turns which makes you want to read more.

    • Reading List 9-12 Suggested Co
      Collins, Suzanne
      The Hunger Games
      1)  I chose the book” The Hunger Games.”

      2)  The book’s genre is  science fiction.

      3)  The theme of the book is about people who are willing  to die for those they love.

      4) I thought the book was intriguing.  I was on the edge of my seat reading it. I felt the emotion of each character.

      5) I particularly loved it when Katniss and Rue were allies during the game. I think it was just so nice that they were both helping each other. You could  tell that Katniss really cared for Rue when she died.

      6) It is a futuristic dystopian in a place called Panem. This is following the demise of North America following a major war.

      7) I think this book is definitely worth reading because it is thought provoking and it shows you what sacrifices people can make for their family and friends even if it is death.

      1) I chose to read The Hunger Games.

      2) It is a  fantasy fiction book.

      3) The theme that stood out the most was the survival and the gap between rich and poor sections of the world.

      4) Personally I really enjoyed the book, it had just the right amount of intrigue and mystery while still containing very wholesome characters.

      5) I loved the character Peeta because he always risked his life for the life of another. He never put himself before other people and stayed true to himself.

      6) It was written in 2008 in America. The book highly reflects the place we live in rather than time. Since it is based on a post apocalyptic world it is far from our time, however it is based on North America.

      7) The Hunger Games is a book worth reading. It contains mystery, romance, sci fi, and action. All around it was a very interesting book that many people should take their time to read.

      1. I chose The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

      2. The Genre of the book is fiction

      3. A theme that personally stood out for me is “Never backing down to the challenge in front of you”. One character who I believe this theme fits perfectly is Peeta. Peeta knew that the odds weren’t in his favor of winning the Hunger Games. He’s so small compared to many of the other tributes that he knew it’d be tough but he never backed down from a challenge in front of him. Another example of never backing down is after Peeta was cut badly from Cato (District 2s) sword he couldve back down and given up but he kept working hard to survive. This theme also stands for Katniss as well as she would do anything to get out of the games alive and this means not being afraid of whats at task.

      4. Some personal reactions I had was brutality. I felt like I was there just reading some of the descriptions and gore from the book so that made me feel intrigued on the book. Also, the fact that kids that are 17, 18, 19 all around my age just fighting to the death makes me imagine what it’d be like for me.

      5. I hated Cato from District 2. Reason why I hated Cato was  he was so easy to hate being the villain and this big jock kid who isn’t afraid of anything. I also enjoyed reading about him because he had such a loose temper that you never knew what he was going to do whether its turn on you or be by your side. He was so much fun to watch but certainly a character I didn’t like.

      6. The Hunger Games takes place in an unspecified future time. The continent is Panem AKA North America. Panem is split into 12 districts all consisting of different people and goods.

      7. Eh, Sure. It gets pretty dull at times throughout the text but overall I think its a good read especially for a freshmen/sophomore. The author does a great job at making you feel as if you are in the Games itself which is fun especially to see the games unravel.

      1. The book I chose for this assignment is The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.

      2. The book’s genres are Science Fiction and Adventure.

      3. A theme in The Hunger Games that stood out to me the most was sacrifice. Katniss sacrifices herself and volunteers for the Hunger Games in place for her younger sisiter Primrose. Katniss and Peeta also sacrifice themselves in the arena, where they both decide to eat poisonous berries and die together, rather than only one of them being able to live. Luckily, they are stopped before this can occur and they both survive.

      4. All of my reactions to this book were good. I love the thrill the book gives you as you read about teenage kids having to fight for their lives in a free-for-all style arena where only one can survive. I also enjoyed the love and drama aspects of the book. Katniss is torn between two guys. She either has to choose Gale, who she’s known her whole life; or Peeta, who fought with her in the arena and had to confess her love for him in order to survive the Hunger Games.

      5. A character I loved in the book was Cato. He was considered to be the enemy of Katniss and Peeta, being another one of the tributes in the arena. I loved the way he took control and showed everyone that he is the most powerful and the strongest. I character I hated was President Snow. He was the leader of the country this book took place in, named Panem, and was the reason why there was a Hunger Games every year. His character was wise, but also felt that he was invincible since he was the leader and law maker.

      6.  The Hunger Games is taken place some time in the future, but no specific time period is ever said. It takes place in North America, with the Capitol of Panem being located in the Rockies. The book reflects its future aspects by having a very technology-driven Capitol where there are chrome, super-speed trains, with also extremely tall buildings. The main aspect to this future is actually the arena where the Hunger Games takes place. The arena shows the versatility and creativity of the Capitol, and how well they can use the technology at hand.

      7. This book is definitely worth reading. If you like futuristic, dystopia, action/adventure books, then this book is great for you. What’s even better is after you finish this book, there are two more sequel book named The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, and The Hunger Games: Mockingjay.

      1. The Hunger Games

      2.  Science Fiction

      3.  The way image and appearance are so highly regarded throughout the book really stuck out to me. To the upper class, the way they look is everything to them. Whenever the contestants of the Hunger Games are put on public display they are given makeovers by stylists so that they acquire the the desired look by the celebrities.

      4. I thought the book was interesting. It was an exaggerated interpretation reality TV, where the Hunger Games are broadcasted to all of Panem for everyone to see the cruelty the contestants endure and the violent games they want to survive, The losers in this reality show aren’t voted off, they die,

      5.  Effie Trinket is a character that I was not particularly fond of. She is an example of the upper class society, as she does not seem to see the Hunger Games as a violent and brutal way of killing kids, but as something that brings in money and attention to the Capitol.

      6. The book was written 2008.  It’s set in the future North America, It’s based on a post apocalyptic/disaster North America where a new country of Pamen has formed.

      7. Yes this book was worth reading. It was interesting and suspenseful, making it hard to put down as I wasted to know what happened next.

      1. The Hunger Games

      2. Science fiction

      3. The theme of not blending in stuck out to me. The main character Katniss does not blend in with everyone else, and is not scared to do something that is risky.

      4. I personally am a huge fan of the book. It is very unique and entertaining. It has everything you could want; there was action and romance, and even the most ridiculous concepts seemed real.

      5. I loved the main character Katniss because she is not your typical character. Usually main characters are lovable and friendly, but the fact that Katniss is not very social and rough around the edges makes her more interesting to read about.

      6. This book is supposed to have taken pace in the future. It was written only a couple years ago and I believe it is a reflection of how our world is full of war and this is how things could end up if we let it get that bad.

      7. This book is worth the read. It is in no way boring and it gets you thinking.

      1.) Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

      2.) Dystopian Fiction/Young Adult

      3.) Fear. The theme fear really stood out to me. The characters and the plot revolve around fear. The book kicks off with Katniss volunteering for the games out of fear for her sibling. The book keeps with the theme during the games as the whole goal is to not get viciously hunted down and murdered.

      4.) Clearly this book is one of the most famous books of the twenty first century so I had to see what the hype was about. I have read the Maze Runner so this book is very similar to that. I enjoyed this book I thought that Katniss was a perfect strong protagonist and Peeta was a character that guys could relate to as well. I am a big fan of books that paint a picture in your mind or leave you wanting a movie and this book did that for me. The intensity of the games themselves and everything in between kept me dreaming of what it looked like or felt like in that situation.

      5.) I loved Peeta and Katniss throughout the book. Starting off with Katniss. I loved her opening scene with the courage to volunteer for the games. Peeta on the other hand I did not know if he was going to be one of the offset protagonists or an antagonist but in the end he was a great compliment to Katniss. Their creativity in the final scene made me really want to read the next two books in the series.

      6.) The book was written by Suzanne Collins in 2008. The book really does not reflect life in the twenty first century whatsoever. Collins however plays to her demographic in this book. After seeing the huge success with fantasy/young adult books such as the Harry Potter Series she hopped on the YA bandwagon and knew this would be a success.

      7.) This book is worth reading 100%. First off it is nationally renowned. Second off it is a great book besides the fame and the sequels and the movies. It is a fast paced drama for all ages that sparked this new revolution of Dystopian novels in the twenty first century.

      1.) The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

      2.) Adventure, Science Fiction, Young Adult, Drama, Action

      3.) The theme of survival stood out to me in this book.

      4.) This book kept you on your toes. The adventure was thrilling and the book was never dull.

      5.) I loved Katniss in this book. She stood up for her sister and volunteered to take her place in a life threatening situation.

      6.) The book was published in 2008. The book does not reflect the time it was written because it was set in a dystopian setting.

      7.) This book is worth reading because it is an entertaining and thrilling read.

      I chose “The Hunger Games ” as my book. It is an adventure, action, drama, and science fiction book. Throughout the course of the book I saw the theme as “Courage and persistence can get any job done”. While reading “The Hunger Games” I felt inspired and felt empathy for the characters living in district 12 and all the kids in the game. I liked Katniss very much but i did not like the evil characters from district 1 and 2 because they enjoyed the hunger games. This book was written in the United States in 2008. The book takes place in a future distopian america. This book is worth reading, there is a lot you can learn from reading it.
      I chose the Hunger Games. The book’s genre is realistic fiction. The theme that stood out in this book was the reality of the story (this could happen). I loved this book I thought it was amazing and fun. I personally loved the character of President Snow he is just so awful and made of pure evil and the author really did a good job with the design of his character.  This book is worth reading and i you haven’t read this book/books you are seriously missing out
      I chose to read The Hunger Games as my summer book.  This book was very action packed conveying the book as an adventure fiction genre. The main idea that was emphasized throughout the book was survival and being self sufficient. It is always great to have someone to rely on, as expressed in the book with the characters of Peeta and Katniss, but a sense of self dignity is a reoccurring idea while leading up to the fight in the arena. I personally thought that the idea of citizens from different areas fighting for their own survival, just to entertain the people of the capitol was kind of ridiculous. This only made the plot of the book more exciting and made me want to keep reading.  I didn’t necessarily hate any characters, but on the other hand i didn’t love any characters. i liked all the characters pretty equally, but the main character Katniss stuck out to me. She is a person of perfection. She always needs everything to be perfect from her skills in the arena to the relationships she has with her friends and family. This reminds me of myself because I have the same mentality and approach going into everything I do. This book was written in 2008. The time frame of the book is presented with a made up calendar that does not line up with any forms of dating today. The book is set in a made up place called Panem. So the author wanted to create this book in a futuristic sense by creating high tech devices and ideas to present the story. This book is well worth reading if you like action packed books that are adventurous and climatic.
      The book I read this summer was The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.  The genre of this book is fiction.  The theme that stood out to me is that people can stick together to fight for what they want or need.  I think that this book is really entertaining and that it is a real page turner.  I like Katniss’s character in the book because it shows that no madder where you come from you can still succeed.  This book was written in 2008 and published by Scholastic Company, whose base is in New York, NY.  This reflects the time of the book perfectly because everything happens as it would in real life but just with different circumstances.  This book is worth reading because I, and many others, had trouble putting it down.

    • Young Adult Fiction Dashner
      Dashner, James
      The death cure
      1.) The Death Cure
      2.) Non-Fiction
      3.) The theme is that you are never free from your past, it will always follow you.
      4.) I thought this book was very exciting to read because of all the action it had.
      5.) I really like Newt because when he came down with the flare and its symptoms he told his friends to leave him behind so they could get out.
      6.) The book was written 2011. It showed how stress the world was in because of some wars around the world at the time.
      7.) Yes, the book is worth reading because it has so much action and details it makes you feel like you are just watching a movie because of how exciting it gets.

    • Young Adult Fiction Dashner
      Dashner, James
      The maze runner
      1. Over the summer i chose to read the Maze Runner by James Dashner.
      2. Science-Fiction.
      3. The theme that stood out for me in the book was Manipulation. I say this because throughout the book, the characters are manipulated by an amoral entity, leading us to wonder whether it will all be worth it in the end.
      4. My personal reactions were all over the place. First was complication. I felt like the author made each character seem distinctive and confusing by having so many features. Therefore I felt it brought out the best in people and making them unite and thrive.
      5. My favorite character was easily Thomas. I say this because he had no idea what was going on. Throughout the story he becomes brave, loyal, and clever, with isolated telepathic powers and a very limited memory of previous knowledge of the Maze. Soon after arriving in the Glade, Thomas makes both friends and enemies and proves a leader among the boys. I thought Thomas was the most intriguing to me.
      6. The novel was published on October 7, 2009, by Delacorte Press, an imprint of Random House, and was made into a 2014 major motion picture by 20th Century Fox. The language of the book reflects the time and place in which it was written. The author uses slang words, and other vocabulary to make the books genre relevant. Also it makes the plot and guideline feel like Science-Fiction.
      7. The Maze runner is worth reading. I say this because the series has expanded making readers want to contiune. Also it hooks you into the setting and character feel. Although people say books are better than movies, the book allows you to compare the book vs movie.

    • Reading List 9-12 Suggested De
      Dessen, Sarah
      Just listen


      1. Just Listen
      2. Realistic Fiction
      3. Don’t let event from the past mold your life in the Future.
      4. The book is very powerful and left me with a sense of empowerment. It made me feel that I am not alone in the world and that there will always be somebody out there who understands what I am going through.
      5. I loved Annabel all the way through the book. Her pain really spoke to me on a spiritual level. I also hated Will Cash the moment he was introduced and he only got worse throughout the story such as when he violated Annabel.
      6. This book takes place in recent times and I think it really reflects how our society works because even still today, girls are afraid to stand up and speak for themselves.
      7.  I think this book is worth reading. It isn’t a hard book to read, but it is a powerful one. At first, it just seems like teenage drama but shortly after, the reader realizes there is a much darker secret looming.
      1.) I chose Just Listen by Sarah Dessen.
      2.) This book is fiction.
      3.)A theme that stood out to me is that everyone can feel lonely.
      4.)One thing that caused my biggest reaction was when we found out what was on the tape “just listen”. I won’t spoil it, but i was very disappointed and expected something completely different. I didn’t expect it to be so boring.
      5.) One character that really annoyed me was Whitney. Though I haven’t had personal experience with eating disorders, she kind of annoyed me how she kept denying everything. Even when her sister tried to help, she stayed persistent.
      6.) This book takes place in the town of Lakeview, and it seems to be a current time. Especially with Whitney, readers can see how much pressure there is on models to be skinny, in and out of this book.
      7.) Yes, I do think this book is worth reading. Though it is very cliche, if you’re into that, go for it. It’s pretty easy to read, and even though the days of spending hours on the beach are over, I would consider it a “beach book”.

    • Reading List 9-12 Suggested De
      Devine, Eric
      Press play
      1.) I read Press Play by Eric Devine
      2.) The book’s genre is Realistic Fiction
      3.) The Theme that stood out to me most in the book was believing in standing up for whats right, morally, even if it “costs the town” so to speak.
      4.) Personally, I enjoyed the story. I understood most of the technical film talk and techniques, and I used to play lacrosse. It was very realistic (except for the whole dynasty, 10 year state championship ideology). I also really liked character development throughout the story, and not only how Greg gradually evolved as a main character, but how Quinn became more open as the story progressed as well.
      5.) I particularly liked Quinn as a character in this book. As Gregs friend, he helped him lose weight, which definitely added to the story and personal goals. As the story went on, Quinn started to become more and more invested in his friends and their goals as a group, instead of just himself personally. (Although at the end, he did improve himself personally). I think that its important to have at least one other well developed character, in addition to the main character, as it helps to create a more realistic story.
      6.) The book was written in the present, circa 2015. It takes place in an average American town, with an above average high school lacrosse team. It keeps its time very well, as there is no mention of older or newer gadgets or terms throughout the book other than what is being used in todays world.
      7.) This book is absolutely worth reading. There are slow parts, and it seems a bit redundant at times, but both the story and the characters progress and evolve page by page, until a complex scheme is closed out. If you are looking for something quick to read, that does have several moving parts and possible plot schemes, this is the book for you. It is interesting, not fast paced but the story progresses reasonably enough, and the characters are all around stereotypical but developed. Its a typical us v.s. the world book, told in a new way.

    • PAPERBACK Fiction Di
      Diamant, Anita
      The Boston girl : a novel
      1. The Boston Girl by Anita Diamant
      2. Historical Fiction
      3. The setting stood out to me.
      4. I really enjoyed this book. I connected to the main character very well and I loved the plot.
      5. I loved Addie and how ambitious she was, even when people or events got in her way. I did not like Addie’s mother because she was always holding Addie back.
      6. The story takes place in Boston in the 1920s. This reflected on the book because of how innocent Addie was and simply everyone lived.
      7. Yes, this book is worth reading. It gives you a perspective on the challenges immigrants faced long ago.

    • 364.154 Dugard
      Dugard, Jaycee Lee
      A stolen life : a memoir
      I chose to read the book A Stolen Life by Jaycee Dugard. This book’s genre is non-fiction. The theme that stood out most to me in this book was never to give up. The last chapters are about her life afterwards to present. She included all the information about her life involving the media and her family to show that this experience in her life did not keep her from living her life. Jaycee’s message of the book was that you could make good out of the bad. The worst thing happened to her, but she did not let it ruin her. She shows the audience that you can go through the worst of times, and you can let that one period determine how you live the rest of your life, or you can pick yourself up and become stronger from it. Jaycee Dugard is a truly inspiring person. This book is full of lessons that everyone should carry out throughout their lives. My personal reaction to this book is so many different things. First off just the fact that she was held captive for 18 years (from 11 to 29) and had two children with her abductor is just mind blowing. This book makes you put your life in perspective. I look at what she endured for 18 years, and then I look at something very minor in my life that is stressing me out. There is no comparison. I hated her abductor, Phillip, for obvious reasons. I did not like his wife, Nancy. Nancy frustrated me because she did feel bad for Jaycee but she had many opportunities to set her free but did not, which angered me. This book was written about two years after Jaycee was found. This book is told from her perspective and goes through all of the events she remembers from the 18 years of being captured. Yes, this is a must read book! This book changed my opinion on all other nonfiction books. That’s why I liked this book so much. It was not just throwing facts out at me like I thought it would, no it was a story. It was suspenseful. I liked hearing her thoughts. I can not even count on one hand how many times I cried, actually cried, throughout the course of the book. I fell in love with this book. Would I read it again? Yes, is that even a question! Would I recommend it? Yes, to anyone who knows how to read.

    • Reading List 9-12 Suggested Fo
      Forman, Gayle
      If I stay

      1. I chose the book If I Stay by Gayle Forman.
      2. The genre of If I Stay is young adult fiction and romance.
      3. The theme that stood out to me the most in the book was the sacrifice and decision making. Many of the characters within in the book were faced with decisions that forced them to sacrifice, putting others before themselves. The main character Mia is faced with a tough decision of whether to go to Julliard to study the cello or to stay home with her boyfriend.  Her parents made many sacrifices such as her father quitting  his band to pursue a better job to provide a better living for Mia and her mother.  Another theme within this book I believe is the importance of family and love. After the car accident, Mia is in a coma and all she wants to know is where her family is and if they are okay. Also love is what made Mia finally wake up from her coma which is really special.
      4. My personal reactions to this book were that it was very emotional and proves that anything can happen in a blink of an eye. It shows the importance of love and never giving up on someone you love.
      5.  I really loved the character of Mia because she is not the typical teenager, she´s quiet and different than everyone else which makes the reader love her even more. Mia likes to spend time with her family and her little brother which is something  I can relate too.
      6.  This book was written in 2009. I think that it does reflect the time in which it was written because some of the things in the book are outdated today. But is not to hard to relate to because it is written in the recent years.
      7.  This book is definitely worth the read because it makes the reader feel grateful for what they have and makes you realize how good that you actually have it. It also emphasizes the importance of family which I think is a very important topic.
      1. I chose the book If I Stay.
      2. The books genre is fiction.
      3. The theme in the book that stood out to me the most was, “Do what you believe is right”.
      4. I liked the way was set up- each chapter went back from her past and present point of view.
      5. I liked the characters, the author made the main character, Mia, likable. The  background knowledge they gave on the main characters helped you get more of an idea who they were throughout the story.
      6.This book was written in present day United States. The book had up to date things happening in it.
      7. I think this book is worth reading because it gives you a different perspective on things.
      1. The book I choose was If I Stay by Gayle Forman.
      2. The genre of the book is fiction.
      3. The theme of If I Stay is that there will be some difficult decision in your life that you will have to overcome but in the end the choice your choose will benefit you in the future.
      4. Throughout the book it kept you on the edge of your seat, you didn’t know if Mia was going to servive or not. Also the book was very emotional, one example of this is when her family and friends came to visit and be with her through this challenging time in her life.
      5. I loved most all the characters in the book, they all portrayed the right part in the story. The one that stood out for me the most was Mia because she stayed strong even when everyone left her. I also liked Kim,Adam, and all Mia’s family members they made her strong and in her life kept Mia out of trouble. The only people that I feel got on my nerves was the nurses when they wouldn’t let Mia’s family members go see her.
      6.If I stay was written in Oregon during the present time. Most of the book took place in the hospital because it took her a long time to recover. The time and place reflects on the book because it was present time so they could fly Mia to the hospital quickly and more efficiently.
      7. I would recommend this book because it was very suspenseful, keeping you on the edge of your seat. Also the characters were very interesting and different from different books.
      For my summer reading 2017, I chose to read “If I Stay” by Gale Forman. The genre of this book is fiction, but it does have some romantic parts  to it. The theme that stood out to me most in this book is music. The main character Mia is a cello player who gets into a terrible car accident with her family. Her whole family dies in the car crash and the plot to her story is if she should stay alive or move on with her family. Music is the main point of focus to the story. Just like Mia’s life was centered around music, so is this book. Her parents are both musicians, her boyfriend is in his own rock band, and she loved listening to music with her younger brother Teddy. Music was the center of her life and is a big part of if Mia decides to stay or not. My person reaction to this book was if I was in Mia’s shoes what choice would I make. Mia has to make a tough choice in this book and it’s solely on her whatever she decides. It makes you wonder that if you got the option to live or die what would you choose. One of my favorite characters in the book was Mia’s grandparents. They were by her bedside the entire time that she was in the hospital and one of the lines that I love was “you still have a family.” (Forman 220)  “If I Stay” was published in 2009 and the book takes place in Portland, Oregon during the winter. There are more car accidents in the winter time, which makes the book seem more realistic that a family would get into a car accident because of bad weather. I would say to read the book before watching the movie or not even watching the movie at all. The book is always better than the movie no matter what.
      I chose the book If I Stay by Gayle Forman for my extra choice book. The genre of this book is realistic fiction. The theme that stood out for me in the book is perseverance; if one is able to do something, they can do something. This theme applied when Mia, the main character was in a coma, but she was able to come out of it, though she knew the rest of her family had died following a car accident on a Sunday drive. Throughout the book, there were ups and downs in the flashbacks with Mia’s parents, her brother, and her boyfriend. However, when both of her parents and her brother passed away from the car accident, it was her boyfriend, Adam, and her best friend, Kim, along with her grandparents by her side the entire time she was in a coma. I loved how the book was in and out of flashbacks and how the flashbacks let the reader see what she was living before her life turned around, including that she was an exceptional cellist, and her boyfriend was a rising rock star. The book is based in Oregon during February in the present day. The book relfects the place as Oregon is snowy in the winter, and that is when the car accident happened.  To me, I think the book is worth reading because the uniqueness of the way it was written by Forman. I have not read any other books in the past that were written by the main character’s point of view while in a coma.
      I chose to read “If I Stay” by Gayle Forman.

      The genre of this short novel is dramatic realistic fiction.

      The main theme of “If I Stay” is how the choices in your life affect not only yourself, but other people in your life too. In this book, Mia is in a car accident where she is the only survivor out of her mother, father, and her brother. Mia is rushed into surgery where she then has an out-of-body experience. Her nurse tells her that the fate of her existence no longer depends on doctors and machines, but on her own decision. Mia knows that if she chooses to give up, she will sadden her grandparents, friends, and boyfriend, but that she will not have to live the rest of her life grieving the loss of her family. Throughout the novel, Mia switches from past to present tense in order to lay out the pros and cons for her choice on whether or not to stay.

      Personally, this storyline leaves a great impact on me. Although I have never been in anywhere near this serious of a situation, the idea of weighing the pros and cons to make a decision is relatable. When I first started getting into the plot, the idea of applying and picking colleges popped into my mind. Not only does where I go to college affect myself, it will affect my parents and sister. As much as this is way less substantial than Mia’s situation, it made me aware of the fact that your actions and choices affect others around you just as much as they do you. “If I Stay” also made me very somber since I can never imagine having to pick between whether or not to live. As easy as it could have been for Mia to just give up and be with her family, she, inspiringly, chose to persevere.

      Mia’s grandfather stood out as one of my favorite characters. He was the one to tell her that it was okay to let go and be with her family. He was so selfless in this action because he knew how hard it would be for Mia to live a life without her family. Even though the grandfather did not want to lose yet another family member, he was able to see the bigger picture. In doing so, he put Mia’s emotions and well-beings in front of his own. This made me love the grandfather since it reminded me of the unconditional love that is so special within a family.
      This book was written within a twenty four hour time period. The story is spoken through Mia while she is in her intensive care unit. This is able to help the reader see more into Mia’s thoughts and her decision making process. The reader can then become more emotionally involved within the storyline as they get to feel as though Mia’s thoughts are their own. Additionally, the reader is able to see the reactions of Mia’s friends and family in the waiting room through Mia’s eyes. This allows the reader to build stronger connections with these characters which makes the audience want to keep reading. Since the story only takes place within a day, the chaos of the situation keeps the audience on edge to see what Mia’s choice will be.

      All in all, “If I Stay” is definitely worth the read if you like drama or need a good cry. Within the novel, there is romance, action, death, friendship, and happiness which allows  a variety of people to find something that they enjoy. Life is filled with choices, some small and some large, but that is what makes this book so relatable and emotional.

      I chose to read If I Stay by Gayle Forman. This book is a work of fiction. For me, a recurring theme is the importance of choices you make. In the novel, Mia, the main character, faces the ultimate decision of whether to live without her family or die to be with them. Many other characters expressed struggles with choices as well. Personally, this book was a quick, fun summer read. It captured my attention quickly and kept it the entire way through. One character I found to be dynamic was Adam, Mia’s on and off boyfriend. You can see his personality and tonality drastically change from beginning to end. This book was written in present tense and makes sense with current standings in the world.  The perspective that the author chooses to use with Mia in and out of her coma with flashbacks made the overall work very intriguing.  I would certainly recommend it as a good summer read.
      This summer, I chose to read “If I Stay”, by Gayle Forman. “If I Stay” is a realistic fiction and coming-of-age book which follows the out-of-body experience of teenage cello prodigy Mia Hall (as well as the lives of those close to her) as she falls into a coma as result of a disastrous event which killed her family. Now without a family, Mia is forced to make a literal life or death decision: whether or not to pull through her coma. Mia’s experiences come together with those of her boyfriend to create a theme of working to pull through life’s hardest moments, even when all seems hopeless. Though I found the book to be heart-wrenching and often hard to stomach, its raw truthfulness and refusal to sugarcoat Mia’s situation was a refreshing change. The kindness and devotion of Mia’s punk-rocker boyfriend made him a likable and compelling character. Taking place in modern-day Portland, Oregon, If I stay combines a typical young adult book setting with a unique and life-changing event, which forces the reader to reflect on his or her own life. Overall, “If I Stay” proves itself to be more than just another teenage love story, and is very much worth reading.

    • Reading List 9-12 Suggested Gr
      Graudin, Ryan
      The walled city
      1) The Walled City
      2) The genre of the book is fiction
      3) I would say that a theme that stood out was pushing forwards to complete a goal under extreme amounts of pressure and adversity
      4) I was very shocked about how dark this book can from when it describes life in the brothels to people overdosing on heroine
      5) I loved Jin throughout the whole text because she was always able to persevere and push through to do everything in her power to escape the city
      6) This book was written during the 2000s and I think this book sort of reflects the time period considering that it takes everything wrong and horrible in the world and puts it in one place
      7) If you are a fan of very dark and brooding texts I would highly recommend this.

    • Reading List 9-12 Suggested Gr
      Grealy, Lucy
      Autobiography of a face
      The book I read was Autobiography of a Face by Lucy Grealy. It was an autobiography, therefore written by Grealy, based on the theme of an inner and outer struggle between a disease and its effects on her adolescence. Having worked with disabled individuals in my past, I was able to appreciate and react more greatly to this piece of literature. Grealy is able to so vividly transcend her journey and dark times dealing not only with her cancer directly, but with its effects on her face and her diminishing relationships with her friends and family. I loved the tone, perspective and character qualities Grealy takes on while writing her story. She is very blunt yet descriptive throughout the piece and is able to tell her reader exactly what was going on in her life at very specific times. Moving from Ireland to the United States, specifically New York, Grealy was forced to make a new life with her family although she does not remember Ireland as much as the rest of her family and older siblings. This piece was published in 1994 and does reflect the modern times of today, such as bullying and the struggle for acceptance. This book is definitely worth reading based off of its complexities with disease, and its ability to not only affect your body and and health but your self confidence and mind.

    • Reading List 11th grade
      Green, John
      Looking for Alaska
      1) I chose Looking For Alaska
      2) Young Adult
      3) Always think about other peoples feelings
      4) Within this book, I had many different reactions.  I laughed, I was sad and I was curious throughout different points in this novel.
      5) In this book, I loved Alaska Young.  I liked her because she was always up for an adventure and did not care about what anyone thought about her and I admire that.
      6)This book was written in 2005. I think the time does reflect well because only a few kids have cell phones and people use pay phones on the campus.
      7) I would recommend this book to people who like suspense and drama.  This book was very suspenseful and mysterious, but also very interesting.
      1.) Looking For Alaska
      2.) Young Adult Fiction
      3.) Don’t give up hope.
      4.) I thought this was a great book. It was full of surprises and exciting events. It was sad at times and made me think about what can change in the blink of an eye.
      5.) I hated a character who was a bully. He went out of his way to play pranks on other kids at school and was rude to everyone. He got what he deserved though.
      6.) This book was written in 2005 by John Green. The book takes place primarily in Alabama at a private school, The book is written in the present time and it really shows that through the text. The characters talk using language from this time. Also, the school environment is the same.
      7.)Yes this book is worth the read! it was an easy read and was hard to put down at times. The characters are lovable and the plot is excellent!
      This past summer, I decided to indulge in “Looking for Alaska” written by John Green. The genre of this book is realistic fiction. “Looking for Alaska”, is about a junior in high school who doesn’t necessarily fit in well with his current grade. Because of this, he decides to transfer and move down to Florida for the school year and attend school there. The changes he makes to better himself and his happiness creates a theme throughout the story. A theme that was shown throughout the book is that friendships bring out the best in people. Miles started out very shy and lonely until he found the right people. For this reason, I enjoy this book personally. It was easy to relate to due to the fact that it was about the struggles of high school students. There were times where I did not like the decisions that one of the main characters, Alaska, made. She was very inconsiderate of another main character, Miles. Throughout the book, it was evident that Miles had feelings for Alaska and she knew this and would tease him and not be clear about her feelings towards him. I did not think this was fair to Miles therefore I didn’t like Alaska at these moments. This book is written in modern day in Florida. This reflects the time and place it was written because there was an instance towards the end of the book where there was a drunk driving incident. Following this incident the police checked her phone to see if she was texting during this incident. This reflects on current issues today therefore I know that this was written in modern day times. I really enjoyed this book. It was extremely easy to relate to between managing time between friends and school work and the issues they addressed which are currently controversial. This is why I enjoyed reading this book over the summer.

    • Young Adult Fiction Green
      Green, John and David Levithan
      Will Grayson, Will Grayson
      1. I chose Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan.
      2. The book’s genre is realistic fiction.
      3. The theme that stood out to me in the book the most  was  how deeply truth can affect all relationships. In many instances through out the book, the characters were challenged when someone close to them was dishonest. This book shows how the characters were affected by lies and deception and eventually,how hey were able to forgive or redeem themselves and move on.
      4. My personal reactions was that it was a pretty good book. I liked that truth and forgiveness played such a big part in the book and also that the ending gives you that warm fuzzy feeling. However, I wasn’t super attached to any of the characters. I had trouble relating to them, probably because I consider myself to be a very truthful and positive person while most of the characters were not particularly honest or happy.
      5. I really liked when the Will Grayson with the capital letters says, “I know it sucks, but in a way, it’s good… love and truth being tied together, I mean. They make each other possible, you know?” That was the quote that made me think that the theme was that truth can deeply effect all relationships.
      6. The setting of this book was in and near Chicago. It is set in the present day and you can see that the book reflects the time by the way the will grayson with out the capital letters writes.  will grayson uses all lowercase letters because a lot of the writing he does is online where correct punctuation and grammar is neglected most of the time, so it comes across that he’s just so used to talking that way and using technology that that is the way he writes all the time.
      7. This book was definitely worth reading!! I really like a specific type of book, usually with action, magic, and adventure and with motivated, driven, and (pardon my description right here), kick-ass characters. This book was not that. It was definitely a lot different than the books I normally read, which is nice simply because it is a good idea to switch things up every once and a while.

    • Reading List 9-12 Suggested Gr
      Green, John
      The fault in our stars
      1) the Fault in our Stars
      2) Young Adult Fiction
      3) Fears of oblivion
      4) I ended up crying-it portrayed the characters’ feelings well
      5) I loved all of the characters. I don’t think I could choose one point or character I loved/hated the most
      6) TFIOS was written in 2012 in the US. It does not reflect the time/place it was written
      7) I think the book was definitely worth reading-its a page turner, a heartbreaking story, and yet still an amazing book.

      1. The book that I chose to read was “The Fault in Our Stars” by John Green.

      2. The books genre is young adult fiction.

      3. The theme that stood out to me was fear of oblivion because the main characters were forced to address death so early in their lives.

      4. My personal reaction to this book is that Hazel and Gus never took life for granted. It made me happy they fell in love and were able to have eachother through their experiences of being ill.

      5. I particularly loved Gus because I felt like he was so real. I relate on a level of how honest and sincere he was. There wasn’t a specific character that I disliked.

      6.  This book was published in January 2012 and I think that the book reflects the time and place which it was written because it shows the present time in which the book takes place.

      7. I definitely think this book was worth the read. It’s both inspiring and heartbreaking. It is worth it because it is realistic and could inspire real life patients.

      1. The Fault In Our Stars
      2. Fiction
      3. Everyone dies at some point.
      4. Personally, I thought the book was forced. It was cheesy and too witty. No true love story is perfectly tragic like this one. This book is tailored for the YA genre too much. All in all just an annoying book to read. I would liken it to a Katy Perry song.
      5. I particularly hated Peter van Houten. This man was a mean drunk with years of emotional turmoil in his mind. Yet for some reason he comes around and is all nice in the end. Realistically, Peter would have never read Augustus’ letter just to spite him. A book that is beloved cannot just end with a kid dying, so van Houten’s turnaround is John Greens scapegoat.
      6. This book was written in modern suburbia. This has an effect on the book which has a particularly “pop” essence. The book ends happily as all modern YA books do.
      7. This book is not worth reading. The movie is basically the same condensed to two hours. Looking For Alaska by John Green is much better and more worth the read. This book just annoyed me in particular so I would not recommend it.
      1.) Fault in Our Stars

      2.) Fiction

      3.) No matter what don’t give up and don’t let anything hold you up.

      4.) This book was very sad, but at times I was happy because the two main characters made eachother happy.

      5.) I didn’t like August because I felt like he was to out going and reckless.

      6.) This book was published in 2012. It was modern and up to date.

      7.) I didn’t like the book as much as I enjoyed the movie.

      1.) I chose the book The Fault in Our Stars by John Green.

      2.) The genre of this book is young adult fiction.

      3.) One theme that really stood out to me during the entirety of the book is that love can help get a person through the toughest of times. Hazel and Augustus were struggling immensely with their fight against cancer, and the love they had for each other and their families made the fight worthwhile and a little bit easier.

      4.) This is one of my all time favorite books, and it has been since the day it came out. I like how it deals with a real world topic, sadly that countless people deal with, which is cancer. I felt a constant wave of emotions while reading it because big things happened right after each other. I was always on the edge of my seat reading it because I knew that things could go from really good to really bad in one second.

      5.) I absolutely loved the character Augustus Waters. He was such an optimist and always would see the good in situations that were terrible. He also put others’ needs before his own, and this made him a very selfless person. He did everything with passion, and these are truly the best kinds of people to learn about. I loved reading about him and watching him evolve throughout the book. I did not like that Augustus died at the end of the book because it was very sad and I really liked him. I understood that the author did it to show that things can happen very unexpectedly.

      6.) This book was written in Indianapolis somewhere around 2010. The book reflects this time period because there was a lot of technology, such as phones and computers which became more relevant during this time period. These items of technology were used a lot throughout the book. The author also mentioned how it was very hot outside, which it usually is in Indianapolis, so that connected for me.

      7.) This book is definitely worth reading! It truly has an amazing story about two teens who fight through things that seem impossible. It is a very realistic book and can appeal to many different audiences. It deals with struggle, romance, and many other intense topics. It took me on an emotional roller coaster, and only really amazing books can do that!

      1.) I chose the Fault in our Stars.

      2.) The genre is Young Adult Fiction.

      3.) The theme that stood out for me in the book was determination driven by love.

      4.) My personal reactions were drastically changing from happy to sad to being on the edge of my seat reading it.

      5.) I always loved Gus because he was such a wise and kind soul and loved Hazel so much and di anything for her. I didn’t hate any characters except for the girl who dumped someone for being blind but she was irrelevant.

      6.) N/A

      7.) Yes, absolutely worth the read because it made me feel like I was there and I enjoyed being able to feel what the characters felt.

      1.) I chose to read “The Fault in Our Stars” by John Green.

      2.) The genre of this book was romantic nonfiction.

      3.) In the book, a theme that stood out to me was putting others before yourself. Throughout the story, Hazel consistently puts Gus’s needs before her own even when she had her own problems to worry about. This them really caught my attention because it was shown so heavily throughout the book and it contributed to Hazel’s personality and character.

      4.) While reading this book, my initial reaction was to cry, The story triggered my emotions to an entirely different level which made me feel both sad and happy. I strongly connected with the characters so when certain events in the story took place, I felt as though it was happening in real life.

      5.) I particularly love the main character, Hazel. What I really love about her is her sense of reality. Throughout the story, she never loses sight of the reality of her life. She always kept a practical mind when the people around her were fantasizing and acting unrealistic.

      6.) This book was published in 2012, and it takes place in Indianapolis. The book takes place in present times and the story reflects that by using cell phones and social media, especially by the main characters.

      7.) This book is definitely worth reading because I believe that it gives people a sense into someone’s life which holds many challenges that most people don’t encounter.

      1.) The Fault In Our Stars

      2.) Young Adult Fiction

      3.) The theme that stood out to me in the book that I read was courage. Among all of the themes in the book this one stood out to me the most because the amount of courage that Hazel, Augustus, and both of their families had was very inspiring. Making courage the theme that stood out to me the most.

      4.) My personal reaction to the book was sadness but also happiness. When Hazel and Augusts fell in love of course it makes the reader feel happy, because despite Hazel not wanting to fall in love due to her disease she ends up falling in love anyways. However my reaction at the end of the book was sadness because Hazels love Augustus died due to his disease, and throughout the ending of the book the readers saw how Hazel reacted to August dying more and more everyday.

      5.) For the most part I liked all of the characters except for Peter Van Houten. Peter was extremely rude and obnoxious towards Hazel and Augustus, causing me to dislike this character. However Peter attends Augustus funeral and is apologetic to Hazel about his actions earlier and the book. This caused me to dislike the character a little less, however overall I disliked the character.

      6.)The Fault in Our Stars takes place in America and Amsterdam. The time of this book is this decade.  The book reflects the time and place it was written based on the technology it talks about, showing that is takes place in this decade. The book reflects the place it was written in, because she talks about her quiet town located in America (she never told us the name of the town). The book is also written in Amsterdam because Hazel, Augusts, and  Hazels mom travel to Amsterdam in order for Hazel to meet her favorite author Peter Van Houten.

      7.) This book is worth reading because it was incredibly well written. This book is not the typical love story a lot of books talk about. This book is unique, and will make the reader feel emotions like happiness, sadness, and many more. This book is definitely worth reading.

      1.)I read the Fault in Our Stars by John Greene.

      2.)The books genre is young adult fiction.

      3.)In this novel the theme that stood out to me the most was the idea of suffering. If one does not suffer it makes them blind to see the importance and beauty of life that most of us take for granted everyday. The idea of suffering is not something that you can change or avoid. It is a part of life to which Hazel, Augustus, and Isaac all endure throughout this novel. Even though this novel may represent it to an extreme level, but to many people around the world the physical and emotional effects are so real and coherent in their everyday lives. Things like death and illness are a part of life. They are the most painful things in life to which can leave one filled with nothing but sadness.  At the end of the day, these things are inevitable. Nobody truly understands how much they love something until it is at the risk of leaving or is gone already.

      4.)Not going to lie here, I did cry many times. Being a young teenage girl that, until recently, had never had anyone close to me pass away or become extremely ill, this gave me an insight as to what that feels like. It was so riveting to read and so realistic that I forgot I was reading it most of the time, as I was picturing them so fragile and weak. This book is meant for ignorant people like me who fortunately haven’t had to experience something so painful, and for someone who has experienced this and needs to know they aren’t alone. Life is so precious and this book really opened my eyes up to that.

      5.)I loved Peter Van Houten’s, Hazel’s favorite author, assistant Lidewij Vliegenthart. She was exceptionally sweet, heartfelt, and understanding. Her presence in the novel gave the moment that Hazel had been waiting for so much life and hope that it was a beautiful moment, no matter how awful Mr. Van Houten was. She was the one who answered Hazel’s email and got her wish as a part of gift given to terminally ill cancer patients. Her voice was so full of knowledge and reason that it left me speechless and so happy for Hazel.

      6.)The novel was set in Indianapolis and focused on the sick. Modern day was the tense, and   it thoroughly showed throughout the novel. The iPhone texts and messages, along with phone calls and other forms of media applied the real affects that technology has on the present day teenager, healthy or sick. Its more suburban feel left a small feeling of emptiness, which set the scene right for the starring of sick teenagers and love. Both of these things can give you an empty feeling and sets the mood for someone who is trying to look okay on the outside as though the inside is vacant.

      7.) YES. This book is worth reading time and time again! The fact that it is based off a real story to help cope with the effects of cancer makes it that much more interesting and real. Even though it is fiction, the story packs so much in it to explain the horrors and necessities of life that can change the way you get out of bed in the morning. John Greene is one of my favorite authors, usually making me bias, but everyone I have recommended this absolutely loves it and i think it is a g good fit for everyone.

      1. The book I read was The Fault In Our Stars.

      2.  The book I read was fiction.

      3.  The theme that stood out for me in The Fault in Our Stars is that you make the best of the hard life. By this I mean Hazel Grace Lancaster was diagnosed with cancer at age 13 and had to breath through a tube for a long time because she couldn’t breath without it, but that didn’t stop her from doing things she loved.

      4. My personal reactions to the book were that this book was very inspirational to readers all around the world to never lose hope.

      5.  I particularly hated Peter Van Houten because he was extremely rude to Hazel and he crushed her dreams of learning what happened at the end of “An Imperial Affliction.”

      6. The Fault In Our Stars was written from 2002-2012 and it was written in America and Amsterdam.  It reflects time and place in which it was written because the movie takes place in Amsterdam and it was written there.

      7. I feel like this book was worth reading because it was very interesting and inspirational.

      I read the Fault in Our Stars by John Green. The books genre fiction. A theme that stood out to me in the fault in our stars is love. Two young teenagers meet at a support group because of how they are affected by cancer. They fall in love and go to Amsterdam together, for a make a wish for having cancer. Throughout the book and after I finished it, it made me think about my grandfather a lot. He recently passed away from Lung Cancer and was so in love with my grandmother. They did everything together. It also made me appreciate everything I have because of what can happen unexpectedly to anyone. One character that I really liked in the book was Issac. I liked his positivity throughout the book and the friendship he shared with Augustus. He was always there for his friends and was funny at times by being sarcastic, which I am a lot. The Fault in Our Stars was published in 2012, so it fits in with what goes on present day. The technology for cancer is the same as it is now for most people in the the book and people present day. It shows us that cancer is horrible and will always be horrible until there is a cure for it. In my opinion, this book is worth reading.  It is super sad, but is also realistic. It shows the that unexpected things can happen to people, both good and bad.

    • Reading List 9-12 Suggested Gr
      Green, John
      Paper Towns
      1) I chose to read “Paper Towns” by John Green.
      2) The genre of the book was mystery. It was completely fiction and was very dramatic.
      3) The theme that stood out the most to me is that people aren’t always as we perceive them. The whole story, the main character, Margot talks about people and cities being “paper”, that the way people act on the outside is truly different from who they really are. The story takes a twist when Margot realizes that she is one of those people, that she has always pretended to be someone she’s really not and tries to change that throughout the story. This stood out to me most because it was most relevant to me and made me think, “are the people I am friends with the same people when I am not around?”
      4) The book started off fairly slow so I wasn’t completely sure if I was going to like it or not. As things started to tie together and the plot continued to develop, it got more exciting to read because it became unpredictable. This same unpredictability made the ending to the book great and something I won’t forget.
      5) The one time I hated any character in the story, Quentin, is when he says things or acts in a bad way and I just now before it happens that his actions would have consequences based off the same situations happening to me in real life. The one character I liked is Margot, because she goes from being this extremely popular drama queen to who she really feels like she is, even if she does end up in bad situation or two. Also her personally really sticks out in the story, she is by far the most adventitious and brings the excitement to the book that it needed.
      6) This book was written only a few years ago by an author, John Green, who is considered one of the more population authors for teens today. The book never gives a date but it reflects modern times, the way the school and the kids describe their day make it seems like it is present day. This is good, in my opinion, because it allows the book to be more relevant and relatable.
      7) I think this book is reading, but definitely not for everybody. I really enjoy reading mystery books, so that is why I initially chose it. It ended up being more of a drama than I thought it would be so I’m not sure if I would read it again, but still in the end it had some pretty good themes and great plot. In general,I think this would be a good choice book for someone into mystery/drama to read in their free time.
      1. I chose to read the book Paper Towns by John Green.

      2. The books genre falls under many categories, including young adult fiction and mystery

      3. I think one of the themes that stood out most for me was false impressions, one of the most obvious being between Quentin and Margo. Quentin views Margo as a perfect person, like many of the other kids in the novel who views her as a “Queen Bee” type. He formulates a perfect version of Margo which he tries to find in a road trip journey, but realizes that the image of her that he had come up with was false, as she tells him that she never wanted to be found. Other examples of this can be seen between Margo and her friends, such as Lacey. Throughout the beginning of the novel, Margo claims that Lacey was incredible judgmental of her, giving little digs at Margo as often as possible, but it becomes quite obvious how much Lacey actually cares about her as she goes above and beyond, even skipping graduation, to help find Margo.

      4. I really liked the first half of the novel, where Margo and Quentin go out to seek revenge on those who have “done Margo wrong,” as well as the mystery surrounding the search for Margo and the clues they were able to find. However, I really didn’t like the end of the novel, where it is discovered that Margo was really just trying to escape her life in a said Paper Town. I personally didn’t like it because I didn’t like Margo’s true character that is shown in the final chapters of the book, but I do think that it was necessary for the author, Green, to use it as an opportunity to show how Quentin’s impressions of Margo were clouded by his love for a made up version of her.

      5. I really didn’t like Margo’s character because she seemed incredible desperate for attention and ungrateful for what she had in life. This can be seen at multiple points in the novel, such as when Margo’s parents discuss how she’s run away many times before, and how she was so filling to cut all ties with friends and family just to prove that she could make a great escape. This is also extremely explicit When the author sees Margo’s reaction to her friends trying to find her.

      6. This novel was written in the mid 2000’s and published in 2008, and takes place in a subdivision of Orlando, Florida. It reflects this time period of the resent past, such as referencing multiple novels, Slaughterhouse Five, The Great Gatsby, and among many others, that are commonly read by high school students now. The author further references the Guinness Book of World Records, Mission Impossible, Green Day, and others, which would indicate that the book takes place at least after 1996.

      7. I do think this book was worth reading because I believe that John Green instills valuable lessons for young adults in all of his novels, this one in particular showing them not only the importance of finding yourself and looking out for your friends, but also to understand that people are not always necessarily how they seem, and it is important to look at the whole picture before making judgments about someone.

      1. Paper Towns

      2. Mystery

      3. Finding Yourself

      4.  I found the book a bit confusing.  I liked the story line, but not the way that the author chose to express it to the readers.

      5. I loved the character of Margo Roth Spiegelman because she was always searching for an adventure.  She was very outgoing and full of life.

      6. Paper Towns takes place in and around a fictional subdivision called Jefferson Park.  This is located in suburban Orlando, Florida.  Margo refers to Orlando and the subdivision of Jefferson Park as a “Paper Town”.   She describes it as fake and not hard enough to be made of plastic.

      7.  I don’t think this book is worth reading because it is difficult to follow at some parts.  The other exaggerates some parts and makes it a little boring in my opinion. I’d suggest one of John Green’s other books such as, “Looking for Alaska”.


      1.) I read Paper Towns by John Green.
      2.) This book is fiction.
      3.) A theme that really stood out to me was not to judge someone by their appearance. Margo was always known as the cool girl but learned to get along with the nerdy guy in her grade, Quentin.
      4.) I thought this book was very interesting due to how much Quentin cared about Margo after one night of doing a handful of adventurous pranks with her. I thought the first half of the book was fun to read due to the way John Green describes all of the stunts the two pulled.
      5.) I really liked Ben’s character in the book. He always managed to lighten to mood. Also, I liked how Margo was always very unpredictable.
      6.) This book was written in 2008 in the United States. This is greatly reflected throughout the book due to how modern it is written and the types of jokes/language used by the characters.
      7.) I think this book is worth reading because John Green writes as if you’re actually involved and with these characters. Also, I find the book to be very fun and well written.

      I chose to read Papertowns, by John Green. The genre of the book is young adult. One of the themes that stood out to me in this book is how important it is to be independent. The main character, Margo, ran away because she felt that her hometown was stuffy and she couldn’t be herself. She gained independence by leaving to go on her own journey.  This book was very interesting to me and kept me on the edge of my seat. I like how Green incorporated humor in the book as well so it wouldn’t solely be mystery.  Margo is probably my favorite character in the book because of how careless she is. Not careless in a bad way, careless in a way where she lives in whatever moment she’s in, not thinking about the possibilities of what could come next. I think that this book is very worth reading if you need a little excitement in your life. The characters are all very relatable, which makes it all the better.
      The book that I chose is Paper Towns by John Green. The genre is young adult fiction. The theme of this book is that just because you knew who someone was a long time ago, doesn’t mean that they are still the same as they were then. People change all the time. My reaction to this book was that I loved it and it was very good. I loved Margo because she was very adventurous and seemed so much fun, but when she disappeared and decided to stay away I started to dislike her a little because I felt so bad for Quentin. I also really enjoyed Quentin’s friends Radar and Ben. They were so funny. This book was written about kids that lived in Florida. The time is relevant to the time now because the characters were very modern and acted how most teenagers do now. Paper towns is definitely a  book that I would recommend and it is worth reading! It kept me wanting to keep reading on and I just love anything that John Green writes.

    • Reading List 7th & 8th grade
      Green, John
      An abundance of Katherines
      1. The book I chose was An Abundance of Katherines by John Green
      2. The books genre is fiction
      3. The theme that stood out is that healing takes time
      4. My personal reactions to the book were mostly excitement or curiosity because I was really interested in the book
      5. No I did not I liked all the characters
      6. This book takes place in Gunshot, Tennessee
      7. No because there are too many Katherine’s it is hard to keep up with. While I was reading the book I wasn’t sure which Katherine he was talking about because they all spell their name the same way

    • 796.332 Gronkowski
      Gronkowski, Rob
      It’s good to be Gronk
      1. I chose, “It’s Good to be Gronk.”
      2. The genre of this book is sports.
      3. One theme that stood out to me is you have to go through some challenges in life to achieve your dreams.
      4. My personal reaction to this book is It’s very inspiring and portrays a good message.
      5. I loved Rob Gronkowki in this book because he is a hardworker but also he has a fun loving attitude.
      6. This book was written, July, 2015. This book has a very modern style which made it interesting to read.
      7. If you are a fan of football and Rob Gronkowski then this book is the book for you.

    • Reading List 9-12 Choice
      Han, Jenny
      The summer I turned pretty
      1] The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han
      2] YA and Romance
      3] The major theme is moving on from difficult and emotional experiences.
      4] The title instantly caught my attention: The Summer I Turned Pretty. That is almost every girl’s dream, which is a ridiculous and very unrealistic dream. Yet as a high school girl, it’s usually what you want. I felt connected to Susannah as a person. Susannah is the embodiment of optimism and advice. She reminds me of my mother, a lover, a fighter, and a solid person who you can always count on.
      5]When I first started reading this book I immediately made opinions about the main characters. Belly was a brat. Jeremiah was a ray of sunshine that seemed to care more about having fun than living in the moment. Conrad was a headstrong, tell it as it is kind of man. When the book progressed I fell in love with Conrad. The kind of secretive, protective and dangerous vibe he showed off throughout the book had me falling in love with him. In my opinion, Conrad made the book. I looked forward to when he would make another appearance, though he did aggravate me at times, I loved watching his progression as a character throughout.
      6] This book was written in the current time period, during the year of 2009. The book proves that it is during our current time period through the use of cars, phones, bonfires, and the medical like terms. Throughout the book, there was a use of cars, phones, parties, and advanced medical terminology. All of which contributes to the time period.
      7] I appreciated this book. If you are looking for a cute summer series that you can enjoy, I recommend reading this. Immediately after finishing this book, I went on to finishing the whole trilogy. This book is worth reading because you receive the welcoming feeling of being closely intertwined with the characters.

    • FICTION Harrison, L.
      Harrison, Lisi


      1) I read Pretenders by Lisi Harrison
      2) This book would fall under the genre of Drama.
      3) I took away the theme of making new friends you never expected to have, and sometimes distancing the old friends, when entering high school. Another major theme in this story is that not everyone or everything is as it appears.
      4) I liked that I could relate to this story. However, I did not like how abrupt the ending was, because it was the first part of a trilogy.
      5) Every part of the book gave me a different feel. I liked when specific characters would say something I could relate to. I really liked how the story showed that not everything is as it appears, so don’t compare yourself to anyone.
      6) This book took place in a high school in Pheonix. I could tell that the book was written recently, based on some of the social media and t.v. shows that were referred to throughout the storyline.
      7) This book leans towards Freshmen year of high school. For someone who enjoys gossip stories, I would recommend this book. However, I would not recommend this book to anyone who is not planning on reading all three parts, because the ending, as mentioned before, is quite abrupt and includes no closure for the reader.
      The book I read was called The Pretenders.  The genre is young adult fiction or diary fiction. The theme that stood out was high school life because it reminds me about all the drama going in my high school right now. I loved the book. I thought all the characters were cool. The book was written to take place during the 2012-13 school year. I don’t remember a part where the book reflects the time/place. Yes, this book is worth reading.

    • Reading List 9-12 Suggested He
      Helman, Scott
      Long mile home : Boston under attack, the city’s courageous recovery, and the epic hunt for justice
      Review: I chose Long Mile Home written by Scott Helman and Jenna Russell. This book is written as a memoir through the views of 5 different people as they dealt with the aftermath of the Boston Marathon Bombing.. These people include a police officer, trauma surgeon, a marathon director, a survivor, and the parents of a victim. All these characters showed great amounts of courage and grit while dealing with the situation at hand. The theme that I noticed the most was perseverance. Each and everyone affected in one way or another by the bombing were very persistent in returning to normal life. This was very difficult for most people, as their lives were never going to be the same. I had many reactions to this book, for one reason. On April 15, 2013, I was at mile 25.5. I was inside the Prudential Center with my family when the bombs went off. I remember hearing a faint bang, and then seeing a wave of people running at me. Fortunately, my family and I made it home safe, with only bad thoughts plaguing us. I had many reactions to this book because I could have been in the book. I was fortunate to not be, but it is scary to think about. I personally love Dr, David King. Dr King had actually just finished the marathon when the bombs went off. He then proceeded to go to the hospital and perform surgery on victims of the bombings. That really shows how tough he was, to be both mentally and physically drained, and then be asked to perform in such a serious manner, This book was written about a year after the story took place. This shows how recent the event was, and how we can relate the book to our actual memories. This book is absolutely worth reading. Everyone remembers where they were and what they were doing when the bombs went off. Also, being local, it is nice to be able to relate events in the story to real life experiences. This book was a great read, and made summer reading easy.

    • Reading List 9-12 Suggested He
      Henry, April
      The night she disappeared
      1.) The Night She Disappeared.
      2.) Mystery.
      3.)Theme in this story is that you can never be too safe.
      4.) My personal reactions to this book was that I couldn’t stop reading. I enjoyed reading it very much because I am really interested in mystery books.
      5.) In this book I agreed with two of the main characters, Drew and Gabie, points because they all helped lead to find the missing girl.
      6.) This book was written in 2012 and I don’t think the time has anything to do with the girl being kidnapped because a kidnapping can happen at anytime.
      7.)I do think this book is worth reading because it has the story line from a bunch of peoples views which makes it very interesting and fun to read.

    • Reading List 9-12 Suggested He
      Hesser, Terry Spencer
      Kissing doorknobs
      Review: I chose the fiction book, Kissing Doorknobs. The theme is that you have to persevere through what you’re dealing with because you are not alone in your suffering. I personally liked the book. It had a good a good build up to the climax and fun characters. I liked the character Sam because he always wanted to help Tara and was very supporting. This book was written in present day, where is not stated. This is shown by the main characters going to school everyday and wearing modern clothes. This book is worth reading; it gives great insight on what it’s like to have OCD and what goes on in someone’s brain that does have it. The only thing I did not like was how fast the story went. Everything felt rushed.

    • Children’s 616.85 Higashida
      Higashida, Naoki
      The reason I jump : the inner voice of a thirteen-year-old boy with autism
      1. Title: The Reason I Jump
      2. The book’s genre is Non-Fiction.
      3. The theme that stood out for me the most in the book is the idea that what is on the inside matters most.
      4. My personal reaction to this book involved my better understanding of the ins and outs of autism. It perplexed me how open Naoki was to his disability, considering all of the questions he was asked and how he was always willing to answer them.
      5. Throughout the book I found myself loving Naoki more and more. Yes, in this book he is the only character, however, his resilience to overcome all of his obstacles in life truly proved to be inspirational. He proved to be such a strong and helpful individual who was willing to not only share information about his disability but he was also willing to help people deal with individuals who have the same burden.
      6. This book was written in 2007 and translated in 2013. Also, it was originally written in Japan, where Naoki Higashida is from. Overall, the book reflects the time and age in which it was written by expressing the social impacts that Naoki’s disability presents to him in this day and age. Being autistic in the world we live in today can be extremely difficult, however, the reason why this book is so special is due to the fact that he has shown that he can overcome adversity even with the skeptical world we live in.
      7. Yes, I definitely believe that this book is reading. Naoki Higashida proves that even the largest burden can be turned into something beautiful and even extraordinary. Not only has he proven to help fellow individuals with Autism, but he has also proved as an inspiration to others with difficult measures.

    • Review:

      1. I read Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand.

      2. Unbroken is a non-fiction book.

      3. One standout theme of Unbroken is friendship can lead to survival. To survive a war, a soldier must create strong friendships with his or her fellow soldiers. These friendships create teamwork on duty and drive in the soldiers to fight to the death for those beside them.

      4. As a sports fan and history fanatic, I loved Unbroken. I was astonished at main character Louis Zamperini’s athletic ability. The endless records he both broke and set on the track were done at a very young age. The times he recorded were crazy fast, especially in the one mile and two mile races. I was also shocked at Louis’s survival. Many soldiers did survive World War II. Yet, Louis also persevered through plane crashes, shark attacks, Japanese Prisoner of War Camps, PTSD, and alcoholism. Louis breaks the odds again and again. My reaction to Unbroken in one word is “wow.”

      5. I loved the character Louis Zamperini. How can the reader not? His perseverance despite his ongoing sufferings is nothing but admirable. Louis fought for America, my country, through horrible conditions. His bravery and athletic ability are aspects of his character that I look up to. If I were to meet him in person, I would repeatedly share with him my gratitude and respect for what he did.

      6. Unbroken was published in 2010. The author, Laura Hillenbrand, wrote the book around the Washington D.C. and Virginia areas. Unbroken reflects the year of 2010 because it shares the World War II history that created boundaries and allies countries had in 2010. The history of World War II shaped the world as we know it politically, socially, and economically. Unbroken reflects Virginia and Washington D.C. because these are areas in the United States that Louis competed for in the Olympics and fought for in World War II. Also, Louis’s home life takes place in the United States.

      7. The book Unbroken is worth reading. It is full of World War II history. However, this history lesson comes from a different, more interesting perspective than a textbook for example. Laura Hillenbrand, follows Louis Zamperini from childhood to adulthood. The reader gains a personal connection with Louis, leading him or her to have feelings of sympathy, hope, worry, disappointment, anger, and excitement for him. Since the reader has such a tight bond with Louis, he or she will not want to put the book down, wondering if Louis will survive his next obstacle.

      2.) Non-Fiction
      3) Unbroken is a World War II story of survival, resilience, and redemption.
      4.) Louis Zamperini has one of the most interesting stories in American history. Laura Hillenbrand did a fantastic job writing about the life of Zamperini. Unbroken is one of the best non-fiction books I have ever read.
      5.) My favorite character without a doubt has to be Louis Zamperini. It is his story, his life, his memories that touch our hearts as he is brutally beaten in the Japanese POW camp. POW camp guard “the Bird” is my least favorite person of any book. His cruel and harsh punishments  of prisoners were some of the worst of World War II.
      6.) Unbroken was written  in 2010, however, it is a non-fiction about Louis Zamperini’s life. The book explains in detail what it was like to live through the 20th century and war.
      7.) This book is definitely worth the read. You will not want to put it down once you start reading.

    • Reading List 9-12 Suggested Ho
      Hoover, Colleen
      Slammed : a novel
      1.) Slammed by Colleen Hoover
      2.) Genre: Romance
      3.) I think the theme of this book was time fixes everything. In the beginning of the book, both Will and Layken were trying to heal from the death of their loved ones and further into the book, Layken’s mother also dies. At the moment, she thinks everything is over but overtime everything falls into place. Not only is it the death of the parents that affects everything, but Will and Layken also go through some relationship problems which also get fixed over time.
      4.) I loved the book. It constantly kept me on the edge, making me wonder what was going to happen next. There were many shocking and surprising moments. The book gave off a multitude of emotions.
      5.) Two characters I hated were Reece and Vaughn. They weren’t very popular but they were strongly disliked by me. Vaughn was Will’s ex-girlfriend who caused unnecessary problems between Layken and Will. Not only that but she decided to break up with Will two weeks after he lost his parent, which was very selfish. Also, I hated Reece. He was Will’s “best friend” who comes along in the middle of the book. It turns out that two weeks after Will and Vaughn broke up, she started dating Reece. This was kept a secret from Will which really infuriated me. Two characters I loved were Gavin and Eddie. Those two stuck by Will and Layken and helped with all of their problems. I would say they were the definition of your ideal best friends.
      6.) This book was written in 2012, the place is unknown. The time frame falls with the book because everything that happens in the book (the things they do, how they speak, etc.) all seem modern. The time frame is very close to today which makes the book more relatable.
      7.) I think this book is worth reading. It is the first of a trilogy and all three books are very well written. The plot and events that occur are all very interesting and the book as a whole is something I would recommend for anyone to read.

    • Reading List 9-12 Suggested Ho
      Hornbacher, Marya
      Wasted : a memoir of anorexia and bulimia
      1.) I chose to read Wasted.
      2.) The genre of the book is fiction.
      3.) A theme that stood out from the book is that happiness is easily taken away when there is no positive influences.
      4.) My personal reaction to the book is that it was shocking at how detrimental mental sickness is on a person. The book gave a different kind of look into how bulimia and depression affect someone. Things were less factual and it helped give visuals and understandings to how living with a certain illness would be like. There were times when I would have to put the book down because I did not understand why something would be going on. For example, when Carmen’s mother would let the water run so no one would hear her vomiting. I was never particularly ecstatic about anything that took place within the story while reading the book.
      5.) I did. I hated it when Carmen had felt as though she needed to hide food in her room and eat in there to escape judgement from her mother. I also hated when her mother would call her names when she did eat or ask her why she was eating; her mother had battled with anorexia and bulimia and kept close to nothing in the fridge besides protein shakes. One thing I did love was when Carmen’s father would bring her cookies and remind her that it is okay to be herself and that is okay that her mother thinks differently as well.
      6.) The book was written in 2002 in Great Britain. The setting of the book is in England so that explains a lot of the knowledge of certain surroundings and the use of the word ‘butts’ instead of cigarettes.
      7.) The book is worth reading because it gives more knowledge and better understanding of illnesses. The book is not for someone in a really happy mood. It allows you to feel for the characters and wish things for them whilst forgetting that it is not real.

    • Reading List 9-12 Suggested Ho
      Horowitz, Anthony
      1) Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz was the book I read for Summer Reading this summer.
      2) The book was fiction and had lots of action in it.
      3) I think that the theme of this book was perseverance. Throughout the book Alex is given one million reasons to give up but he never does. This starts right at the beginning of the book when Alex believes that there is something about his Uncle’s death that does not make sense. Everybody says it is not true but he still works to find out if it is. His perseverance continues throughout the story with many obstacles put in his way that would causes any other 14 year old to turn around and run but he never does. His obstacles include opponents more then twice his age not willing to give up, lots of guns, underground mines, and giant jellyfish that could kill him with one sting.
      4) I liked this book. I absolutely love spy books and movies so reading this was awesome. I liked that the kid was the spy and how independent he was with his work. It made you think that if there was nothing he couldn’t do, there was nothing that you couldn’t do.
      5) The only character that was really involved in the book was Alex Rider. The were many secondary characters but you did not know enough about them or their characters to have a strong liking or disliking for them. You knew only what was necessary for you to know and there was nothing that really developed from there. I really like Alex. He was a very good main character for the book. He was the hero and was someone whose intelligence, strength, and curiosity were something to be admired. His independence during his mission proved that he could do anything.
      6) This book was written in 2006 in England. This is also where the story takes place. This is smart because it made it easy for the author to describe exactly what settings he has experienced where he lives and have them fit with the story.
      7) I think that this book is worth reading for younger kids or kids who are not as advanced with reading. The book is short and very simple. There is no vocabulary that you would not understand and there is nothing that you would need to infer or interpret on your own. Everything is written out clearly. It is a good easy read if you are a high school student just looking for a book to read for two hours that you will not have to think about. It would also be good for a younger student but I think it was a bit simple and was not deep enough to be a book for a high school student.

    • Reading List 9-12 Suggested Hu
      Hughes, Dean
      Soldier boys


      1. Soldier Boys
      2. Historical Fiction
      3. The theme in this book is perseverance and kindness.
      4. My reaction to this book was gaining a further understanding of what it was like to be a young adult in the war.
      5. I loved the whole book in general because it was my style of writing and i liked how they switched to and from each boy.
      6. The book was written in 2001 but was published in 2003.
      7. I believe that this book is worth reading because it shows what the soldiers had to go through and what it was like for the young soldiers.
      1.) Soldier Boys by Dean Hughes
      2.)Historical Fiction
      3.)The tragedies of war.
      4.)I believe the book was very sad and was very suspenseful. After Spencer died his side of the story was very sad and leading up to his death was incredibly suspenseful. Dieter’s side of the story i found sad because he was trying to prove himself but the war was already lost so he didn’t really have a chance.
      5.)I loved Spencer when he went to save Dieter because it showed how good of a person he was to save an enemy. I hated the German soldiers that did not save Dieter because he was one of their own men and they should have done something to save him.
      6.) The book was written in the United States in 2001. The book took place during World War 2 in the Untied States and Germany. The place it was written in reflects where it took place because the United states was involved in both.
      7.) Yes this book was very interesting i loved it. I would recommend it to anyone that asks.
      The book I chose to read this summer was Soldier Boys written by Dean Hughes.  The genre of this book in my opinion would be action because all the time this book has me on the edge because there is so much going on and it is always so interesting.  The theme that stood out to me is that this one kid Spencer enlists in the army right away and is so dedicated and ready to work.  My first reaction to this book is inspired that this one kid wants to support his country so badly.  The only one that really stood out to me was Spencer because the book revolves around him.  This book was written in 2001. It reflects on the time because this is about the time when all he wars started to wind down.  Yes this book is worth reading it is very interesting and it gave me a lot of knowledge.

    • FICTION King
      King, Stephen
      Under the dome
      I read Under the Dome by Stephen king , the genre is science fiction. The themes is this book that stood out are when times are tough work together as a community, and isolation brings out the worst in people. When reading the book, I was surprised it was very graphic and very interesting, I could not imagine what it would be like to have a giant dome just appear above Wakefield and trap everyone inside. Dale Barbara was an interest character he had that role of I’m just a single person trying to do what he can in an emergency but he was a huge leader and role in the town and story. I didn’t like Junior but you didn’t have much choice the book painted him out to be hated, specially killing and innocent woman right away in the book. It was written in 2009 in a small town in and around Maine. I don’t know much about Maine or the town he wrote it in, but maybe he based it off that town, but he didn’t mention Iphones and stuff since regular cellphone were still thing seven years ago. I would say 150% worth reading, it is and was a very long read, but very interesting. It starts off with a strong scientific start with the dome, and the electric current coming from it, to becoming a book about a small town trying to survive from being cut off from the rest of the world.

    • Reading List 9-12 Suggested Ki
      King, Stephen
      Cell : a novel
      Over the last couple of weeks, I had the pleasure of reading Cell, by Stephen King. I am a big fan of Kings work, like It, the mist, and many others,so reading cell was nice. Cell is considered a horror book, but is has hints of comedy and drama intertwined within. While the plot is chaotic, a clear theme stood out. While the small and borderline pathetic crew trek across the united states to safety, the only real way that they stay alive is by bonding together, using all of the important traits from certain members of the group to survive. As I was reading the book, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of thrill as if I was watching a scary movie. One thing that irked me throughout the novel was the constant need to weaken the group. King threw various obstacles the main characters way, and had no problem killing them off. While death is a necessary thing to involve in a book, there is a limit to how much is appropriate. The book was placed in the early 2000s, in a fake new england town. The book is fairly accurate to the time period. This was a good book for a cheap thrill or two, but not something that I would recommend. King has a way with words that can keep me enthralled, or completely bore me, and cell was mostly the latter.
      1.) I chose to read the novel Cell by Stephen King.
      2.) The genre of the book could be described as a thriller based on a modern zombie apocalypse.
      3.) The theme that stood out to me the most in this book was that the people in the book had to question their morals as they had to make big decisions to try to survive in the zombie-infested world. It may be easy for the characters to kill the zombies to protect themselves, but as they do so they must constantly question if doing so is morally correct as these zombies were once human and it could be possible to bring them back to who they once were.
      4.) Personally, I really enjoyed this book as it created a realistic scenario that triggered an apocalypse that actually scared me a little, seeing as today we rely so heavily on cell phones. It also created characters with flaws, which made them more personable and more enjoyable to delve into. Also, the events leading up to the final confrontation between the characters and the zombies had me on the edge of my seat as the characters faced certain-death experiences yet managed to finagle their ways out of it. However, the only thing that I wasn’t a huge fan of was Stephen King’s signature cliff hanger ending, as I personally like a definite ending to a book instead of leaving it up to the reader to decide what happened.
      5.) I really enjoyed the heart and background surrounding the background of the main character Clayton Riddell. Clay is a graphic designer who was separated from his family while he was on a trip to Boston. Not only does his background interest me as I love both Boston and graphic design, but the drive he has to find his son is truly inspirational as he lets nothing stop him on his quest to find his son, Johnny. Another character that I loved was Ray Huizenga, who was a construction worker specializing in explosives. His idea to destroy the “flock” helped the group survive, and his selfless action that ultimately saved and protected the group from the “flock” really helped me to respect him.
      6.) This book takes place in Boston and follows Clay on his trek to Maine, and it takes place in the 2000s. The book reflects its setting as it takes place in specific Boston neighborhoods and surrounding towns, such as Malden, when they are making their way on their journey. Also, the fact that the disease spreading through cell phones reflects the availability and fear of technology that was sweeping the nation during this time.
      7.) I would highly recommend reading this book as it is a perfectly told story of survival as it not only instills some fear in the reader, but also follows a very well thought out plot that comes to a very entertaining, nail-biting climax. However, if you are a fan of definite endings and not having to be left on a huge cliffhanger, then I would not recommend this

    • FICTION King, S.
      King, Stephen
      Revival : a novel
      1) I chose to read Revival.
      2) It is a horror/suspense/thriller book.
      3) A common theme that stood out to me throughout this book is faith. The matter of faith was closely tied into almost all events , including tragedies of family members untimely deaths.
      4) I really enjoyed the book and felt like it had a creative ending. Stephen King is known for his ability to create scary, original novels. This book was a completely different ending than I have read in any Stephen King book, or any other book for that matter. The element of death and the afterlife were disturbing, but creative.
      5) I liked the main character, Jamie. He was complex. He started off as a child in a loving family with friends and a decent childhood. Pastor Charles Jacob was young pastor at his church whose vile sermon would shatter Jamie’s faith forever. Jamie would then join a band and turn to drugs. He was a character you could root for and hope he would turn out okay. I did not particularly like the parts of the book that reminisced about Jamie’s past in bands. They were not particularly interesting.
      6) The book was written in 2015 but takes place starting in 1962 and then goes to the present in the 2000s in New England.
      7) This book is worth reading because it is very creepy and the connection between faith and science and the afterlife was creative and interesting.

    • PAPERBACK Fiction Ki
      Kingsolver, Barbara
      The bean trees : a novel
      I chose to read The Bean Trees by Barbara Kingsolver. I would say that The Bean Trees is a quest novel, due to the journey that the main character goes through. One theme that stood out to me was how being a woman can be a burden, but when women stick together they can achieve greatness. I personally enjoyed this book and the adventure it took me through. I enjoyed meeting and getting to know the characters like they were my own friends! I LOVED Lou Ann. She became s mother figure to the main character Taylor throughout the book. She gave valuable insight to what its like to exist in the community Taylor is new to. I also like how she transforms herself from a dependent house wife into a strong single mother. She is an inspiration. The Bean Trees was written from 1986-1987 in Tucson, Arizona. You can tell from reading just a few pages that it was written fairly recently, but not super recently. The way they describe technology gives the time period away. The Bean Trees is definitely worth reading. It tells a great story start to finish about a young girl just trying to make her way in this world, but there are some hangups as they are in the real world.

    • Reading List 9-12 Suggested Kl
      Klay, Phil
      1.) Redeployment by Phil Klay
      2.) Realistic fiction
      3.) One theme in this book that stood out to me was the mental fatigue that experienced by soldiers both on and off the battlefield. Since this book is told almost entirely from the point of view of military personnel, the reader is exposed to their thoughts and behaviors from a unique perspective. I think this is important in highlighting the emotional burden that many soldiers are forced to live with and the different methods they use to cope. The feeling of loneliness and helplessness that the characters feel is one that the author tries to convey to the audience in each of the short stories that make up this book.
      4.) I enjoyed the book mainly because it elicited a strong emotional response from the reader. The characters are portrayed in such a way that makes the reader sympathize with them, even if their actions are ones that typically would not be praised. I appreciated the blunt and gritty, yet honest, take on the harsh realities of war and how soldiers handle these conditions both during their deployment and when they return home. There were some funny moments which I thought were a nice contrast to the mostly bleak accounts of the war zone. Each short story that makes up the book is different from the next, which keeps it interesting and helps make the reader want to continue reading.
      5.) I did not find any one character or point to be more engaging than another, so it is difficult to pick ones that I necessarily loved or hated. I enjoyed each short story fairly equally, although the one titled “Money as a Weapons System” stood out to me as one of the more comical accounts. As previously stated, the funny moments in the story were welcomed contrast to the typical war tale, and this particular story was most effective in doing this.
      6.) This book was written in the United States within the last few years. It reflects the conflicting pro- and anti-war sentiments that are evident in today’s society. Some of the short stories in the anthology are demonstrative of undying patriotism, while others are hesitant to support the American military effort in the Middle East. Especially in a time when war and politics are a hot topic in society, this book captures opposing opinions from a unique demographic: the soldiers. The book also raises awareness of important mental conditions that unfortunately many soldiers experience after combat, which is important for readers to educate themselves about in today’s sensitive environment.
      7.) I do believe this book is worth reading, even if a war story is not necessarily a personal preference. While the book is about the war, it is more so about the people fighting the war. Their experiences and hardships are important to understand, and this book gives the reader such an opportunity from the perspective of someone in the military. This is made even more compelling given the fact that the author is a veteran himself. I recommend this book mostly because of the unique perspective it is written from and the bluntness with which it approaches sensitive topics. Redeployment is a bold and powerful collection of stories that can be both informative and emotional.

    • Reading List 9-12 Suggested Kn
      Knowles, Johanna
      Jumping off swings

      1) I chose to read Jumping Off Swings by Jo Knowles.
      2) This book’s genre is romantic fiction.
      3) A theme that stood out to me in this book was every action has its consequences. Ellie was out at a party drinking, not really thinking anything of it. She ended up having a one night stand with someone, figuring that it would be no big deal. Unfortunately, she was very wrong. She ended up getting pregnant and really struggled to deal with the consequences that followed. Throughout the entire book, it kept going back to that one mistake that changed everything.
      4) Reading this book resulted in quite the emotional reaction. The main character in the book, Ellie, is the same age as me. For a girl in high school, she is dealing with a lot of difficult things. I think that the book evoked such a reaction from me because I put myself in her shoes. If I were to go through exactly what she is going through at this point in my life, I would be a mess. Because of this, I ended up feeling very bad for Ellie while reading.
      5) Throughout the entire book, I really loved Caleb’s mother. When she found out about Ellie’s situation, she immediately stepped in to help. It wasn’t in the sense of trying to tell her what to do, it was just trying to be there for her.  Caleb’s mom gave Ellie someone to talk to when she was too scared to talk to her own, and I think it is very important that everyone has that person in their life. On the contrary, Josh’s parents were not my favorite. Josh obviously was having a hard time coping with Ellie’s pregnancy too, and his parents were always too busy either drinking or working to help him. This made me feel very bad for him, and resulted in me hating his parents for a good portion of the story.
      6) This book was written in 2009 in Somerville, Massachusetts. This is relatively recent, and this time period reflects in the book. Abortion is currently a heavy debated topic, which showed through in the novel. When it came to the topic of abortion, Ellie was hesitant, as many people are still against it. We saw this concept in Ellie’s behavior, and she ultimately did not end up going through with it.
      7) I think that this book is definitely worth the read – I couldn’t put it down once I started it!Not only is it very entertaining, but it is also very relevant. Ellie got pregnant in high school, which is a very real issue that could happen to anyone. Reading this book could help make people more sensitive to those in a similar situation, while simultaneously being interesting.
      1) Jumping off Swings
      2) coming of age
      3) One of the themes throughout the story that stood out to me the most was ignorance. Ellie had a tough decision to make on what to do with her child. You always need to make sure you think before you act and have enough information to make the right decision. Ellie was too afraid to go through with her original plan of abortion and decided to leave the clinic. Making choices with this much significance requires lots of thought.
      4) I was caught off guard and surprised when Ellie decided not to go through with her plan. She seemed so sure that she was doing the right thing. I was also relieved with the amount of help and support she had from friends. It is not easy to go through life alone, you always need someone by your side.
      5) Out of all the characters in the book I found myself liking Caleb the most. Caleb was the go to friend in the book. He was always there for everyone and made sure he did everything possible to make both Ellie and her best friend happy.
      1. I chose Jumping Off Swings by Jo Knowles.
      2. The books genre is Young Adult Fiction.
      3.  One theme that stood out in the book was the constant shadow of regret and dealing with consequences.
      4.  I thought Jo Knowles did a good job of showing the audience the reality of teen pregnancy and how it can effect not only the expecting mother but surrounding people as well.
      5.  I didn’t like the way Ellie’s parents reacted to her pregnancy. Throughout the story I was shown her mother’s lack of support and care in general, then when Ellie broke the news she received an even colder reaction from her parents. They focused on their own personal feelings rather than considering the emotional impact and confusion on their daughter.
      6. The book was written in the United States sometime in the 2000s, this reflects the setting of the book as it is told from a modern prospective in the United States.
      7. I think this book is worth reading because it is told from multiple points of view, which highlights the different reactions and aspects of teen pregnancy.  Teenage pregnancy is usually stereotyped and belittled yet this story illustrates the true chaos and reality of the situation.
      1. I chose to read “Jumping Off Swings” by Jo Knowles.
      2. The genre of the book is Fiction.
      3. The theme that stood out in the book is that your whole life can change just because of one mistake that you made when you were a teenager and that once the mistake is made, you are forced to grow up and deal with the consequences.
      4. My reaction to the book was shocked. When Ellie got pregnant at the age of 16, I knew that it would be difficult for her to deal with but this book went behind the scenes and describes the real emotional and physical effects a teenage pregnancy can have on such an average high school girl.
      5. I loved the character Corinne. She is Ellie’s best friend and she was there for Ellie through all the tough times and the fun times. Corinne supported Ellie and talked her through the times when she felt like she had nothing left. She was Ellie’s rock and shoulder to cry on. On the other hand, I did not like the character named Josh. He took advantage of Ellie at a party and got her pregnant. Ellie thought Josh liked her but he was just using her. Even though Josh did have feelings for Ellie he would never admit it because he didn’t want to seem “uncool” to his friends.
      6. This book was written in 2009. It reflects a modern day situation where a teenage girl is judged because she is pregnant in high school.  High-schoolers are judgmental and can be very harsh at times and this is what this book shows.
      7. This book is worth reading because it teaches a lesson. It shows that you can not judge someone based on what they look like. Everyone has a story so you can not be so quick to judge. Bullying affects you mentally and Ellie’s childhood in the book shows the readers the affects of bullying. It also teaches the lesson that one mistake can affect the rest of your life.
      1.)  Jumping Off Swings
      2.) Fiction
      3.) The theme of this book is friendship, Ellie’s friends stuck with her through all of her difficulties.
      4.) My personal reactions to the book were shock and happiness. I was shocked at how strong Ellie remained during her pregnancy. Ellie stayed in school and was constantly bullied, but she tried not to let it bother her.
      5.) I particularly disliked the character of Josh. I disliked Josh because of the way he left Ellie on her own, knowing she was pregnant. Josh ignored her and made her feel worse about the situation.
      6.) The book is written in present day high school.  The personality and maturity of the characters reflect the location of the story.
      7.) Yes, this book is worth reading. I enjoyed reading this book because it is relatable and something that any teenage girl should read for awareness. The book also showed me that true friends will stick by your side not matter what.

    • Reviews:

      1) I chose American Sniper by Chris Kyle.
      2) Nonfiction
      3) American Sniper is a story of personal sacrifice, for family and country, along with the obvious undercurrents of perseverance through adversity and the loss of loved ones that come with military service.
      4) Chris Kyle’s autobiography impressed me as a very significant piece of literature in our time. From detailing the brutal reality of American involvement in the Middle East, to dealing with PTSD and integrating back into society, Kyle paints an excellent picture of the true life of a soldier, and its downsides.
      5)  Character development was honestly lacking in American Sniper, so I didn’t get attached to or even remember many characters other than the narrator, however Taya Kyle, Chris’s wife, annoyed me quite a bit throughout the book because of her incessant anxieties about her husband.
      6) American Sniper was written in the U.S. in 2012, and accurately reflects the feeling of veterans returning from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq through the story of Chris Kyle.
      7) American Sniper is worth reading to any American who has lived to see the changes in our country since 9/11, and wants deeper insight into what exactly is being fought for in the Middle East. Kyle’s relationship with his wife is also detailed in the novel, which may be worthless to some, but a treasure trove of advice and learning experiences to others.
      1.  I read American Sniper.
      2. The book’s genre is an autobiography.
      3. The theme in the book is sacrificing yourself for your country.
      4.   This book makes  me feel very grateful to live in the United States and the have brave men and women fighting for our country.  My respect for the military grew tremendously and I gained a stronger understanding as to what its like to fight on the front line.
      5.  I really loved Chris Kyle throughout this whole book. I thought he was very brave and courageous to put his life at risk for the sake of our country.
      6.  This book was written from 1999-2009. It takes place throughout four different locations in Iraq along with Chris’ home in Midlothian, Texas.  If Chris Kyle had lived during any other time, the war he fought in wouldn’t of happened and therefore, there wouldn’t be any story.
      7.  This book is absolutely worth reading. It puts things into perspective and that’s important since many people today take so many things for granted.  Chris’s story was extremely inspiring. With his strong values and determination, I think everyone should look up to him.
      1. American Sniper
      2. Nonfiction
      3. The most common theme that appeared to me was how the sense of duty effects our service men and women. The autobiography sheds light on the physical and emotional toll of a soldier both on duty and while discharged.
      4. My personal reactions were of fear, sympathy, and patriotism. While reading this book I couldn’t help but fearing for the brave men and women who are fighting for us while also silently cheering them on as I read. When the book touched on the toll of fighting once veterans returned home, my heart sank for those who struggle every day with PTSD and other mental and physical injuries.
      5. This book was certainly an emotional roller coaster. I have the utmost respect for Chris Kyle and what he did. However, through some parts of the book I started to get frustrated with him. I feel like he could have helped himself by simply asking for someone to help him. However when he kept to himself and bottled up those scaring memories, I couldn’t help but feel frustrated.
      6. The book was written in 2012. At this time, American forces were still battling terrorism in the Middle East and elsewhere around the world. The timing of this books publication definitely enhances the emotions of the readers. It references events that are relatively recent and that are still relevant. While Chris Kyle’s primary enemy was the Al Quaeda militants, we as informed readers can connect with his story knowing what we know about the fight against ISIS. A good understanding of current events greatly enhances the patriotic emotional appeal of the readers.
      7. This book is absolutely worth reading. It is a look inside the life of one of the most talented soldiers in American history. It is our duty as citizens to understand and appreciate the job done by our armed forces and this book is a fantastic way to further our appreciation.
      1. I chose to read American Sniper by Chris Kyle.
      2. This book is an autobiography.
      3.  While the book consisted of several contrasting themes having been written by Chris Kyle himself, one of the themes that stood out to me the most was the importance of family.  Despite the violence and both physical and mental exhaustion of war, Kyle spends a lot of time writing about his affection for his family; both at home and in arms. The struggle of being a Navy SEAL, a husband, and a father is something that Kyle is strong enough to incorporate into his viewpoints on war itself.
      4. My personal reactions to this book were that despite Chris Kyle not necessarily being a writer, the way in which he bluntly shares his viewpoints regarding such significant events in our country’s history provides readers with beneficial insight. Kyle holds nothing back when discussing the Iraq war and war in general. He allows us to observe life at war among his fellow soldiers along with in enemy territory. The story becomes so compelling because of the way Kyle writes it. He chooses to simply “tell it how it is” instead of working to build emotion and suspense. Through this, the feelings come naturally to the reader.
      5. One character in the book I liked was Taya, Chris Kyle’s wife. This is because despite the hardships of being a military wife she always stuck by him. She remained strong while having to raise their two children alone while Kyle was overseas. Being separated for so long while having to raise a family is something that would cause a lot of people to give up, but Taya didn’t. Chris’ numerous injuries and intensive post-traumatic stress disorder during his short returns from deployment in Iraq were enough to cause tension in their relationship. However, Taya’s love for Chris was enough to keep their marriage strong.
      6. This book was written in 2012, three years after Chris Kyle was discharged from the U.S Navy. It does a tremendous job reflecting the state our country was in through the eyes of the deadliest sniper in U.S military history. Kyle had over 160 officially confirmed kills in the Iraq war from 2003-2009, earning him the title “American Sniper”. Readers are given the opportunity to observe war through firsthand accounts of such a significant member of our country’s military.
      7. I think that this book is definitely worth reading because of how real it is. Like I previously mentioned, Chris Kyle holds nothing back when discussing these dramatic events. War is something that can easily be sugarcoated and overlooked by people who have never had firsthand experience with it. Kyle forces readers to observe war the way he did, while sharing his own thoughts and viewpoints. This story goes much farther than war, however, as Kyle does not leave out mentioning the peace that comes with strong bonds and relationships. While many Americans have seen the film “American Sniper”, I think that actually reading what Chris Kyle has to say is far more beneficial, interesting, and real.

    • Reading List 9-12 Suggested La
      Lake, Nick
      There will be lies
      I read a fictional book called “There Will Be Lies” by Nick Lake. The theme that stood out to me from the book was the theme of love. This book shows that love is not a choice and no matter how much someone hurts you, if you love them, you cannot leave them behind. The book took many turns and was emotionally captivating. It made me sad, anxious, and quaint depending on the chapter. I loved the character of Mark in the book. He showed the main character, Shelby, how to be her own person and led her to the traumatic truth behind her “mother”. While dropping this awful news upon Shelby, Mark remained calm and emotionally present for her, supporting her both in real life and in her sub-conscience. The book was written in modern times, set in Phoenix, Arizona. The setting of the book provides a seemingly empty nature environment with open skies and boundless deserts. This book was absolutely worth reading. It was amazingly captivating and had endless twists and turns to keep me reading.

    • Review: The book that I chose was called, “The Devil in the White City,” by Erik Larson. The genre of this book is history even though some parts of it seemed to be mysterious or suspenseful. This book was about the Chicago World Fair which was something that could only have been imagined at that time and throughout the book many themes stood out to me but only one in particular. This theme was that, although something seems impossible anything can be accomplished with perseverance and determination. This theme was prevalent because through most of the book when they were building the fair almost nothing went according to plan, storms knocked down buildings that took a long time to make, fires burnt through the cold storage, and the recession took a great toll of their economy creating strikes and riots the architects at the World’s Fair still found the way to make what they wanted a reality. Although this book was about this World’s Fair it was also about a murderer who used his charm and his hotel to lure is victims to their demise. I was very shocked to see this because in a busy place like Chicago you would think that there would be so many people that would get suspicious and speak up but no one suspected it would be the character named Holmes. This character eventually turned into my favorite character not for the reason that he killed people, but for the reason that he was so meticulous in how he did it, he lured the people in using his charm and got them to trust him and then eventually got life insurance on them and had them killed in a non-suspicious manner so he could get money to invest in other business ventures to make even more money, even though he should have been condemned to an insane asylum he was a genius in that way he is my favorite character. This book was written in the late 1800s time period and it reflects this time period in the way that is shows all the “new,” technology that we find common today, for example when they were introducing the main architects they talked about the structures that they have designed in the past and one of them including an auditorium with something that not many people had seen before which was air conditioning and they used hot air over ice to make the auditorium temperate, also at this time they used an elevator in a building to get to the top floor which no one had seen (but they weren’t smart enough to put stairs as well.) Lastly a man with the last name Ferris wanted to make a huge wheel to attract people to fair this would become known as the Ferris wheel and today many people see these anywhere whether it be in London or a rinky-dink carnival but was the first of its kind at the World’s Fair. All in all in think this book is definitely worth the read, each chapter switches off between talking about Holmes the murderer and his schemes and then back to the construction of the worlds fair, I found the chapters talking about Holmes more intriguing to me but still thought the chapters about the construction interesting and its a huge part of American history containing information that not many people know about and is, in my opinion, great to know.

    • 796.357 Lewis
      Lewis, Michael
      Moneyball : the art of winning an unfair game

      1.) The book I chose was Moneyball by Michael Lewis.
      2.) The genre of Moneyball is non-fiction.
      3.) A theme that the story portrays is that staying determined and never giving up will help you succeed.  We see how the main character in the story, Billy Beane,  goes from a heartbreak story in not succeeding in the MLB which leads him into quitting baseball,  to one of the best general managers in the MLB, leading a once terrible team into becoming a World Series contender.
      4.) As a baseball fan, I enjoyed this story greatly. I liked the story had a good balance in telling the heartbreak story of Billy Beane while spending more time on showing how incredible the early 2000 Oakland Athletics were. The story did a really nice job showing the challenges along with the precise math that had to be done in building this Oakland A’s team.
      5.) One character that I enjoyed throughout the story was Billy Beane.  Billy was a very hard worker and refused to give up, even during his worst times. Although a hot head sometimes, he was able to put things behind him very quickly and help the A’s become a very dominate team. Billy reminds me of myself in that we are both very dedicated to what we do (I personally am very dedicated to school and track) and that we can be hot heads(I am such a hot head if I have a bad race in track). But Billy was a hot head only because he expected nothing but the best out of himself, the same way I expect nothing but the best out of myself.
      6.) This book has a two main settings, the first one being Billy Beane’s baseball career as a New York Met, which was in the early 1980’s. The second setting, the main setting, was in Oakland during the late 1990’s-early 2000’s. The book mainly focuses on the life story of Billy Beane and the Oakland A’s team, rather than what was going on outside of the baseball world. The reader does not get any information on what life was like during these times, which was fine to leave out in my opinion.
      7.) As a baseball fan, this book was worth reading. I enjoy reading statistics, which this book has a lot of. I enjoy reading about former championship teams and reading about former success stories in sports, which this book provides. Although, if I weren’t a baseball fan, this book would have no appeal to me.
      For my summer reading choice book this year, I chose a book I was very familiar with, which is Moneyball, by Michael Lewis. Moneyball is a non-fiction book regarding sports, and managing a baseball roster. The theme that stood out for me, and is talked about in a large portion of the book, is how to get the best out of what you have.
      Baseball has always been one of my favorite sports ever since I was a toddler, but at that age, it’s hard to understand advanced statistics and analytics about the game. Now entering my junior year in high school, I have a higher knowledge of the sport, making this book an appealing choice. Moneyball describes how to win the “unfair” game of baseball, but with a specific viewpoint. The Oakland Athletics are a small market baseball team, and are competing with three other teams in their own state. With a smaller budget and a less attractive roster, players were inclined to opt for a better opportunity with another team. This made it hard for the A’s to acquire new talent via trades/free agency, so the team had to look for the best production at an affordable price.
      While I already knew how things panned out for the most part, I was still fascinated by how effective that the GM, Billy Beane, was able to surround his team with enough talent to hang with the best teams in the league. After losing several top players to other teams, the A’s were still able to improve, which reminded me why sports can be so enjoying. Even when a team may look like they are in a bad position, there’s always a way to get back on track, and this is a perfect example of making the best out of what you have.
      Since this is a non-fiction book, I found it hard to love/hate any characters. I will say however that I am a fan of Beane, due to his ability to find hidden talent and more importantly, make sure everyone gels and works together. Moneyball was written in 2004, two years after the 2002 MLB season, which is mainly talked about in the book. The strategy used and talked about in the story inspired other general managers around the league to follow Beane’s tactics, or to develop their own. Fast forward a decade, and now other small market teams are thriving, showing that a large budget is not as great of an asset as it once was.
      If you are a fan of baseball or sports in general, Moneyball is worth giving a read. If you are more of a casual fan who typically only enjoys the game itself being played, this might not be the right book as it is not action packed. Moneyball is more of a behind the scenes of all the work leading up to the season, and what takes place throughout.

    • Reading List 9-12 Suggested Lo
      Lockhart, E
      We were liars
      1. I chose to read ‘We Were Liars’ by E. Lockhart.
      2. We Were Liars is a young adult fiction novel.
      3. A prevailing theme in the book was the concept of power. The Sinclair family, which the novel revolves around, is a wealthy family that annually summers on their private Beechwood Island. Though relationships are not nearly their strong suit, the Sinclairs cling onto the wealth and status that they maintain. Their cold hearts are evidently shielding their lust for power and competition amongst themselves to be the favorite child that will one day inherit the family fortune.
      4. I was intrigued in the life of main character and narrator, Cadence Sinclair through the entire book. There were no portions or instances where I found myself bored by the storyline because the narration always left some aspect of the plot to the imagination, engaging readers. I enjoyed how the The book had a major twist at the end which was initially hard to conceptualize until retracing the significant events throughout the book.
      5. I both resented and envied narrator Cadence as she enjoyed her care free summers on the island. Though she suffered from severe memory loss after an accident that is later detailed in the book, Cadence got to spend her days surrounded by loved ones isolated from the hustle and bustle of her normal life. However, she was aware of the wealth her family and the status they held in society and took everything for granted. Cadence never focused on the fortune she was born into but rather trivial possessions that she lacked. This ignorance is what proved the most bothersome about Cadence.
      6. Lockhart wrote We Were Liars in her home in New York City and published it in the fall of 2014. This book uses modern terminology linked with references to the past which demonstrates Lockhart’s place in current society while still acknowledging her predecessors. Cadence Sinclair escapes her hustle and bustle, which may be similar to Lockhart’s life in the Big Apple, to her summer home on an island in Massachusetts- where Lockhart grew up. As the book was written in recent history, topics such as drug use, divorce, and sex are brought up due to the fact that they are common buzzwords in todays society. The manipulation of these subjects makes the context of the novel more relatable and more human which allows Lockhart to immerse her readers.
      7. The book utilizes a romance as well as the element of suspense to engage modern readers. Lockhart crafted the structure of the novel so masterfully that the twist at the end seems palpable throughout the entirety of the book. Lockhart integrates quotes and passages from impressive historical references which boosts her credibility as an author, but in a tasteful manner that is subtle enough for readers to appreciate. We Were Liars is easily worth the read for the mere stylistic choices of author E. Lockhart, never mind the astonishing plot twist that will keep readers clinging for more.

    • Reading List 7th & 8th grade
      Lu, Marie
      1.) Legend by Marie Lu
      2.) Science Fiction
      3.) You have to be careful who you trust, because many people in the series ends up backstabbing the others who trust them.
      4.) I enjoyed the series very much.
      5.) I liked Days personality, he had a good sense of humor for the situations he was facing. I hated Commander Jameson, she was just an all around terrible person with no regard for human life.
      6.) The book was written when the polar ice caps melted and the world was flooded, it takes place in western US. The book reflects the time period and place very well because it provides sufficient background information of how the situation came to be.
      7.) This book is worth reading. It is a great series with a lot of plot twistsand is an exciting read.

    • PAPERBACK Nonfiction Lu
      Luttrell, Marcus

      1) I read  the novel Lone Survivor By; Marcus Luttrell
      2) The genre is non-fiction
      3) The overarching theme of the novel is “For those you love, you will sacrifice”. Despite the soldiers knowledge of being out numbered, they carry on their fight to save each other an complete their mission as a whole.
      4) Since I am from a family with strong military blood, reading a book that has to do with the courageousness and selflessness of those defending our country allowed me to view  a whole new perspective and appreciate deeper.
      5) The only character that I didn’t like was of course the enemy, Ahmad Shah, the terrorist who was the ultimate reason the SEAL team entered the mountains.
      6)The first half of the novel is about the authors life in Texas as a kid, exposing the harshness of country life and his desire to become a Navy Seal. It progresses into BUD/S (Navy Seal training), and then to the development of their team and mission ; Operation Redwing. The mission took place on June 27, 2005 , and was put in place to kill Ahmad Shah, a terrorist and associate of Osama Bin Laden.
      7) Yes, I think that if this book was a mandatory read for a High Schooler, they would undoubtably  enjoy reading it.
      1) Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell
      2) This is a non-fiction account of Marcus Luttrell and the events of his deployment to Afghanistan.
      3) This book is a demonstration of perseverance in the face of adversity.  Luttrell was put in a situation that should not have allowed him to live.  Despite the rest of SEAL Team 10 unfortunately failing to survive their mission, Luttrell was able to stay alive while rescue missions failed, and he eventually would return home.
      4) At first, I was shocked by the content of the book.  Like other people, I found it to be a bit horrific and somewhat improbable.  But after careful consideration, it can only be described as admirable.  This book and its contents are praiseworthy, and describing the series of events that took place anything but an outstanding example of true heroism would be a disservice to Marcus Luttrell.
      5) I had a particular admiration, obviously, for Marcus Luttrell.  The true strength he showed when he was faced with his horrible situation was remarkable.  Luttrell is a true American hero, even for just surviving, he is the essence of what American strength represents.  His astonishing character in the face of a hopeless situation is truly refreshing.
      6) The book was published in 2007, only a few years after the events take place.  It’s modern release and eventual adaptation into a film make the story feel more real.  The nature of humans is to forget over time, but this book and its author’s connection to the events can be tangibly seen in the writing.
      7) Absolutely.  American heroism is inspiring.  Anybody who wants to see a prime example of a hero who is able to overcome all odds should read this book.  Anybody can enjoy this book because of the nature of stories like it; heroism appeals to us all.
      1. I chose to read the book Lone Survivor.
      2. The book’s genre is non-fiction.
      3.  A common theme that stood out for me in the book Lone Survivor was braveness.
      4.  My initial reaction to the book was that I was shocked. I was blown away with the bravery of these American heroes in the book. Lone Survivor is a story about how six men traveled into Islamic radical countries to get information about terrorists. Once they are there, they are found by these terrorists. They are forced to fight all of these men and they are clearly out numbered. These men try to call for back up, but their phones do not end up working way out in these Islamic countries. Another reaction I had was that I have nothing but respect for the troops. These men did so many things that I could never do. They survived in the woods for weeks and did many tasks that I could never do.
      5.  I loved Marcus Luttrell through out the entire book. Marcus, who is the author of the book, is also the main character. He tells the entire story about how he and his team go over to these countries and fight for our country. He describes everything in depth and detail of what they do and how they do it. A little bit of a spoiler here, but Marcus was the last survivor from his team of six. His five friends died all in this foreign country. These men, were all great men who served our country and fought for our freedom. Marcus describes what it was like growing up for him, life at home, his training for the navy seals, life in these foreign countries, with these men and without these men. It truly is a tragic story and I loved every second of this book.
      6. This book was written in 2007 in the United States. This book reflects the time and place it was written because 2007 in the United States we as a country, were at war with all of this Islamic countries and trying to get information about these terrorists. Reading this book made me realize what these troops really go through and made me realize I could never do it.  2007 these countries all hated the United States and what we had to do was go into these countries and get rid of these terrorists killing our people.
      7. This book is absolutely worth reading. You get to hear about what the troops do and this bone chilling story is unmatched. I loved every second of it. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to hear about the United States navy and military.
      1. Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell with Patrick Robinson
      4.It’s amazing to see what really happens to our soldiers
      5.I loved Marcus Luttrell the whole book, he was brave, strong and crazy.
      6.It was published on June 12, 2007. These incidents happened in 2005.
      7. It was worth it completely. I’ve seen the movie, but the book was just that much better,
      1.) Lone Survivor
      2.) Non-fiction
      3.) The theme that stood out to me the most was survival. The whole book was about survival and the willingness to continue.
      4.) I found the book very sad, it definitely got to me at some points. Also I felt a kind of happiness, not happy but the bravery and courage those men had I just had a feeling of wow and how they did that.
      5.) I enjoyed all the characters in the book, Marcus was my favorite. He was the leader, though he did not lead his men to safety he showed courage and heroism throughout the whole book.
      6.) It was published June 12, 2007. It was written here in the USA. It does reflect the time it was placed in, during war time in Afghanistan.
      7.) It is definitely worth reading. I liked this book a lot, I personally like action books quite like this one. It had me reading all the time and kept me engaged.
      1.) The book that I chose was Lone Survivor, written by Marcus Luttrell and Patrick Robinson.
      2.) The book’s genre is non-fiction.
      3.) Two themes that stood out to me while reading this book were bravery and sacrifice. Each member  of SEAL Team 10 was willing to give up everything to ensure that their brothers would make it home safe. Never once do they give up on each other, allowing readers to see that through the whole process, none of them were fighting for themselves.
      4.) For me personally, this has been one of my favorite books. I am one who loves action and constant wondering. While reading this book, it kept me interested because you never knew what was going to happen next. You realize how dangerous their jobs are, as well as how compassionate they are about each other. The passion they hold not only for their country, but to make sure each one of them is safe is very inspiring. It makes you realize how lucky we are to have people who are willing to risk their lives for the people back in the United States. In a way, it also gave me motivation that if you set your mind to something with extreme determination, anything can be accomplished.
      5.) One character that stuck out to me was Lt. Murphy. He was one who was never out there for himself. Being the leader of the operation, he was willing to go above and beyond expectations for his brothers. Without thinking twice, he went into a clear line of fire so he could try to get signal for his radio and call for help. He knew that doing this was dangerous, but if it meant bringing his brothers home, it was the right call. He is part of the reason Marcus was able to get out alive. All of the characters each had attributes that allowed for me to see the bravery and honor they held.
      6.) Operation Redwing took place in the Kunar Province of Afghanistan in the year of 2005. Luttrell and Robinson wrote this book, in which it was published in the year of 2007.
      7.) This book was absolutely worth the read. It allows you to see up close how dangerous the U.S. Navy SEALs jobs really are. It shows you the pride they hold within themselves and the passion they have for their country. If you are into books with action and ones that will keep your mind wanting more, this is the book for you.
      I read Lone Survivor, which falls into the genre of non-fiction. A theme that really stood out to me in the book was never leave your brothers behind, even if it is going to risk your life. My personal reaction was I had respect for the soldiers that put their lives on the line everyday and some faced death for their country. I loved Marcus pretty much throughout the whole book, being the last man alive he did what he could to save his fellow soldiers and always cared for them when possible. He stayed alive while fighting off the Taliban alone. This book was published in 2007 after Operation Redwing for the United States Navy Seals. It reflects exactly what happened in this mission. I think this book was worth reading because it gives a good picture of what the soldiers in the United States do for this country.
      I read the book Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell. The books genre is non-fiction. One of the themes that stood out to me in the book was to never give up. If Marcus Luttrell gave up on trying to get back to his station and get help then he would never have made it out alive. Even though he was bleeding everywhere and had multiple wounds he persevered to make it back alive for the rest of his team mates who made sacrifices for him. This book made me laugh and cry. Reading about all the struggles the task force went through really made me think about how men and women fight for our nation everyday to protect us. It truly inspired me to do something productive with my life. I loved Marcus the most. He was funny and was quick on his feet in making decisions for everyone. Also he was very knowledgeable and used his knowledge to help others.  The book is based on the actions and events in Operation Red Wings in 2005 versus the Taliban forces. The story itself took place in the Kunar Province of Afghanistan.  It reflects the time and place by talking about real life events that actually occurred. I highly suggest this book to anyone even if you are not really into military stories. It is a great read and it was very hard to put the book down once I started reading it. I also suggest seeing the movie, but as usual the book was better.
      This summer I read Lone Survivor. This book is a nonfiction story about four men going into war which was way more intense than expected. The book was action packed with a bunch of drama mixed in. I was very surprised by a lot of this book because of all the challenges that these men had to overcome and did. I loved all four of the main characters in this story. They all were very couragous and wise men who did anything they could for their country. This book was written by the man who survived this crazy journey. The other three men who went with him passed away in the war they had to fight. The way he tells this story is very sad and very detailed so you know exactly how he saw and felt about everything that happend when they were there. This book is worth reading. It actually is now my favorite book to this day because of how action packed and  suspenseful it was.
      1. The Lone Survivor
      2. Non-fiction
      3. A theme that stood out to me was honor, sacrifice, and brotherhood
      4. I felt for the brave men that knew they were outnumbered and still fought.
      5. I loved all the characters in particular L.T. Murphy, he ran out of the line of fire to try to get a radio signal to save his three best friends
      6. This book was written in 2007, it takes places in Afghanistan, this reflects the war that was going on with Afghanistan, it was a dark time for the U.S,
      7. Yes this book was worth reading, it was very interesting, a real page turner, it was sad, but I felt a sense of pride in my country

    • FICTION Lyons, CJ
      Lyons, Cj
      I have read a fictional book from the Summer Reading Suggested List, “Broken”, by CJ Lyons. I found the theme of the book to be about Scarlet, a sophomore girl, who struggles in starting her school year, while suffering from an incurable heart disease. When reading this book, I found it to be very deep, twisted and sad. In this story, Scarlet struggles with other students with special needs in going up against bullies. These bullies are considered to be very cruel, but they didn’t stop Scarlet from attending. Scarlet’s stepmom gave me the most surprising reaction throughout the story, in a negative way. The stepmom appeared at first to be a very caring, almost overprotective nurse who tries to do what is best for her step-daughter and other students in need of help. However, at around the last quarter of the story, there comes a plot twist that reveals how Scarlet’s stepmom is actually suffering from Munchausen by proxy, where she gives Scarlet these ED pills while claiming them to be vitamins. These pills actually caused Scarlet to be sick, and create symptoms similar to long QT disease. The stepmom also attempted to poison Mitch, one of the bullies, in an act of revenge against their abusive behavior towards Scarlet. In this story, there was one character I loved and one character I hated; Scarlet and her stepmom, respectively. I loved Scarlet because of how she was someone who had an indomitable spirit, unwilling to allow the bullies to take advantage of her, as well as how she tries to do her part in helping her friends when they needed it. I also liked Scarlet because of how she does everything it takes to stop her stepmom from killing Mitch, despite all of the horrible things Mitch has done to her. I hated the stepmother because of how she turns out to really be a cruel person, in trying to harm Scarlet with pills that made Scarlet sick, as well as devising a sinister plan to poison and kill Mitch, and have one of Scarlet’s friends, Celina, take the blame. This book was written in November 5, 2013; the location and time doesn’t completely relate to the book, but the book was inspired by a teenage girl who suffered from long QT syndrome. Overall, I found this book to really be worth reading, as it was a very intense, twisted and deeply emotional story.

    • Reading List 9-12 Suggested Ma
      Martel, Yann
      Life of Pi : a novel

      1) I chose the book Life of Pi by Yann Martel.
      2) The book’s genre is fiction,  as it is not a true story, but it is a captivating one.
      3) In the novel, a theme that really stood out to me was the determination to survive. Throughout the book, Pi talks about everything he endured, everything he sacrificed, and every action he took and this revealed to me that he possessed the strength to stay alive. All of his decisions were made with deep thought and most were moral, as he thought about what would happen to himself and Richard Parker, the Bengal Tiger he was stranded with. He had to give up his vegetarianism in order to eat and he used his knowledge of tigers to use food to train Richard Parker to do what he wanted.Looking back on the story, I would not have been able to endure all Pi endured and come up on the shore after all that time. This theme made me realize sometimes our further than they seem and because he had the will, Pi was able to survive the journey.
      4) My personal reactions to the book varied at different points in the plot. In the beginning, when it talked about Pi’s home in India and the zoo his dad owned I intrigued by what his life was like and interested in the different, cool ways his family went about their days. Then, when the shipwreck was happening and it seemed like no one was going to make it out alive, I was scared and saddened by the fact that sometimes life can change for the worst in the blink of an eye. When Pi made it out alive but stranded with several zoo animals on a rather small life boat I was on edge and constantly wondering if he was going to make it or not. As he started to adapt and do things with the tiger that would help in their survival I was amazed by him. I was in shock at how cunning he became and how he was able to keep Richard Parker and himself fed and hydrated until they reached shore. Towards the end, when the interviewers talking to Pi didn’t believe his story I was almost offended in behalf of Pi because of all that he went through only for someone to tell him it couldn’t have happened.
      5)I particularly loved Richard Parker, the tiger. I found an interest in him because he was such an animal of power and still managed to almost comprehend the situation and do what he could to survive. He knew he was stranded and even tried to attack Pi at first, but then after some time did what Pi told him to do in order to get food. It interested me that an animal with such high capabilities was able to restrain himself and adapt to the situation. I was not a fan of the meerkat island part of the book because it seemed like it was more “fake” than the rest of the plot. Even though most of this could never happen in real life, the fact that the island ate people at night struck me as really pretend and fairy tale-like in the middle of a plot with different events regarding survival.
      6) This book was written in the summer of 1977 and took place in several different locations. At first, the characters lived in Pondicherry, India and owned a zoo there as well. Then, when Pi’s family decides to move from India to Canada, it takes place on the Pacific Ocean where their ship was set to travel. However, their ship sank and Pi ended up drifting in a lifeboat all the way across the Pacific until he washed up on a shore in Mexico. When Pi was found, the book talks about him in a hospital in Mexico, having never made it to Canada. The book reflects the time in which it was set because the reason why Pi’s family wanted to move out of Pondicherry was because of change in government policies. At this time in real history, India was going through governmental distress with harsh administrations. Also, people living in India share the same customs as described in the novel, whether it be dancing or religion or family matters. Additionally, the Pacific Ocean was reflected as its dangers were described as obstacles in Pi’s journey. One part of the book described an encounter with a whale and other encounters with dangerous weather out at sea. This is very much a part of real life because the ocean can be extremely dangerous and huge compared to most things on a human scale.
      7) This book is definitely worth reading. I say this because, after reading this book, it makes you take a step back and look at your life. It makes you reassess what’s important and whether or not you have the morals and strength to make it through an extremely hard time. It makes you thankful for all the blessings you are given day to day and it makes you realize that you should believe in the unbelievable.
      1) Life of Pi
      2) Fiction
      3) A theme that stood out to me was the amount of struggle a person will go through in order to survive.
      4) I was inspired by the strength of Pi and all he does in order to survive.  Although there were many struggles, he had the will to overcome.
      5) I developed a strong liking towards the Character Pi. This is because he was willing to make sacrifices such as giving up on being a vegetarian in order to provide fish for survival.
      6) This book was written in Canada in 2001.  Since this book was written in the 2000’s it has a more modern theme to it.
      7) This book is worth reading because of its creativity and structure. It never has a dull moment and keeps you guessing.

    • Reading List 9-12 Suggested Ma
      Martin, George R R
      A game of thrones
      1. I chose Game of Thrones, by George R.R. Martin.
      2. The book is in the fantasy genre
      3. The major theme that stood out is betrayal.
      4. I thought the book was amazing. I got into this series by watching the show on HBO, but the books went so much more in depth into some aspects and were able to get so much more information across without having to leave anything out to make it fit into one episode.
      5. This is interesting, because I loved Peter Bailish when Catlyn first arrived at King’s Landing, but upon his betrayal of Ned, I lost my love for him instantly.
      6. The book was first published in 1996 in the USA. The book is not set in any specific time period, but it appears to be a spin-off of the dark ages had magic been real.
      7. Yes, the book is worth reading, especially if you are waiting for the next season of Game of Thrones to come out. The book covers so many different plots, but manages to weave them together throughout the book in subtle, but meaningful ways.

    • Reading List 9-12 Suggested Ma
      Martinez, Pedro

      I chose Pedro by Pedro Martinez

      The genre is a sports memoir.

      The theme that stood out to me was to never give up at the beginning of the book Pedro shows the side of him of anger and giving up, just to show he overcame it.

      My personal reaction to the book was my amazement. I had always loved Pedro and seeing this side of him and seeing his life before and what it was like is really cool.

      I loved Pedro because he shows me hope and I always liked him when he was on the Red Sox.

      This book was written in Boston after he had retired. It helps out the book because he spent most of his career in Boston and he explains how it was then and how it is now.

      Yes if you love the Red Sox then you would absolutely love this book just like I did.

      One book a read over the summer was Pedro, the autobiography written by Major League Baseball Hall of Fame pitcher, Pedro Martinez. With the help of Boston Herald writer Michael Silverman, Pedro chronicled his rise to glory in the majors, as he dealt with critics and obstacles through his journey, mainly concerning with his body structure and fiery attitude. As a big follower of the Boston Red Sox, I was impressed by the blunt honesty of Pedro. He realizes that he made enemies during his playing years, and he doesn’t regret it at all. Not to mention, he has no worries of reliving his greatness when he dominated a hitter-friendly league. Non-baseball fans may quite not fully enjoy this autobiography, but I guarantee that baseball fans will never put the book down.

    • Reading List 9-12 Suggested Mc
      Mcnamee, Graham
      1. I chose the book Acceleration by Graham McNamee
      2. The genre of this novel is young adult fiction
      3. A theme that occurred throughout the book is if you believe in yourself, then you can achieve anything. This was visible when Duncan took the diary and decided not to turn it into the police so that he would be the one who took out the serial killer.
      4. I particularly liked this book as it entailed a little bit of mystery, a little bit of thrill and some action which are three of my favorite parts of any book. Plus, the final scene in the book was awesome so that added to my positive reaction to the book.
      5. I really liked the character Duncan because he was someone who had got into a life crime prior to the books setting, and he realized the wrong he did and changed based on those wrongs. He changed in a big way and made sure that he would be the one who would stop a killer. So, he went from the one who did all the crime, to the one who was stopping the crime.
      6. The book was written in 2003, in Toronto. The book reflects the time in which it was written because at one point when researching, the characters had gone to the library and had got information from books and not always from the computer. They were not relying on computers to find all of their information.
      7. This book is totally worth reading because it has a lot of mystery, thriller, and some action points, which makes for some entertaining reading. Also, the book was a fast read which is a plus for the book.

    • Reading List 9-12 Suggested Me
      Meadows, Jodi
      The orphan queen
      The book that I chose was The Orphan Queen. This was a fantasy book that had themes about leadership and who has the right to lead countries and rebellions. It took place in a fictional world that was similar to the middle ages of Europe. This is shown throughout the book as the main character Will, a princess of a country conquered by a growing empire, infiltrates the high society in order to try and take back her kingdom. I found that I disliked the character Patrick who was a leader of a group of rebels that Will, was also a part of. As the story progressed he seemed to become more and more like antagonist even though he was never really against Will. He became a character that would do anything in order to achieve his goals, even if it meant putting other’s lives in danger. This book is definitely one worth reading as it introduces to the reader to a world where magic is forbidden and a thieving former princess fights to help her fallen country.

    • PAPERBACK Fiction Mo
      Morgenstern, Erin
      The night circus : a novel
      Review: I chose to read a fantasy book called “The Night Circus” by Erin Morgenstern. The theme of this book is that love and sacrifice go hand in hand. The back of the book says that it’s a love story (which almost made me not want to read it since I don’t usually read love stories) but the whole romance part comes in towards the end rather than throughout the book. I was also mesmerized by the entire aspect of the magic and the characters’ interaction with both other circus members and the circus itself.
      I loved almost all of the main characters. My favorites were the beautiful, gown-changing illusionist–Celia Bowen, and the quiet, bowler hat-wearing assistant–Marco Alisdair. They both had to endure tough yet different methods of teaching since they were young so they could compete in a terrifying and magically game of strength and skill.
      The book spans about thirty years, starting from the 1870s to the early 1900s. Some of the story stays in London while other parts are all over the world, traveling and keeping up with the circus. With fancy gowns, modest hats, and elegant parties, you can tell the story is set in the late 1800s.
      I recommend this book wholeheartedly. If you don’t like romance books, don’t worry! It’s a sweet one and it doesn’t take up the whole story. If you don’t like fantasy books with knights slaying dragons and predictability at its finest, don’t worry! There are twists and turns that you wouldn’t expect from a book about a circus. But be warned, you will fall in love with characters that will end up smashing your heart into pieces. But, hey, it’s worth the brilliant story.

    • PAPERBACK Fiction Mo
      Moyes, Jojo
      Me before you

      1. The book I chose was “Me Before You”.

      2. The genre of “Me Before You” is drama.

      3. The theme that stood out for me in the book was the theme of quality over quantity of life and the meaning of each person’s life.

      4. My personal reaction to this book was a very good reaction. Most romance books tend to follow a standard story line that can be very repetitive, but “Me Before You” takes that typical story line and puts it on a rollercoaster. It makes you laugh and it definitely makes you cry, but it was never boring.

      5. I would have to say that I loved most if not all of the characters in the book. Some characters, such as Will or his parents, were a bit of a tough pill to swallow in the beginning, but this book does a great job of going through the development of each of the characters so you will fall in love with all of them.

      6. This book was written to take place in present day England. The book reflects this location and time by following many English traditions and locations as well as the traditions of modern-day.

      7. I believe that “Me Before You” is a book worth reading. It is not just your standard love story and it dives deeper into any other issues than just superficial love stuff. It is a believable and you are able to fall in love with each and every character.

      1.) I chose the book Me Before You.

      2.) The Genre of Me Before You is realistic fiction,

      3.) The theme that stood out to me in the book is that everyone has a different definition of love.  To Louisa Clark, love meant loving life and making the best out of bad situations.  Love was going outside and doing things that made you feel scared or excited.  To Louisa, she wanted to love Will by showing him how to love his own life.  She loved Will by making him realize that he needs to live with her.  To Will, love meant being sarcastic and gloomy about things that made other people happy.  Love was accepting life how it was and not fighting to make it change.  Will  loved Louisa by making her realize that she had to live without him.  They both wanted the best for each other and only acted out of good intentions, but their ideas of how you love someone were different.

      4.) This book made me feel a range of different emotions.  I was very happy at some parts because of how genuine and happy some moments were.  However it made me shocked to read the outcome of Will choosing to die.  At first I was angry, because usually the bad ending never actually happens.  However, it later was refreshing to realize that it wasn’t a bad ending, because I learned so much from it.

      5.) I hated Camilla and Steven Traynor, Will’s parents, because I thought they could have done more for him.   They let him get angry after his accident and they never realized how unhappy he was.

      6.) This book was written in today’s society and it is reflected in all of the modern technology in the book.  The characters have phones and ways of transportation like we do in today’s world.  The book was released in the United Kingdom, which is where the setting takes place.

      7.) This book is definitely worth reading because it teaches the reader many life lessons about appreciating what you have and how to sacrifice for what someone else wants.

      1.) The book I chose to read is Me Before You.

      2.) This book is a romance novel.

      3.) A theme that stood out to me is that it doesn’t matter how long you live for, it matters how you chose to live the life that you have.

      4.) I found this book to be very very sad but overall, I enjoyed the story and thought it portrayed a strong message.

      5.) One character I loved was Louisa Clark, one of the main characters. She was Will’s caretaker and make it her goal to make Will enjoy his life and want to live. She did everything in her power to make him happy and I thought that was very admirable.

      6.) The book was written in modern day United Kingdom. The book reflects this because of their accents and some of the things that they did.

      7.) I would definitely say that this book is worth reading. I loved the story, the characters, and everything about it. I think there is a valuable lesson to learn from it and it is also very funny along the way.

      The intention and focus of a romantic novel is to grasp a reader’s attention by triggering strong emotional responses through a relationship between two characters. Me Before You by Jojo Moyes did exactly that through the unexpected love story between Will, a cold hearted disabled man, and Louisa, a vibrant young women that looks for the positive side to every situation. Louisa was a character that particularly interested me due to her individuality that she expressed through speaking her mind and wearing unconventional articles of clothing. At twenty six years old Louisa still wears black and yellow bumblebee tights, her hair in two Princess Leia buns on the top of her head, and bright green, flowery shoes. Due to Louise’s love of fashion, on the exterior she seems like an adult that simply does not want to grow up. However, she is a driven and determined young women that works hard in order to provide for her struggling family. Louisa’s character can teach all ages of readers the importance of hard work and expressing yourself through the things you love. The novel takes place in 2009 in a small English village in which there is a large gap between the rich and the poor. Moyes reflects this division by displaying Will, who owns the largest castle estate in the village as an ungrateful and bitter man, and Louisa, who shares a very small home with her mother, father, grandfather, sister, and nephew as a hardworking and cheerful women. Moyes also incorporates when the book takes place by referencing modern technology such as smartphones, voice controlled computers, and most significantly Will’s high tech wheelchair and adaptable car. Will and Louisa’s right to choose how they live their lives emerges as a core theme throughout the novel. Will tells Louisa that, “You only get one life, It’s actually our duty to live it as fully as possible.” Before Will’s accident he traveled the world doing adventurous things like bungee jumping and climbing mountains, but now that he is disabled he lives his life in solitude. Louisa makes it her mission to help Will find a reason to experience the joys of life once again, but at the same time Will is trying to get Louisa to understand that she is young and has so much more to offer than just being a caregiver. He encourages her to take risks and follow her heart by going to fashion and design school in order to do what she loves. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Me Before You because of the journey the author takes you on as she portrays each situation and obstacle in a very realistic way that allows you to feel every emotion of the characters. I highly recommend this book because it allowed me to see the world through the eyes of a physically disabled person and to better understand the struggles they go through each and every day. It forces me to not see myself as inevitable because something like this could easily happen to anyone in an instant and that’s why it’s important to be thankful for your blessings and not take anything for granted.

    • PAPERBACK Fiction Oc
      Ockler, Sarah
      The book of broken hearts
      1. The Book of Broken Hearts by Sarah Ockler
      2. Fiction
      3.  It had a theme of love and sacrifice for your family
      4. The book made me feel dismal about the fate of the main character and her father, but it had glimpses of hope that made the book real and relatable if you have ever gone through something similar to what the main character and her family went through.
      5. The main character, Jude, had to deal with her father having Alzheimer’s, and I really admired how strong of a character she was. Even though she had some moments of weakness, she always did what was right for her father and she always acted out of love for him.
      6. The book was written by Sarah Ockler in Washington in 2013. It takes place in present times, but in the south west United States. I think it truly reflects a struggle that is faced by many families in this country and around the world today, which is battles with mental health.
      7. I do think this book is worth reading because it tells  of a raw story of dealing with Alzheimer’s and how that effects not only the victim of it, but also the entire family. It shows the ups and the downs and how, especially, it effects the children of the victim. All of this while dealing with the struggles of growing up and being a teenager truly show a real story that is worth reading.
      1.) The book I chose to read this summer was The Book of Broken Hearts by Sarah Ockler.
      2.) The genre of this book is romance. It also can be considered fiction.
      3.) Out of the many themes in this novel, the theme that stood out to me the most is that you cannot predict what will happen in the future, so it’s important to enjoy each and every day. In this novel, the main character Jude Hernandez struggles with the fact that her father has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.  Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease that destroys memory and other functions.  Seeing her father battle this disease makes her realize that you can’t do anything about the bad things that happen in life, but you can choose how you react to them. After realizing this, Jude lives every day to the fullest because she doesn’t know what might happen in the future. This theme stood out to me the most because it’s advice that I think everyone could use. It tells us to enjoy every day in the life we’re living, because you never know when something unfortunate could happen.
      4.) I had many reactions to this book. One personal reaction I had was feeling happy when Jude’s love interest, Emilio Vargas, proved that he was not a heart breaker like his older brothers. In the past, his older brothers had broken the hearts of Jude’s older sisters; multiple times. Because of this, Jude’s family forbid her from ever getting involved with a Vargas boy.  She went against what her family told her and got involved with Emilio, but was sure not to trust him right away. After he proved that he was nothing like his brothers, I felt happy and relieved for Jude because I assumed that he would break Jude’s heart just like his brothers had done to Jude’s sisters. Another reaction I had was feeling sad and hopeless when Jude’s father, Papi, set the kitchen on fire. He had forgotten that he was cooking due to his illness, and ended up setting the entire kitchen on fire. Luckily, Jude was close by and got there just in time to call the fire department. This shows that Papi’s illness is only getting worse and worse, and is getting to the point where he can’t be alone anymore. It made me sad because I wanted to see him get better, but with Alzheimer’s, that doesn’t usually happen.
      5.) Yes, I did love some of the characters in this book. One character that I loved was Emilio Vargas. I really liked this character because he proved himself to be a really thoughtful, caring, and passionate person. He was hired by Papi to fix up his motorcycle for the summer, and that’s how Jude met him. He was always such a gentleman to Jude, and really cared for her. He didn’t judge Papi when he forgot things from his illness, and would instead help him to remember and try to calm him down. He wasn’t getting paid to look after Papi and Jude, but he did it anyway because he cared. Another character I loved was Jude. I really liked her because she did everything she could to make her dad comfortable in dealing with his disease, and she very frequently put off doing things for herself in order to take care of him. She is such a role model in this novel because she put her family before anything, and never complained about it. She didn’t even let her romance with Emilio get in the way of her family. She always took care of Papi first, and when she knew he was taken care of, then she would hangout with Emilio.  I really admire her values, and what she chooses to put first in her life.
      6.) This book was written in around 2013 in a little town called Blackfeather, Colorado. The book reflects the time in which it was written by showing the modern society in which we live. The author shows this by incorporating the use of cellphones into the book, and bringing up popular topics like Netflix. Since the author included these topics in the book, the readers can tell that it was written very recently where these types of things are widely known and talked about. The book reflects the place in which it was written by describing details about the small town the Hernandez’s live in and what kind of activities are popular there. It’s described as a town where everybody knows each other, and there are many beautiful mountains and lakes up there. At one point in the book, Emilio and Jude actually ride their motorcycle up to one of these beautiful mountains on a date.
      7.) Yes, this book is very much worth reading. It’s worth reading because there’s so many valuable lessons to learn from it, and it portrays such a great story about love and family. One example of a lesson I learned is to always put your family and loved ones first. Another reason is that the author constantly keeps the readers engaged. There was never a point where I was bored, or just wanted to stop reading. The author does a great job of keeping the reader wanting more. I also think it’s worth reading because the Hernandez family came from Argentina, which is a very different culture than we have here in America. It’s very valuable to learn about a different culture, and the author also gives insight on what it’s like coming from Argentina. For example, a meal they ate a lot was called empanadas, which is a food dish that is popular in Latin America.

    • Reviews:
      1.) No Easy Day by Mark Owen
      2.) The book’s genre is nonfiction/autobiography.
      3.) The theme is courage and bravery, felt by all characters in the book. Also the ongoing war on terror that has been going on since 2001.
      4.) I loved the book and I was personally hit hard by tragedy of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 and I was happy that those responsible were brought down. The book was riveting and kept me entertained and I really do enjoy learning about how the events in the last decade, after the attacks and the following war, have shaped the world.
      5.) I loved Mark, seeing his rise from a nubie to the vet of the team. Also his friend Phil was a pleasure to read about just because he seemed like such a cool guy and a real straight shooter. I naturally disliked the epicenter of this whole book, Osama Bin laden, for obvious reasons.
      6.) This book was written throughout the years of the “war on terror” from 2000 until 2011. The book is just reflective of the time that transpires in the book, the war in the Middle East and the areas in the Middle east, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. It’s essentially a time table of the manhunt for Osama Bin Laden and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
      7.) This book is a must read, especially for anyone interested in the world around them and how history has shaped the world today. I loved the book and I think anyone who likes history, the military, or nonfiction books.

    • Reading List 9-12 Suggested Pa
      Paige, D M
      Dorothy must die
      I read the book Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige. The book’s genre would be fiction. One theme that stood out for me in the book was to be assertive no matter what crosses your path. I honestly loved the book. It was a great mix of humor, thrill, and adventure. I loved the main character, Amy Gumm. This is because she is a lot like me, curious and sarcastic. This book was written in modern time and, obviously, takes place in Oz. It exemplifies the time by incorporating modern aspects like technology. It shows the setting of Oz by having the same characters, but changed. This book is definitely worth reading because it is a very funny book, but it also has some great adventures and really makes you feel as though you are going along with the characters!

    • Reading List 9-12 Suggested Pa
      Pausch, Randy
      The last lecture
      1. I chose The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch.
      2. The genre is non-fiction.
      3. A major theme that I saw was following your dreams. Randy had been following his dreams ever since he was a child and nothing held him back. He did nearly everything he ever dreamed of in his long-lived forty-seven years.
      4. I had so many reactions and emotions while reading this book. There were so many ups and downs and happy and sad moments. There were definitely stressful times that would leave me wondering what wad going to happen and how things were going to work out.
      5. I loved Randy and his wife Jai. Randy was battling terminal cancer and was given three months to live. He decided he wanted to spend his remaining time preparing and giving a lecture about living your life to the fullest and sharing lessons with the world. Jai did not approve of this at first because she wanted him to spend his little time left with the family. She finally agreed after Randy had done everything he could to convince her. Their loving relationship and struggles made me fall in love with them.
      6. It was written in 2007 at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It was written and presented at a college where students and people from all over watched the professor share his amazing story. It is a newer book and Randy talks about the cancer research, appointments, results, and treatments that allows you to see the modern technologies that can be used to deal with a cancer patient.
      7. This book is definitely worth reading for everyone. There are great lessons and advice given on all aspects of life. You are given a chance to look at life from a different perspective and learn to cherish everything you have. There are strong messages throughout the book and you really fall in love with the characters.

    • Young Adult Paperback Pearson
      Pearson, Mary
      The adoration of Jenna Fox
      1) The Adoration of Jenna Fox
      2) Fiction
      3) accepting who you are
      4)I couldn’t put the book down
      5)I hated all of the points made by Dane because he is rude to people for no reason
      6) This book was taken place in the future because things they talk about have not been created and it was taken place in Boston and Colorado
      7) Yes I enjoyed reading this book very much because it had a great story line and always kept you on the edge of your seat

    • PAPERBACK Fiction Pi
      Picoult, Jodi
      My sister’s keeper : a novel

      I chose to read “My Sister’s Keeper” by Jodi Picoult, a fictional novel about the family of a young girl diagnosed with leukemia, and her mother’s desperate attempts to save her life. Kate Fitzgerald is diagnosed with acute promyelocytic leukemia when she is only two years old. Sara and Brian Fitzgerald, Kate’s parents, decide to have another child when they learn their son, Jesse, is not a viable bone marrow donor. Using genetic engineering, doctor’s promise their third child will be a match for Kate. When their child, Anna is born, she immediately begins to undergo countless bone marrow transplants to prolong her sister’s life. Twelve years late, Kate (who is miraculously still alive) is told her kidneys are failing. Sara expects Anna to donate one of her own, but Anna instead questions how far her obligations to her sister should extend, and sues her parents for the rights to her own body.

      I was drawn to the book because I was interested in seeing how this ethical and moral dilemma plays out. When a girl refuses to be forced into donating an organ, even though her sister will surely die without it. One theme I found was that there is no clear line between right and wrong. Anna simply wants to live independently from her sister. Because she was born solely to be Kate’s donor, Anna feels as if she doesn’t exist unless it’s in relation to her. Nobody has ever asked for her consent- her family and the doctors just assume she’ll agree. Sara is torn between her two children, and must ask herself is she is really willing to let one of her daughters suffer indefinitely, just so another daughter’s suffering MIGHT end.

      I understand the lengths a mother would go to in order to save her child, but Sara fails to fulfill her role as a mother to her other children because her only motivation is saving Kate. She’s blind to Anna’s unhappiness, and dismissive of her son, Jesse’s, delinquency. Their problems are invalidated and deemed less important in relation to Kate’s cancer. I dislike Sara when she calls Anna’s request for medical emancipation a selfish cry for attention, and tries to pressure her into dropping the lawsuit. Sara never thinks to talk to her children. If she did, she would have realized earlier that Anna was unhappy, and would have know that Kate didn’t wish to continue her cancer treatment anyway.

      Unfortunately, an ending can either make or break a novel. I think “My Sister’s Keeper” is a book worth reading because it contains ethical questions worth considering, but these questions are never really answered. I have a feeling that the author didn’t know how to answer them herself. She thought killing Anna in a car accident, after she was successfully granted medical emancipation, was easier than letting Anna decide whether or not to donate her kidney to Kate regardless of the legal outcome. But although I was disappointed by the ending, I would still recommend “My Sister’s Keeper” to other readers.

      The book I chose was “My Sister’s Keeper” by Jodi Picoult, which is a fiction novel set in modern times.  The story is centered around a family, the Fitzgerald’s. Sara  is the mother, Brian is the father, Jesse is the oldest son, Anna is the youngest daughter, and the middle child, is Kate, who has cancer. Kate’s cancer impacts each of the family members, especially because the family always has to drop what they are doing any instance that Kate is sick. For Anna, her whole purpose of existing is to be an organ donor for Kate. Her parents chose her genetic traits because going through an unrelated donor was dangerous, and her parents weren’t able to help her because they didn’t’ have organ matches to Kate. Now that Anna is thirteen, she wants the right to her own body by being able to deny medical procedures, even if it is for the benefit of saving her sister. Anna hires an attorney, Campbell Alexander to represent her in court against her mother for “medical emancipation,” the right to her own body. The theme that stood out to me in this book is that love is a powerful human emotion that helps guide us in our decision making. The Fitzgerald family loves Kate, and couldn’t stand the idea of losing her without doing everything they could to try and save her life. This is why when Anna wants to stop going through surgeries for Kate, it is hard for the mother to accept because Anna’s organ donations can prolong her life. This book made me sad, but never ceased to surprise me. It was hard to see the challenges the family faced throughout the book. Especially because I have two sisters of my own, I could relate to the relationship between Anna and Kate, and how I know myself I would give anything to make my sisters happy. I hated Sara throughout some points in the book because when Anna was suing her for the rights to her own body, she was too busy being Kate’s mother to even remember she was Anna’s too. I thought she was selfish for getting angry with Anna, and always putting her through invasive surgeries without her say. I thought the mom should have respected Anna’s wishes to have medical emancipation rather than view her lawsuit as silly and selfish.  Sara put Kate first all the time, which is unfair to Jesse and Anna, her two other children. I loved Brian, Anna, Kate, and Jesse’s father in the book. This was because of the way he viewed the world. He always had an interesting way of describing what was going on around him, and he was fair between his kids. He stood up for Anna when she wanted the right to her own body, despite what Sara wanted. This was very brave of him because he managed to have his own opinion in the tough situation even if it differed from his wife’s. This book was written in more modern times, but takes place mainly between 1990-2010. The book switches from flashbacks to present time, but the characters could exist in today’s society. This is reflected through the characters’ speech, and the jobs they have. Brian is a firefighter, Campbell is an attorney, and the daughters love listening to music on their Ipods. Jesse drives around in his car, which wouldn’t have existed in earlier times.  This book is worth reading because I think that many people can relate to the love of a mother or father, and the bond between siblings. I felt like I could put myself in the characters’ shoes and understand the reason for their actions. This book has a surprising ending, and the many touching moments make it worth the read.

    • 794 Pilon
      Pilon, Mary
      The monopolists : obsession, fury, and the scandal behind the world’s favorite board game
      Review: I read The Monopolists by Mary Pilson. It is a non-fiction account of the board game, Monopoly, as well as its predecessors and its history. I recently purchased a digital version of the game and thought it would be nice to know the history of potentially the most well-known board game in existence. I had heard of the cliché rags to riches story of the alleged inventor, Charles Darrow, but I also remembered hearing something about how the original game was meant to discourage capitalistic monopolies – not encourage them.
      In general the book dispels the notion that Monopoly was created by an unemployed man during the depression and explains how game created by a Georgist Feminist in the 1890s was corrupted by the corporate greed Parker Brothers into a game giving no credit to its creator. In perhaps the largest shock of the book, Pilot quotes a letter by Darrow in which he blankly lies about how he created the game. In reality, he had been taught by a neighbor who had learned it from someone else and so on. I was definitely surprised by the sheer amount of legal and political importance attributed to board games and toy companies. Worse yet, I never pictured this industry to exhibit the same qualities as tycoon robber barons that dominated the late 1800s. It is fitting that the Parker Brothers actively created their own monopoly over the concept of the game which used to be owned by several different companies.
      I very much enjoyed reading this book because it focused on the classic game, while at the same time, addressed economic conditions, political perspectives, social influence, the processes of copyrights and patents, and the spread of purposeful misinformation. Anyone that has an interest in the game should really know the history behind it.

    • Reading List 9-12 Suggested Ra
      Rabb, Margo
      Kissing in America
      Review: The book I chose to read this summer was a novel called Kissing in America by Margo Rabb. I for one do not enjoy reading as much as others do, but this book kept me hooked the whole time. I finished this book just under 5 days, it was that good. The theme of heartbreak and what you would do for love made the book that much better. The main character Eva really stood out to me and how much heart break she had gone through. At the beginning of the book you find out Eva, the main characters father had passed away which really changes how you feel about her throughout the story. She surrounds herself with romance novels because her father was the only one who truly loved her. As time goes on in the story she meets Will. Will is the popular guy of the story who falls for the “nerdy girl”. Half way through the story Will moves to California, and Eva must see him. Her and her friend Annie set out on an amazing adventure from the crazy streets of NYC to LA. There Eva finds herself heartbroken once again as Will tells her his feelings have changed. I personally loved this book very much since most teens can relate to Eva’s heartbreak. This book was written in New York City which can explain how detailed the busy streets and subway stations of the city were. I would definitely recommend this book anyone ages 16-18.

    • FICTION Rand
      Rand, Ayn
      Atlas shrugged
      1.) I read the book Atlas Shrugged.
      2.) Atlas Shrugged is Science Fiction/Dystopian Future
      3.) The theme throughout the book is the importance of thought, and knowledge and values will trump the evils of collectivism.
      4.) I remember my father taking me to see the movie when it first came out. I was just going into 5th grade at the time, and I didn’t really understand or appreciate the lessons of the book. This summer, I decided that I should take a second look, and I saw a lot of the philosophy that was backing the book.
      5.) In the book, I absolutely hated the character of Wesley Mouch, who was working as a Lobbyist for Washington (speaking on behalf of politicians). He originally worked for the company Rearden Steel, which was owned by one of the main characters, but throughout the book, he turned on Taggart and Rearden. Mouch has socialist views that involved instituting policies like the Fair Share Law that ruined businesses like Wyatt Oil, Dannager Coal, and Rearden Steel.
      Dagny Taggart was a likeable character who has her flaws, but knows how to handle business very well. Taggart owns “Taggart Transcontinental” which is a railroad company. She teams up with Rearden Steel to build a new railroad line using a revolutionary new composition of steel. The “State Science Institute” condemns the use of the new material in hopes that they can study it and make it for government use, which will cut out Rearden as the middle man. Taggart shows the US that Rearden Steel is safe to use by building a bridge out of it along with a new railroad line. Throughout the story, she tries to find about the mystery man “John Galt” who vowed to stop the motor of the world, by stealing all of the smartest minds. All of the smartest and richest people reside in “Galt’s Gulch” around the middle of Colorado deep in the mountains. Taggart finally arrives in Galt’s Gulch in the third part, but returns in a last attempt to keep the railroad together.
      6.)This book was written in 1957 and reflects the time in the sense of the oil crisis at the time. The underlying capitalist ideas that are pointed at in the book reflects the Marxist and Socialist “evils” of the Soviet Union that had been growing for the years before the book was written.
      7.) It is not a beach read or an enjoyment read, but it is interesting read to experience. The book is fine, but I would advise to skip the long winded rants that Rand sometimes trails off with.

    • FICTION Rand
      Rand, Ayn
      I choose to read the book Anthem by Ayn Rand. The book’s genre would be science fiction. A theme that definitely stood out in this book is that while the community is important, we can’t devalue the importance of a single person and their pursuit for what they believe in. Thus book sparked some reactions from me that I did not expect, as I felt strong for myself as an individual after reading this book. With equality 7-2521 fighting against the norms of their society, I grew to love and root for him and his cause. This book was written in the early 1900s in Russia. The book it taken in a dystopian future so it does not really reflect the time and place it was written. Although the similarities between the time in Anthem and Russia can be made. Yes this is a great book and worth reading.

    • Children’s Paperback Rawls
      Rawls, Wilson
      Summer of the monkeys
      1.) Summer of the Monkeys by Wilson Rawls
      2.) The book’s genre is Children’s literature/fiction.
      3.) The theme of this book was never giving up on what means the most to you because the main character, Jay Berry, never gave up and never let the monkeys win despite his many failed attempts at catching them. He was very determined and never lost sight of what he wanted.
      4.) I personally really enjoyed Summer of the Monkeys. I feel that it sends a good message to the reader and is an extremely creative concept. The story itself was well written, captivating, and entertaining.
      5.) I loved basically all of the characters throughout the story, especially Jay Berry. I just loved the fire and determination he had to catch the monkeys. At some points in the book I did get extremely frustrated with the monkeys. Such as when they fooled Jay Berry into getting intoxicated so he wouldn’t be able to catch them.
      6.) The book was written in the late 1800s in Oklahoma’s Cherokee Ozarks. This reflects on the story by the way the characters communicated and their vocabulary. The setting and the character’s is important and reflects on the story because the point of the monkeys being in that location is because they are supposed to be stranded in a location they generally wouldn’t be in, but it would also have to make sensefor them being able to survive, so Oklahoma’s Cherokee Ozarks were the perfect setting for the story.
      7.) Yes, this book is worth reading. I feel this way because I personally am not a big fan of reading. I find it hard to focus and truly care about what is going on in the story, but with this book, I simply could not put it down. Summer of the Monkeys draws you in and makes you experience the emotions of the characters themselves. If Jay Berry (The main character) was frustrated, you would also be frustrated. If he was sad, you would be sad too, and that is why I think this book is worth reading.

    • Young Adult Fiction Reynolds
      Reynolds, Jason
      All American boys
      Review: I chose the book All American Boys by Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely. The book is realistic fiction. A theme that really stood out in this book is the battle between a personal relationship with someone, and what is right or wrong. The book covers topics that are ever so present in our world today so it would really make me think and gave me a little insight into what these police brutality situations are really like. Answering the next question honestly, I really couldn’t pick any characters that I truly loved or hated. One could say that the main antagonist would be the police officer or his brother, which was Quinn’s friend. But I can’t hate them because this book was able to show the readers that these characters were human as well, meaning that I could see that they were both just scared individuals, one who just thought he was doing his job, and the other who just wanted to protect his brother from harm. Of course I liked all of the main protagonists such as Rashad as he would somehow manage to not hate the police force after his situation occurred. This book is set in the present in an urban community. America has had recent issues with police brutality and the book revolves around that issue so it is fairly accurate for the time. I’d say that this book is completely worth reading because, although it is a very well written and is enjoyable even though it covers a harsh subject matter, it is that subject matter that I think will lead to conversations which is an incredible task for a book so I would definitely recommend it.

    • 371.782 Roig-DeBellis
      Roig Debellis, Kaitlin
      Choosing hope : moving forward from life’s darkest hours
      Review: For my choice book I picked Choosing Hope. It is a nonfiction book. The theme that stood out to me in this book was bravery because it was about the Sandy Hook shooting and how the teacher took control and saved all 26 children. While I was reading the book I would get upset at many parts because it was something so true and and scary. There were no charters in the book but the story the teacher told showed her role as a hero. I believe this book is definitely worth reading because it is such a true story and shows how brave on can be to go to the extent of risking their own life for the life of others.

    • Reading List 9-12 Suggested Ro
      Roskos, Evan
      Dr. Bird’s advice for sad poets
      1) Dr. Bird’s Advice for Sad Poets
      2) Fiction
      3) A theme that stood out to me was that everyone has a story to tell and different problems they deal with.
      4) I teared up at some parts and laughed at some parts. There were many different reactions.
      5) I hated James’s(the main character) father because he was abusive to him and he kicked his sister out of the house.
      6) This book was written recently in 2013 for no particular reason. The book seems like it takes place around that year because everything is up to date technology wise.
      7) I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a good book that has funny parts, happy parts, mysterious parts, and sad parts.

    • Reading List 9-12 Suggested Ro
      Rosoff, Meg
      There is no dog
      1. The book I choose was titled “There Is No Dog” by Meg Rosoff.

      2. The genre of this book was fiction. More specifically, it is a fantasy novel.

      3. The overarching theme of “There Is No Dog” is that the universe is random yet at the same time ordered and organized. The main character of the novel, Bob, or as humans refer to him as, God, created earth and all its inhabitants, however he did so hastily in 6 days simply due to poor planning which leads to plethora of issues. He is only 19 years old in “God Years”, so throughout the novel it becomes quite clear that all the events around the world are not exactly planned and thought out. In fact, according to this book, all of life’s outcomes are a result of Bob’s behaviors and feelings at the time. It is as though life itself is uncontrollable.

      4. Personally, I found this book to be very strange and peculiar, however, in a slight controversial manner, the story challenged the orthodox and traditional beliefs of religion, especially Christianity. Regardless, I found this book to be a bit unorganized at times and felt as though there was a lack of plot. No events or characters from the novel really stood out for me, even the main character, Bob, who had little to no true characterization.

      5. There were a surprising amount of characters within the story and some of them had more notable roles than others. The Eck, who was Bob’s fictional penguin-like creature and creation, became one of my favorite characters throughout the course of the novel. He seemed to be one of the few individuals that embodied innocence and loyalty. For instance, whenever Bob seemed upset or stressed over any situation, particularly involving his love life, Eck would always comfort Bob and remain right by his side. Another likeable and overall good natured character would be Bob’s assistant, Mr. B. It was obvious between Bob and him, Mr. B was the more mature one. In fact, it’s easy to say that he would be a better God than Bob could ever be. Mr. B always seems to handle every situation with care and diligence, and without him, Earth would most certainly crumble under the sole rule of Bob. Finally, the main character, Bob or God, was honestly my most hated character throughout the duration of the book. He seemed to be more of an antagonist than a protagonist because he lacked any bit of compassion or love for anyone but himself and his girlfriend. In addition, his utter desire for his girl, Lucy, leaves the world with massive earthquakes, floods, hurricanes and many other natural disasters, yet he could care less. Bob was certainly a character I did not root for. These few persona’s from “There Is No Dog” were most memorable.

      6. The book is suppose to take place in the present day, however, its location is rather uncertain. At times, Bob and the rest of the characters seem to be on Earth. During other situations, like “underground” poker games, the location is vague as there are rather supernatural events that take place. For example, Bob’s mother, Mona, visits a man named Mr. Emoto Hed who is clearly not human, which also begs the question of where his place really is. For the most part, be it at the Central Park Zoo or in the streets of Louisiana, the story mainly occurs on Earth. The time the book is written in and the location also allows the reader to really personify Bob/God and truly put themselves in his place. Essentially, Bob is a teenager living in the present day, just like much of the audience.

      7. I do not feel this book is worth reading. Though it’s an interesting subject and humorous at times, the story itself was not very enjoyable or beneficial. There was no true lessons or morals obtained from reading this book other than that God doesn’t care about you. Nevertheless, this book questions tradition and previously held beliefs which many novels lack. If the story had more solidity and action to it, perhaps it would be a worthwhile read.

    • Reading List 9-12 Suggested Ro
      Roth, Veronica

        I read Divergent written by Veronica Roth, which is a science fiction novel. The theme that came through the most to me was it is always okay to be different. I adored the book and thought it was a amazing read. It kept me on edge and to keep reading it! I loved the lead character Tris, and found her so interesting with all her actions. I also took a liking to Four because of his original mysterious nature. I loved the whole dystopian future view on the world. The novel took place in the far future in Chicago. Throughout just reading the first chapter, I could tell that it was not in the past or present time, and it gave an interesting point of view on the book. The novel Divergent is most defiantly a book worth reading, because of it’s fascinating nature and action packed story.
      1)I read Divergent by Veronica Roth.

      2)The genre of Divergent is dystopian.

      3)The theme of being true to oneself stands out throughout the novel. The main character Tris struggles at first to accept that she doesn’t fit the mold of one of the five faction. However she grows to understand why she is different and embrace the fact that she is.

      4) It was a stressful read. The characters became people I had concern for, and with the suspenseful plot line I was always nervous of what would happen to them.

      5)I love the character Four. He helped Tris to adapt to her new faction, and helped her survive. While doing this, he never saw her as weak. He never helped her out of pity.  Four knew Tris was capable of anything, and would push her to try even more.

      6)The story takes place in Chicago in the future. It is unclear how far in the future it is set, however it refers to a past where there was a terrible war that nearly destroyed all of civilization and all was left was the people in Chicago. The faction system was designed to prevent war which nearly destroyed all of civilization.

      7)This book is worth reading. It has an action filled plot line, without it being too much. The characters seem like people you really know by the end of the story. There is also a great deal of suspense to keep the story engaging. Also, it is a part of a trilogy so there are two more books like it to keep reading.

      1.) I chose Divergent, by Veronica Roth.

      2.) Sci-Fi is the genre of Divergent.

      3.) The theme of the book that stood up for me was individuality and not being afraid of who you are. In the story, Tris had to make an immense decision for her future – which faction would she benefit society best in? Despite her whole family relying on her to pick their home faction that is the kind and gentle Abnegation, she went with her heart and chose the daring and brave Dauntless. From this experience she learns she is different from others, being called a rare Divergent, but accepts it and fights for her life despite the rest of society hunting her and her loved ones.

      4.) My personal reaction to the book was that it was my favorite book. I personally think this is a better series than The Hunger Games, but that’s because I’m a strong reader and I think this is more realistic and I think this story was portrayed better than the story in The Hunger Games. I recommend this book to anyone and I strongly recommend reading the whole series, which I did after I began to be obsessed with the first one.

      5.) I didn’t particularly hate any characters but I did love the character of Four. I think his bravery went beyond words and his love for Tris does the same. He puts his life in harm every day for the sake of his faction and for her. He desires to not let the faction system define him, proving his Divergent side that shows him to be similar to Tris, and wants to be more than one thing.

      6.) This book was written not in a specific year but was supposed to take place after a brutal war that only left a hand-full of humanity left. These people were put in an abandoned city, Chicago, to live out and test the faction system. The setting of the story is vital to the plot and effects Tris’ journey to save the city she loves and her own kind, Divergents.

      7.) This book is DEFINITELY worth reading. It’s inspiring, shocking, and incredibly exciting. I don’t think Veronica Roth could’ve done a better job writing it. Each and every character has a personality of their own and in a way they twist together and make a perfect blend of strength and sweetness. The story is a major page-turner, and I strongly recommend reading it.

    • Young Adult Fiction Roth
      Roth, Veronica
      I chose Allegiant by Veronica Roth. It is the third book of the Divergent series. Its genre is dystopian/science fiction. The theme that stood out in the book is making sacrifices for the ones we love — sometimes a sacrifice demands for great measures, but if it’s for someone we love, it’s justified. I did not expect the ending of the book. Since Tris was the main character I wouldn’t predict that she would eventually die. Also, I thought that this book was the most boring out of the three and I found it hard to continue reading. I hated the beginning and ending of the book. This is because in the beginning I thought the book was slow and uneventful. For the end, I found it uninteresting to read about what Tobias did after Tris died — since Tris was my favorite character. This book takes place in present day United States, around the Chicago area. In this book there are “experimental areas”. These areas are where things become a dystopian world. Outside of these areas, life is just as normal as present day. Due to this, it’s too hard to reflect on the plot. Overall, this book is definitely worth reading. While this book definitely is very slow to get going, it is worth reading to see what will happen to the main characters and the future of the Chicago experiment.

    • Young Adult Fiction Rowell
      Rowell, Rainbow
      Eleanor & Park
      1.) The book I chose to read was Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
      2.) The genre of this book is fantasy literature.
      3.) The theme in this book that stood out to me was having courage and bravery in challenging situations. Whether it be facing a giant troll or simply flying on a broomstick when you aren’t supposed to, Harry and his friends often use their judgement on when to be brave and do what is right, despite when they are told not to do it.
      4.) My personal reactions during this book were mainly shock, happiness, and frustration. I was shocked at some of the revelations in this book, as well as how a red herring was so believable. I was happy when Harry, Ron, and Hermione were rewarded for their behavior, and frustrated when they decided to do things I knew they’d get in trouble for, or when Professor Snape would punish them for doing nothing wrong.
      5. I particularly loved Harry, Ron, and Hermione for standing up for themselves and using their different skills to conquer challenges. I also loved Dumbledore for having a wise respect and understanding for their actions, as well as Hagrid because he has such a kind personality. I hated Snape for using his powers to punish kids for dong nothing wrong, Draco Malfoy for bullying Harry, Ron, and Hermione, then setting them up, and the Dursleys because of the way they treated Harry his whole life up until Hogwarts.
      6.) This book was written in 1990 in the United Kingdom. This book reflects the time and place it was written because Hogwarts, the fictional school the kids attend, is located in the United Kingdom, and all the real world objects are pretty modern and up to date.
      7.) This book is worth reading because it is pretty well-known, which is why I can’t believe I waited until now to finally read it. Although the spells, names, and potions can get a bit confusing, you eventually catch on and are able to follow along the sequence of events that take place. Finally, it is worth reading because the book is not that predictable, and just when you think you know what will happen, something that is completely opposite does.

    • Children’s Fiction Rowling
      Rowling, J K
      Harry Potter and the deathly hallows
      Review: One book that I read this Summer was “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” by J.K. Rowling. The genre of this book is fiction and a theme that stood out to me is to always trust your instincts no matter what other people tell you. I had many personal reactions to this book. The Harry Potter series is my absolute favorite book series of all time and I enjoyed reading every single one of them as well as watching all of the movies. Since I love the books so much I have very emotional reactions to a lot of the sad parts of book, especially in this book since it’s the final book in the series. Of course I love characters like Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger since they are the main characters that you stick with throughout the books. I also hate Voldemort especially in the last book since he almost succeeds in killing Harry. This book was written in the present and takes place in England and Scotland. Everything in the book is exactly like the world we are familiar with (except for the magic). I think this book is definitely worth reading, as well as all the other Harry Potter books. They are written so well and make you keep wanting more so you can never put them down.

    • Children’s Fiction Rowling
      Rowling, J K
      Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s stone
      1.) The book I chose to read was Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
      2.) The genre of this book is fantasy literature.
      3.) The theme in this book that stood out to me was having courage and bravery in challenging situations. Whether it be facing a giant troll or simply flying on a broomstick when you aren’t supposed to, Harry and his friends often use their judgement on when to be brave and do what is right, despite when they are told not to do it.
      4.) My personal reactions during this book were mainly shock, happiness, and frustration. I was shocked at some of the revelations in this book, as well as how a red herring was so believable. I was happy when Harry, Ron, and Hermione were rewarded for their behavior, and frustrated when they decided to do things I knew they’d get in trouble for, or when Professor Snape would punish them for doing nothing wrong.
      5. I particularly loved Harry, Ron, and Hermione for standing up for themselves and using their different skills to conquer challenges. I also loved Dumbledore for having a wise respect and understanding for their actions, as well as Hagrid because he has such a kind personality. I hated Snape for using his powers to punish kids for dong nothing wrong, Draco Malfoy for bullying Harry, Ron, and Hermione, then setting them up, and the Dursleys because of the way they treated Harry his whole life up until Hogwarts.
      6.) This book was written in 1990 in the United Kingdom. This book reflects the time and place it was written because Hogwarts, the fictional school the kids attend, is located in the United Kingdom, and all the real world objects are pretty modern and up to date.
      7.) This book is worth reading because it is pretty well-known, which is why I can’t believe I waited until now to finally read it. Although the spells, names, and potions can get a bit confusing, you eventually catch on and are able to follow along the sequence of events that take place. Finally, it is worth reading because the book is not that predictable, and just when you think you know what will happen, something that is completely opposite does.

    • FICTION Ryan, J.
      Ryan, Jeanne
      Review: The book I chose was “Nerve” written by Jeanne Ryan. The genre of this book was fiction. The theme that stood out to me in the book is “you shouldn’t feel like you need to be better than your friends to impress people”. My personal reaction about the book was happiness. Vee, the main character, didn’t want to have to rely on her friend Sydney anymore so she stepped completely out of her comfort zone to complete dares from a live stream video that people all around the world were watching. This is something I thought she would never do because she was so quiet and reserved in school, Sydney would control her social life and Vee didn’t know how to handle high school on her own. Once Vee starts to get confident with what she’s doing on the live stream, I start to hate her best friend Sydney. In the beginning of the book, Sydney was the one everyone liked and Vee would just get lost in her shadow. Sydney couldn’t handle someone else stealing her spotlight and stopped being friends with Vee because Vee was doing better at the game than Sydeny was. The book was written in 2012 in New York, New York. The book reflects a lot of problems average teenage kids in high schools go through now or days. Many kids do things to impress the “popular” kids and end up losing their friends. This book is definitely worth reading because I think its a good lesson for all kids to know about. Doing something stupid to impress people to become “popular” is not worth losing friends you’ve had since forever.

    • Reading List 9-12 Suggested Sa
      Sanderson, Derek
      Crossing the line : the outrageous story of a hockey original
      1.) I chose to read Crossing The Line: The Outrageous Story Of A Hockey Original.
      2.) This book is an autobiography.
      3.) The theme of family, friends, and faith can help you get through the toughest times throughout your life, stood out for me in this book.
      4.) Some of the personal reactions I had to this book were when I felt bad that the former hockey player, Derek Sanderson, was broke and living in the streets, struggling severe alcohol and drug addiction and when I felt inspired and happy for him when he picked himself up, and with the help of some friends and family, conquered his addiction and fears.
      5.) I enjoyed the point in the story when Derek Sanderson became a financial investor for pro hockey players to help them manage their money because at a separate points in the story he was the highest paid athlete in the world and eventually ended up broke from putting his money in the hands of his lawyer who bailed on him. I loved this point in the story because Derek Sanderson turned his life around and was working to help young pro hockey players to invest for their futures.
      6.) This book was written in 2012 in Chicago, Illinois and reflects on Derek Sanderson’s life so far, starting in the 40s and mostly 50s and on. The book doesn’t reflect as much on when and where it was written, but it reflects on the time period in which the story takes place in detail. It does this by Derek Sanderson giving a detailed view of his childhood through his adulthood, up until a few years back.
      7.) I would say this book is worth reading for people who like hockey and want to read about a story with many highs and lows.

    • FICTION Sandford, J.
      Sandford, John
      Field of prey
      1. I read the book Field of Prey by John Sandford.
      2. This book is a mystery/thriller.
      3. Throughout the book, perseverance or the refusal to give up stood out as one of the most prominent themes present. As the police search for the killer in this book, it seems as though all of their efforts are futile, however the main character in the book, Detective Davenport never stops searching, refusing to let the killer escape.
      4. Throughout the majority of the book, I found myself very frustrated. The book reveals the killer to the reader but not the police early on, so it was frustrating to see the detectives struggle to find leads when the killer was right under their noses.
      5. I especially admired the character Catrin Mattsson, one of the local police officers in the book. Despite being a female in a job industry dominated by men, she refused to be belittled by men who thought that she could not do her job. Rather, Mattsson was strong and confident, even in the worst of situations.
      6. This book was written around present time in a small town. As a result, the majority of the people in the town know each other quite well, and through both technology and conversation, news in the town travels quite fast.
      7. I really enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend it to others who are interested in reading thrillers or crime novels. However, it is often very gruesome and includes heavy topics, such as rape, so I would only recommend it to those who feel that they can handle it.

    • FICTION Sebold, A.
      Sebold, Alice
      The lovely bones : a novel

      1) The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold

      2) The book is fiction.

      3) The theme that stood out most for me in the book was the different forms of love in a persons life. There was familial love experience by Susie for her family and vice versa, which drove them to want to find answers about her murder. There was also the young, puppy love exhibited between Susie and Ray, both before and after her death. There was also the more complicated love between Susie’s parents, when at one point her mother cheats on her father with the detective in charge of Susie’s case, and eventually leaving the family. However, she eventually returns, and the two begin to repair their relationship.

      4) I thought the book was an interesting mixture of horrifying, compelling, and sweet. The book is about the violent rape and murder of a child, and how that murder affects the people in her life afterwards – but it also focused on relationships between the characters and an overarching theme of treasuring your life while you live it.

      5) I hated George Harvey, which I feel like is a given because he raped and murdered Susie and even though he did die at the end of the book, he did technically get away with the murder which infuriated me. I didn’t particularly love any of the characters, except maybe Lindsey, who was also determined to find Susie’s killer like her father, but in a less annoying way.

      6) The book is set in Norristown, Pennsylvania in 1973, and then onward from there. I think this time period and place really set the stage for how horrified people were by the murder of Susie, since while children were obviously murdered in the 1970’s, it wasn’t as well publicized or prevalent as it seems to be now, and the small town setting sealed the deal for having the community be rocked by her disappearance and murder.

      7) I think this book is worth reading. I found it compelling and bittersweet, and it took an ugly topic and still managed to somehow carve something almost wholesome out of it. Being murdered and narrating the lives of your loved ones from heaven isn’t a common experience, obviously, but the way the characters are written and how they interact with one another draws you into the book. It was a good read.

      1) The Lovely Bones

      2) Fiction

      3)  The themes that stood  out to me were: family and love are never ending no matter what happens to you.

      4) The book really stayed with me after reading it. Just how Susie’s family never gave up on finding out what happens to her. Also I just think about how Susie was treated and it just makes me feel really horrible for her. Like I could not imagine my last minutes of life happening like that.

      5) Well obviously I hated Mr.Harvey because he committed such a horrible, horrible act on Susie. I also admired Susie’s father for never giving up on finding justice for her. I also hated the description of what happened to Susie because no one should have to go through such a horrific act.

      6) The book took place in a small town in the 1970s. It reflects it because of how everyone acts and the way they dress and stuff.

      7) Yes definitely! Its super well written and I really enjoyed it. Its definitely a page turner.

      1) The Lovely Bones

      2) Fiction

      3) I liked the theme of death tearing a family apart

      4) It was a really sad book

      5) I loved her sister because you could really empathize with her

      6) It’s set in a suburban town in the ’70s. It reflects the ’70s because she talks about how it was before kids were really taught to be weary of strangers and before kids started showing up on milk cartons. People weren’t really teaching their kids not follow someone you don’t know just because they say they know your parents

      7) Yes it was really good. It was an ‘edge of your seat’ kind of book

    • Young Adult Fiction Shusterman
      Shusterman, Neal
      1) Unwind
      2) Science Fiction
      3) Dystopian Future
      4) I found that the book was rather entertaining, suspenseful, and thrilling at every corner as each main character’s story is told from their perspective of how they survived and how they helped one another survive.
      5) I loved the three main characters though I found that I hated one of the main antagonists named Roland, someone who was constantly against the the main characters.
      6) 2007, United States. It depicts seemingly American characters in the story.
      7) Yes, it gives you a better understanding of how lucky our generation is that such a future hasn’t and hopefully won’t come to light.

    • Reading List 9-12 Suggested Sp
      Spalding, Amy
      Kissing Ted Callahan (and Other Guys)
      I chose Kissing Ted Callahan for my free choice reading. The book genre is a Romance Novel. The theme of this book is you may have ups and downs in your relationships. Always be honest in a relationship and be nice to everyone. My personal reactions of this book got me happy but also nervous in some parts through the novel. I loved Riley Jean the most in this book because she always stayed as herself she never changed for her crush to like her. This book was written by Amy Spaulding and takes place in Los Angeles.

    • Young Adult Paperback Anonymous
      Sparks, Beatrice
      Go ask Alice
      1. The book I chose to read was “Go Ask Alice” by Anonymous.
      2. The genre of this book is Fiction.
      3. A theme that stood out to me in this book was the struggle to be able to communicate to others. This themes occurred throughout the book when “Alice” was too afraid to tell someone what she was going through and how she felt scared to inform an adult about her drug problem.
      4. My reactions to this book included being very informed about the struggles that many people go through without other people noticing. It was eye opening to see what this girl went through and the troubles of adolescent drug addiction. Some parts of this book were very shocking because she was around my age and we lead/led two different lives. It was intriguing to see what someone else my age goes through.
      5. I loved Beth, who was one of Alice’s friends. She helped Alice for a little while and set her up with some good friends. She gave Alice for a little bit until Beth was forced to move and then I started to hate her because she left Alice.
      6. “Go Ask Alice” was written in 1971, it was an ongoing diary of the author’s life. You don’t know where it was written because it is anonymous. The book reflects the time because in the ’70s, kids had an easier access to alcohol and drugs, which is was greatly affected the main character and people she associated herself with.
      6. This book is definitely worth reading because it kept you interested throughout and you don’t want to put it down because you want to know what happens next. It became one of my favorite books after reading.

    • Reading List 9-12 Suggested Sp
      Sparks, Nicholas
      A walk to remember

      1.) A Walk to Remember by Nicolas Sparks

      2.) The genre is a love story as well as drama and coming of age

      3.) The themes that really stood out to me while reading this book were the judgments made based on appearances and opening your heart to new possibilities. In the beginning Jamie Sullivan is seen as rather strange. She’s nice to everyone, wears old natured clothing and seemingly beyond anyone’s help. However all of this was of course was only one dimensional. Moving beyond the looks and rumors, Landon began to get to know her and learn that there is much more underneath. She’s just like other girls with her own fears and frustrations. Landon was able to move past what others told him to think and make up his own mind as well as listening to his heart.

      4.) I had many personal reactions to this book. I’m a sucker for the cheesy romance stories but this book took it on a whole new level. I loved how Landon’s character grew throughout the story as the typical boy who hates everything to someone willing to change for love. It’s a new look on the classic love story as listening to your heart is more important than what others think. I enjoyed seeing their relationship bloom and cried when you found out about Jamie’s illness. My emotional were up and down but it has become one of my favorites to read.

      5.) I loved Landon’s character growth throughout the book. He started off as a typical teenage boy who never really got in trouble. The problem was though he never really invested himself in anything and didn’t care about the smaller things in life. Then he met Jamie and everything changed. He sees how caring and compassionate she is and wants to be better for her. He grows into a more understanding and mature adult from Jamie’s influence and became a better man later in life from it.

      6.) The story is being told 40 years later when Landon was 17 in 1958. It takes place in North Carolina in a small town called Beaufort. The book does at points reflect the time in place it was written. There are old cars and old clothing for the time period.

      7.) This book is absolutely worth reading. It’s another great book written by Nicolas Sparks that takes on another beautiful love story. You will fall in love with the characters as you read and see them grow. You will cry and scream when things seems so lost in the book. It’s a wonderful story that teaches you to be more open to those around you and take a chance on something new. With a bittersweet ending you will just want to read it again right away to hold onto Jamie and Landon’s love.

      1) I read A Walk To Remember by Nicholas Sparks.

      2) The Book is Realistic Fiction.

      3) The theme that stood out to me is no matter what, love conquers all.

      4) Towards the beginning of the book, I thought all of the characters are judging the main character Jaime Sullivan.  She is the town minister’s daughter so they are judging a book by it’s cover. Over all, my reactions throughout the book was that it is very good and I never wanted to stop reading.

      5) I liked Landon Carter. In the beginning he didn’t like Jaime Sullivan at all. He judged her and didn’t want to be around her. Further in the book, he began to like her and then  fall in love with her. He didn’t care what other people thought. That’s what I liked about him. He focused on Jaime and didn’t let anyone get in his way.

      6) 1999 in North Carolina. The whole town in the story all go to church on Sundays. They don’t party on Friday and Saturday nights. It’s casual riding bikes and walking to places. It’s a nice town and a safe place.

      7) This book is worth reading if you really like love stories. This love story is two opposites falling in love. It’s a touching story.

      1) The book that I had chosen to read was “A Walk To Remember”, written by the author, Nicholas Sparks.
      2) The genres of this book include both a drama and a romance novel.
      3) A specific theme that stood out to me was “love never dies”, for example, after the tragedy that had taken place towards the end of the novel, he was still as in love with her as when he first had fallen for her.
      4) This book, to me, was heartwarming with the love Landon showed Jaime throughout the entire story.  I found the story to be quite upsetting towards the ending when a certain tragedy struck.
      5) During the beginning of the story, I felt uneasy about the character Landon, considering the way he was treating Jaime, then once he had fallen in love with her, I liked his character more. I enjoyed the character Jaime throughout the entire novel, she was always positive regardless of what was going on with her.
      6) The time period that this book took place as a flashback to 1958 in Beaufort, North Carolina. The time period was reflected when the narrator provided information on specific things the people had worn during that time or certain events that were going on during the time.
      7) Personally I thought the book was definitely worth the read, but I think it all depends on the type of genre you enjoy reading. If you like romance and drama, I definitely think this book is a great option.
      The book that I chose to read this summer is A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks.  This book’s genre is drama/romance. For me, the most prevalent theme in the book is love conquers all. Main character Landon Carter expresses throughout the book that life without love is meaningless. Landon was at war with himself and felt that he was alone at most times but it wasn’t until the day Jamie Sullivan came  into his life that he felt that he felt he found a purpose. Personally this book always kept leaving me speechless at the end of chapters which made me want to keep on reading. My biggest reaction was when it was revealed that Jamie was going through a life altering time. I loved Landon throughout the book because over the course of his seventeenth year, the reader is able to see his transformation from a boy to a man. I hated the situation that Jamie was facing but truly believe that the way the book ends that it all works out for the best. The story takes place in the real-life city of Beaufort, North Carolina. Landon retells the time of his seventeenth year back in 1958 and 1959 from the year 1999. The book reflects the time and place in the way the characters act and think. I believe this book is worth reading because in a way it is inspirational as well as an emotional roller coaster at certain parts. This book shows readers that miracles can happen to anyone and everyone.

    • Reading List 9-12 Suggested Su
      Suma, Nova Ren
      The walls around us : a novel
      1.) I read The Walls Around Us by Nova Ren Suma
      2.) Young Adult Fiction
      3.) A theme that stood out to me is sometimes you can’t trust the closest people around you
      4.) My personal reaction was that it wasn’t my favorite book, mostly because it is a type of book I wouldn’t usually read. It was very mysterious, dark, and a little creepy which isn’t something I am particularly interested in but it was something out of my comfort zone which I enjoyed.
      5.) A character I really liked was Orianna because she was very intriguing. When I was reading I wanted to read more about her because she was so mysterious. She takes the fall of a huge mistake that her friend made and never tells anyone, and that stood out to me while reading the book.
      6.) It was written in the United States in 2015. I think that it reflects on the time in place a small amount because it doesn’t really focus on it but the way the book was written seemed more modern.
      7.) To be completely honest it wasn’t for me. It was a little creepy for me with a murder and ballerinas and things like that. It was one of those can’t look away even though its so weird types of moments. I’m not sure I would recommend this to someone with the same taste in books as I do.

    • Reading List 9-12 Suggested Th
      Tharp, Tim
      The spectacular now

      1. I chose The Spectacular Now by Tim Tharp.
      2.  The book is a mixture of comedy and drama as it deals with some serious topics that occur in the life of a high school kid while also poking fun at other aspects of it.
      3.  One theme that stood out for me is that the  right thing to do is not always the easiest thing to do. The main character, Sutter, had to do things that did not make himself happier but he did it for the greater good. It is an aspect of life that really bothers me and it home for me in this book.
      4. I really liked the book and the way the story is told from Sutter’s perspective. He sees the world in a really funny and almost moronic way that I am not used to seeing. Some parts were frustrating to read about because Sutter does not always make the best decisions. It is a book that I found myself actually enjoying as I read it which does not happen very often for me.
      5.  I loved Sutter despite his dumb antics just because he was a really positive and funny protagonist. His best friend Ricky was also entertaining but at time he annoyed me with how he treated his best friend.
      6.  The book was written in Oklahoma City and was definitely written in the 2000s. I relate to a lot of things that Sutter talks about since I am also in high school. Also living in a small town just outside Oklahoma City is shown in the story as many of the teenagers there just drink and smoke to pass the time because they feel there is not much else to do. This is a problem today and seeing it in the book just made it more relatable.
      7. I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it to others. It was very entertaining to read and most will find themselves loving the characters in it. Also if they really like the book, there is a movie adaptation that is enjoyable as well.
      1. I read, The Spectacular Now by Tim Tharp.
      2. The genre is comedy/drama.
      3.  A theme that stood out for me in the book, was family.  Sutter’s father is an alcoholic who abandoned his family when Sutter was little.
      4. I was very surprised with Sutter’s choices. Usually when a story includes a couple they are always trying to stay together. In this book, Sutter wanted to leave Aimee to allow her to have a better life, and not worry about him and his problem.s
      5. I loved Aimee throughout the whole book. I thought she always had great ideas and was a really supportive girlfriend for Sutter, and you can tell she was very successful. I didn’t like Sutter as much. I did understand why he left Aimee, so she could have a better life. Besides that he was everything to her and I feel she could’ve been perfectly fine dealing with him and his problems. I hated Sutter’s father, because he set a bad example for Sutter. He always let Sutter down and his behavior encouraged Sutter to end up as an alcoholic,
      6. The book was written in current time and took place in an average town. The book’s time and place could help readers relate to the story and allows readers to understand the story more.
      7. I think the book is worth reading for mostly teens. The situations in the book could relate to some teens and can also give advice.

    • Review:
      1. I choose to read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.
      2. The book’s genre is fantasy.
      3. The theme that stood out for me was that Albus Potter was always going to be living with his father’s legacy.
      4. My personal reactions was that I loved it. It explained many things that were confusing in the first seven books.
      5. I loved Albus Potter and Scorpius Malfoy and their friendship. In the previous books, their fathers Draco and Harry were not friends, but it was nice to see their children’s relationship.
      6. This book was written in Hogwarts, 20 years after the death of Voldemort.
      7. This book is worth reading if you’re a fan of Harry Potter or fantasy.

    • Reading List 9-12 Suggested To
      Tokio, Marnelle
      More than you can chew
      Review: The book I chose was More Than You Can Chew by Marnelle Tokio. The genre of this book is fiction. A theme I found in this book was acceptance. The reason acceptance was such an important theme was because Marty couldn’t accept that she needed help in the beginning but as she got worse and worse, she finally got more help. My personal reaction was that although I couldn’t relate to what was happening to Marty, I felt so bad for her because not only was she having health problems but her friends and family weren’t helping either. I loved Marty, the main character, because although she was fighting every piece of help that anyone was giving her in the beginning, I couldn’t help but feel bad for for and love her. This book was written in 2003 in San Diego, California. I think that the time and location are very suitable for this book because this disorder can happen any place and time and to anyone around the world. Overall, I loved the book and I loved seeing the journey she had to go through even though it wasn’t always such a fun and easy journey.

    • Reading List 9-12 Suggested Vi
      Vivian, Siobhan
      The list

      1.The book that I chose to read was called The List by Siobhan Vivian.
      2.The genre of the book was fiction.
      3.A theme that stood out was that change can happen in the blink of an eye.
      4.My personal reactions to this book was shock and thought provoke. In this book, each year a list of the prettiest and ugliest girls in each grade is created. Each chapter of the book is on one of those girls points of views about what is going on in there life.  It shows the repercussions from the list, and how the list changed them, and other people. I was shocked that people would be singled out like that and that a list like that was created. I was shocked by how fast people can change based on one thing, and about how their lives are forever altered. I was thought provoked. It made me really think about how those girls on the list are feeling, and what would happen if that went on at our school and how people would react.  It made me think about what would happen if I was in their shoes.  It made me think about why they were actually put on the list and who created the list until that was revealed at the end.
      5. I particularly hated one of the characters on the list and I loved one of them on the list. Their points were hated and loved.  I felt that way because the list really affected each and every one of them.  I will start with the one that I loved Danielle. Danielle is on the list as the ugliest freshman. Danielle had a serious boyfriend, Andrew and after the list came out he treated Danielle badly. Everyone always made fun of her especially this guy on the football team, who is one of Andrews friends named chuck. They would call her Dan the man.  Danielle puts on this brave face and doesn’t let people get the reaction they want out of her, she tries to act brave and unharmed but on the inside she’s in pain. After some time she realizes that she deserves better and breaks up with her boyfriend. She focuses on swimming and makes varsity, she makes new friends on the swim team, and her best friend Hope is always there to support Danielle. Danielle ties a record for the fastest swim time.  She shows a lot of courage and strength.  I hated this one girl Jennifer. She was the ugliest senior on the list. It was her fourth year being the ugliest on the list. People ignored her and treated her badly because of this. Jennifer never attended any school dances, or were invited to any parties.  When senior year came along these two girls Rachel and Dana felt bad for her so they became her friend and from that Rachel was invited to Margo’s party. She had her first kiss. She attended a dance. They helped Jennifer get a better style for clothing. But Rachel and Dana were best friends with Margo. Margo, the prettiest senior on the list doesn’t want anything to do with Jennifer. This was because they had a rough past. Jennifer and Margo were best friends up until the end of eighth grade. Jennifer made Margo look bad, like the pretty girl ditches the ugly girl. But Margo’s reasons for not being her friend went deeper than that. Jennifer would read her diary know all her insecurities and secrets and would constantly make Margo feel bad about herself. Margo’s sister Maureen wrote the list last year she apologized to Jennifer for putting her on the list. She said that the list needs to stop so she threw away the stamp,(this is what signifies who creates the list). When she left Jennifer took the stamp out of the trash and then the next year, the current one, she made the list. She put herself as the ugliest senior girl, and Margo as the prettiest. people believed and conspiracies that Margo made the list when it was actually Jennifer. Jennifer did noting to stop those accusations. Jennifer had specific reasons for putting each girl on the list. Each reason was not justified for what she did to them. Singling them out and changing their lives. (The changes that happened to each girl because of the list was mostly bad).  Jennifer could have been the bigger person she could have stopped the list for good, she could have prevented those girls from feeling a lot of pain, but she didn’t. Also at the end of the book Jennifer promises Margo that she will give her the stamp at the end of the dance. Once Margo gets the stamp she’s going to destroy it to stop the list from happening again. Margo gets home queen over Jennifer and then Jennifer disappears from the dance without giving Margo the stamp.
      6. This book was written in the 2000s in America. It reflects the time and place in which it was written because the setting of the book is exactly similar to how it is here and now in America. With the school description, and classes being the same. The concepts having to do with a ranking system, Signaling people out, giving stereotypes, beauty, fashion, relationships, friendships, change. It all reflects the time and place in which the book was written.
      7. I think that this book is worth reading it was interesting, and it also was very insightful. It was though provoking, and you could learn a lot from reading this book. It makes you think a lot about what its like to be in other peoples shoes.
      For my choice book, I chose to read The List by  Siobhan Vivian.  This book is in the fiction genre.  One theme that really stood out to me was that one thing can change someones entire view of you.  For example, with the list the “pretty” girls were considered even prettier while the “ugly” girls were considered uglier.  I think that through out the book you will start to favor the main character during their chapter and then the next main character in their chapter, etc.  But i thought that the list itself was a good representation to show how much words can effect you and the way people view and treat you. The book was written  in  2012  and takes place in a high school.  I think the setting of a high school really emphasizes the importance of what people think of you.  I really enjoyed this book and hopefully others will too.

    • Reading List 9-12 Suggested Vi
      Vizzini, Ned
      It’s kind of a funny story

      1) The book that I read was It’s Kind of a Funny Story by Ned Vizzini.

      2)The genre of the book was drama.

      3) One theme from the book is that the problems that seem so important today will not be that way in retrospect.

      4) I did not really enjoy the book. I found the main character very annoying and I found the story very boring at times.

      5) I did not like the main character, Craig, because I found him very whiny and uninteresting.

      6) This book was written in 2006 and takes place in Brooklyn. The book does not really reflect the time because it mostly takes place in a hospital where he does not have much technology. However, the book does reflect the setting of Brooklyn as the main character visits the Brooklyn Bridge.

      7) I would not recommend this book because I thought it was very boring and did not include many likable characters.

      1. I chose Ned Vizzini’s It’s Kind of A Funny Story.

      2. This book is young adult fiction.

      3. Peer pressure stood out to me more than any other theme because of my experiences with it.

      4. While reading this book, I realized that I related to a very large amount of content within the text. This made me realize even adults who struggled with mental illness succeeded more than imaginable in their life.

      5. I loved the majority of the characters in this book because they all seemed very real. They did not seem made up at all and they had very relatable personalities and lives.

      6. This book was written by Ned Vizzini when he was in a mental hospital himself. It was written in 2006 in New York City.

      7.I believe this book is very worth reading. It pulls the reader in and puts them through a long period of suspense and feelings that will last the entire book. Until the end of this book, I was not reading. I was on an adventure with Craig Gilner, the main character.

      1. This summer I chose to read It’s Kind of a Funny Story by Ned Vizzini.

      2. Definitely would put this in a teen novel genre, but could also be a comedy.

      3. There was a strong sense of discovery in this book, so the theme that really stood out to me was to be yourself. The main character, Craig, struggles with this because of his stress from school and social anxieties which make it hard for him to really find himself up until the end.

      4. I actually really enjoyed this book when I didn’t think I would. There were very slow parts in the book that made me want to stop but I couldn’t because I felt connected to the main character. The way that school, love and social circumstances can influence a person was made clear throughout this book, making it relatable to any reader.

      5. I loved the main character because his sense of humor was really raw, which is something I was drawn to. I also loved watching him transform from a dangerously low point in his life, to taking complete control pushing himself to be the best he can, doing something that makes him truly happy. One of the side characters, Nia, who Craig had a crush on, was probably my least favorite. In the beginning she was dating Craig’s best friend Aaron, but they soon broke up. Once Craig was admitted to the hospital she started paying more attention to him and even started to really like him but it seemed really fake. It was as if she only liked him because he was mentally ill, which I didn’t like at all. Especially because there was another character from the hospital, Noelle, who liked Craig and was even able to help him work through some of his problems. That’s a quality I love to see in a character.

      6. The book itself was written around 2010. The story takes place around 2006 in Brooklyn New York. The book points out specific parts of Brooklyn, especially since Craig draws maps, which reflect the time and the place.

      7. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for a good read. It can be rather slow at points but watching the main character transform his is truly inspiring and something everyone can learn from, especially those struggling with the same kind of mental health issues, stress and anxiety.

      1.) I chose the book It’s Kind of a Funny Story by Ned Vizzini.

      2.) The genre of It’s Kind of a Funny Story is young adult fiction.

      3.) A theme that stood out for me in this book was the influence of peer pressure. The main character, Craig, is accepted into prestigious high school, but soon finds himself overwhelmed by the workload and has trouble fitting in with his friends. Throughout the story, Craig learns that it isn’t as important for him to do exactly what his friends are doing as he originally thinks, and that it’s better for him to do what makes him happy.

      4.) Prior to reading “It’s Kind of a Funny Story,” the book had been recommend to me by a few of my friends. Because of this, I went into this book with somewhat high expectations, and was not disappointed. I thought the story was interesting, and I got through it fairly quickly because I had trouble putting it down. I thought the plot was unique and enjoyed the way the narrator told his story. I was also surprised to learn that the author, Ned Vizzini, was inspired to write the book based on a similar experience.

      5.) There were many characters in this book that I liked. It was particularly interesting to read Craig’s interactions with other psychiatric patients, because their personalities varied greatly and made for a better story.

      6.) This book was written in 2006 in the United States. Because much of the book takes place in a psychiatric hospital, mental illnesses are a focal point of the story. In recent years, doctors have learned more about mental illnesses and effective treatments, which is reflected in the book.

      7.) Yes, I think that this book is worth reading. “It’s Kind of a Funny Story” was an interesting book from start to finish that went by quickly. Compared to some other young adult books, this one is unique in terms of plot, but still manages to deliver a message that anyone can relate to. The author does a good job of writing a compelling, funny book about a serious topic.

      1.) The book I chose to read was It’s Kind of a Funny Story by Ned Vizzini.

      2.) The book’s genre is young adult fiction.

      3.) This book had many themes because it had a lot going on, but I would say existing vs. living is a major theme that stood out because Craig worried so much about school, his friends, and everything else that seemingly was minor but seemed major. He was so on edge and lazy at the same time that he forgot the big picture, enjoying life.

      4.) Well personally I thought it was different because it was a normal kid that I could relate to.  Craig had the same problems as me and it was kind of comforting to know that one should not worry so much. I liked the book a lot because it made me personally reflect about my life, which is rare.

      5.) I loved Craig because his life is exactly like mine except I did not get admitted into a psychiatric hospital. I do however have anxiety and depression and also take Zoloft. Craig’s story demonstrated the stigmas and problems that come with mental illness. He also showed that its okay not to be okay. I could relate o him and that made the book even better to read.

      6.) This book was written in 2006 after Ned Vizzini had been released from a psychiatric hospital himself. He suffered from depression. Well, because it was written by someone with his own experience it was probably reflected on what he endured, but also the increase in the amount of pressure teens have during school. Many people are affected by mental illness especially teens who go through different ways with dealing with life.

      7.) It is worth reading because it opens up the mind about mental illness and the way it impacts a variety of different ages. Old to young can have it and to see that it is okay to have it and not be ashamed is a really big part in this book. People should read it to help themselves or help others in need.

      For my summer reading choice book, I chose to read It’s Kind of a Funny Story by Ned Vizzini. The genre of the book is young adult fiction. One theme that stood out to me in this book is the equal importance of mental and emotional health to physical health. This theme was extremely evident throughout the book because the main character, Craig, was admitted to a mental hospital due to the stress and pressures at the prestigious high school he attended. This theme stood out for me because it is something current high school students are surrounded by. The challenges that Craig dealt with are very common challenges among teens today. Personally, this book helped me to understand those who have been through similar situations whom I know. I think this is a powerful book because it gives a first person perspective of depression, anxiety, and hospitalization. I really liked the main character because his problems were very real. He was a typical teenage boy with the thoughts of any other teenage boy in a similar situation. His character was relatable for teenage boys and girls whether they are going through something similar or not. This novel was published in 2006. Even though this book was published 10 years ago I think the problems it discusses are more relevant today than they were 10 years ago. The characters and plot are still relevant in today’s day and age. This book is most definitely worth reading, especially for high school students. It has very important lessons about empathy, the importance of friends, and the importance of looking at the bigger picture.
      The book that I chose is It’s Kind of a Funny Story by Ned Vizzini. The genre of this book is young adult fiction.  The theme that stood out to me the most is that friendship can help you get through the most difficult of times.  Throughout the novel, Craig, the protagonist meets new friends that help him feel supported. The friendships that he makes are essentially what helps him battle and cure his depression. I had a very strong emotional connection to the book. Although I have never faced the extreme difficulty that Craig has faced, I can relate to the universal  human experiences that he faces such as sadness and compassion for others.  Noelle was one of my favorite characters. I loved her ability to be genuine. She always seemed  to be so real and honest with Craig and that is something that I admire. This novel was written in 2006 and takes place in various places in New York City. This is important because Craig’s spent most of his early years in Manhattan. Craig lives the rest of his live in Brooklyn, which is connected to Manhattan by a bridge. In the story, Craig imagines himself crossing this bridge and becoming a healthy, happy adult and have a lasting impact the world . This book was absolutely worth reading because its really helped me realize the true  value of a life. I would recommend this book to teens and adults.

    • PAPERBACK Nonfiction Wa
      Walls, Jeannette
      The glass castle : a memoir
      1.) The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls
      2.) The genre of the book is a memoir
      3.) One theme that stood out to me the most was that you must make compromises. You cannot have luxuries in your life without working for them.
      4.) Most of the time, I was in awe about how someone could live like that, and think the way the parents did. It was a very eye opening book; especially to the unknown parts about being down on ones luck.
      5.) I absolutely hated the parents. They did no know the first thing about parenting. One event in the book that left me speechless, was when their son was being sexually assaulted by his grandmother, and the parents just said, “Don’t be a pussy”. I was absolutely disgusted with them.
      6.) The book was written in the United States and it was published in 2005. The story of her life took place between the 50’s and the present, and it took place in many states. This book could have a bias, or a little polishing to it. Since the writer wrote it after all of those horrible events happen, maybe she did not want to make her family sound that bad; maybe she did not want to expose her family to anything that could hurt them through writing this book. For example, maybe she left out something that could have gotten her family in trouble with significant people.
      7.) This book should be read by everyone. It was hard to put down. Everyone will say that they know what a person who is down on their luck or is homeless goes through, but that is just simply incorrect. I was one of those people, but now I have a new appreciation and a new mind for homeless people. It really makes the reader think about how lucky they are for living the way they do.

    • Reading List 9-12 Suggested We
      Weir, Andy
      The Martian : a novel

      1. I chose to read The Martian by Andy Weir.

      2. The book’s genre is science fiction.

      3. One theme that stood out to me in the book was that lots of problems can be solved, as long as you keep a  clear head and are willing to think outside of the box to come up with solutions.

      4.  I personally thoroughly enjoyed the book and thought that it was a great description of the hidden aspects of astronauts’ journies, behind all of the scientific and more obvious emotions that they experienced, and all of the thoughts and emotions of those working with the astronauts on the ground. I also thought that the science behind the book was very well put together and researched.

      5.  I loved the character of Mark Watney because he was faced with many life-threatening and exhausting situations one after another, but he never lost focus or purpose and he even mananged to apply humor to many of these situations.

      6. This book was written in 2011 in the United States, and it reflects the time and place in which it was written because lots of space agencies and scientists from around the world, including NASA in the US, are looking to send humans to Mars somewhere in the near future. However, the risks for such a mission would be great, as proven by this book, and many people wonder whether it would be worth these risks to send humans to Mars.

      7. This book was definately worth reading because it was really well-written and poses lots of interesting questions about the idea of interplanetary travels by humans.

      I read the science fiction novel “The Martian,” by Andy Weir. This book shows themes of perseverance, ingenuity, and hope by showcasing the struggle of Astronaut Mark Watney to safely return home after being stranded on Mars. He, his crew mates, and a large team at NASA work tirelessly to make sure he survives. I really enjoyed reading it, and I loved the character of Mark Watney. Even though he is in a seemingly hopeless situation, he maintains his positivity and his sense of humor. The book was written in 2011, and reflects modern times by showing how the world comes together in times of crisis. I think that it is worth reading both for its strong message and because of its great sense of humor.

    • Reading List 9-12 Suggested We
      Wentworth, Douglas
      1.) Stranded
      2.)Science Fiction
      3.)It was a murder mystery taking place on a spaceship with all of the Earth’s remaining survivors. It just seemed cool.
      4.)I thought that it was exciting and enjoyed reading it because I never knew what was coming next.
      5.)I liked Mac because even though he witnessed the end of the world he still is constantly making jokes. Overall I found him to be the most likable. Captain Bennish was my least favorite because he was a jerk. He hit women and in a flash back we learned he killed and manipulated people to become the captain of the ship holding all the survivors.
      6.)This book takes place on a space ship in 2026 the world is destroyed by nukes in the first few chapters. Since it takes place in the future our technology has advanced. For example you can now store DNA in a computer that will later turn into a human.
      7.)I think this book is worth reading its not the best book in the world but if you like science fiction or mysteries I think you’ll enjoy it.

    • Reading List 9-12 Suggested We
      Werlin, Nancy
      The rules of survival

      I chose Rules of Survival written by Nancy Werlin. The book in a fiction thriller. A theme that stood out to me, in particular, would be not everyone is fixable. I was shocked of the horrific parenting “skills” of the mother. I loved Mathew and Callie for really stepping up as mentors . It’s unfortunate that at such a young age they had to go threw that type of abuse by their mother, however, they did a great job to protect their little sister. It was written in the South End and it did explicitly say a particular time period, but I assume it took place in modern day Boston based on the descriptions and language throughout the book. It is definitely worth reading because it constantly has you intrigued which, consequently, makes it a very fast and easy read.
      The book that I chose was “The Rules of Survival” by Nancy Werlin. This novel falls under the genre of young adult, as it tells of the viscous realities of a broken family. The most predominant theme of the book was the effects of abuse on children. The main character, Matthew, and his two sisters Callie and Emmy, live with their practically crazy mother, Nikki. Nikki, unable to control her emotions, puts her three kids through both mental and physical harm, and the book tells the tale of what this can do to a child, how it makes them think and act differently, and they ways it affects a family as a whole. The book was quite exciting to read. The first time you here about the things Nikki does, such as locking the kids in the closet, you get goosebumps, at least I did. I knew the book was going to be interesting. As the book goes on you begin to root for the kids in a way, especially Matthew. I found myself getting happy and excited at every small victory Matt had. The book also has its sad moments too, which i felt wholeheartedly. I loved practically every character in this book, all of them played an important role and were well developed, I even loved to hate Nikki. the author created her in a way where she was a villain but she was still human. You always wanted her to lose but you still kind of felt bad for her to which made her an interesting character. I also loved reading about Callie, who in my opinion had the most character development. She started off so shy and obedient and it was exciting to read about all of the changes she went through and how independent and strong she became. The book was set in Boston, Massachusetts, and seemingly current day. As one who lives quite close to Boston, I think the author nailed the setting. I could tell by the way she described the city and where the family lived that it was Boston, before it was even revealed. This is honestly one of my favorite books, and is most definitely worth reading. It has so many emotions, and really makes you care about every single character. The plot itself was interesting and unique, and the book was just overall fun to read. The realness within this fictional novel opens your eyes to a world that is completely possible for some people, and makes the book hard to put down. I would recommend this to anyone.

    • Young Adult Fiction Westerfeld
      Westerfeld, Scott
      1. Leviathan, by Scott Westerfeld
      2. Steam Punk/Fantasy
      3. One theme that stood out is that war can really change one’s world. From making one change their gender (Deryn, aka Dylan, posed as a boy so that she could join the Navy) to destroying one’s family (Alek’s royal parents were assassinated in the war) to scorching the environment (The British use animals as war-machines); all these tragedies were due to war. This theme was prevalent from cover to cover.
      4. I loved this book. From it’s steam punk feel, to the way it told the story (It switched from two characters perspectives throughout), all these made the book a real page-turner. The author used beautiful, descriptive language when mapping out a scene, and the book also had a few pictures here and there, and the pictures were amazing; they were really atmospheric, even on a small page of the book .
      5. In real life, I find myself praising those who are the most determined. In the book, we meet Deryn; a girl who wants to join the British Air Navy – even though they only allow boys to join. She goes through the task of dressing up as a boy, taking and passing an entrance exam, and stay in character; a boy named Dylan, just so she could do the one thing she’s wanted to do as a small child; fly. Her determination gave her what she wanted; a lesson everyone should take and apply in real life.
      6. The book was released in 2009, in the United States. Because the book was about an alternate-reality depiction of WW1, I feel as though the setting where the book was written had zero effect on the actual setting of the story.
      7. The book is worth reading just for the artwork within its pages. But besides that, it’s an overall good read; it’s fast paced, steam punk, has killed characters in it, and the language, like mentioned above, it outstanding. I would recommend this book to friends, and I look forward to reading the two sequels that come after this book.

    • Young Adult Paperback Westerfeld
      Westerfeld, Scott
      Review: I chose the book Uglies by Scott Westerfield. The genre of the book is science-fiction. It also falls under the category of dystopian fiction. The theme that stood out to me the most was to love your self and to love who you are and what you look like. I personally like the plot and the story but it wasn’t one of my favorite books of all time. I enjoyed reading it but I wouldn’t read it again and it wouldn’t be my first choice as a recommendation. I didn’t agree with the main character and I didn’t quite feel connected to personality would better connect with this book. The main character Tally, was very ignorant and naive to the world around her and the story is about her new understanding. I like to believe that I am not as naive as I know I am and get quite annoyed with the stupid mistakes and understandings made by the main character. The setting was set in North America, I believe on the West coast closer to Oregon. It is also many centuries in the future based on references in the text. The book purposely shows and explains the obvious differences between our civilization now and their new civilization in the future. These comparisons represent things that could end up being mistakes in the future. I would say for a certain type of reader that it is worth reading. If you are a person recently introduced to the dystopian genre, this is a good book for you but I don’t believe it has anything special about it compared with other dystopian books.

    • Young Adult Fiction Westerfeld
      Westerfeld, Scott
      Review: I read the book “Pretties” by Scott Westerfeld. This is a fiction book that takes place in a dystopian society where everybody has an operation performed on them at the age of 16, changing their brain (and looks) and forcing them to conform to what the government says. I really liked the theme of rebelling against the “social norm” or sorts. I thought the story was well thought out and used a consistent writing style that kept me engaged the whole time. The main character, Tally, is my favorite because she is the one who gets the other Crims to think, despite their operation. As this book takes place in future America, the book uses corresponding technology (such as hovercrafts, bungee jackets, etc). i would definitely say that this book is worth reading. It is an engaging story and gives a very strong message about society.

    • Young Adult Fiction Westerfeld
      Westerfeld, Scott
      1. I choose to read Afterworlds by Scott Westerfeld.
      2. The genre of Afterworlds is young adult fantasy.
      3. One of the major themes in Afterworlds is life isn’t like what it is in the novels. One of the main characters, Darcy, is an author writing a novel about the other main character, Lizzie. Darcy is having problems in her love life while she is creating a perfect scenario for her characters.
      4. My personal reactions to the book were that the connections between what was going on in Darcy’s life relating to the things she writes for Lizzie. Darcy shows a direct emotional connection between her writing and her own social occurrences.
      5. I loved the moment when Lizzie first met Mindy, who is the ghost of her mother’s best friend who got murdered when she was little. Lizzie discovers why her mother reacted the way she did after the terrorist attack that almost took Lizzie’s life, but instead she was the sole survivor. Lizzie then takes on the new challenges of protecting Mindy from the other people like her who could take her to the underworld forever.
      6. This book takes place in two places depending on who the protagonist is at that moment. When the story is based around Darcy, it takes place in New York City in modern day. However, when the story revolves around Lizzie, it takes place in San Diego or the underworld in modern times.
      7. This book is worth reading because it allows the reader to see how two very different people placed in very different situations can have similar problems and drama in their lives that can add more stress to their daily lives.

    • Reading List 9-12 Suggested Wh
      Whaley, John Corey
      1. Noggin by John Corey Whaley
      2. Fiction
      3. It’s best to move on as time passes
      4. I liked it, but there were points in the book that made me feel as though I shouldn’t be reading it.
      5. There were points where I hated the main character Travis, specifically when he is too stubborn about trying to get back with his girlfriend because he is making a stupid decision that made me feel second hand embarrassment.
      6. The book was written in 2014, but it feels like it was written in an earlier time, because all of the subject matter was written about in a sense that made me feel as though the author doesn’t know what they are.
      7. I would recommend it, it was a pretty easy read, and it was also pretty well written.

    • Reading List 9-12 Suggested Ya
      Yancey, Richard
      The 5th wave

      1) I chose the book “The 5th Wave” by Rick Yancey

      2)The genre of this book is nonfiction sci-fi

      3) The theme that stood out in this book to me is to always trust your own instincts before anyone else

      4) My personal reactions to this book were all over the place.  I was nerve wracked, torn, terrified and more all throughout this book.

      5) I hated a specific character in this book. His name was Vosch and he was the commander of the enemies in this book.

      6) This book was written in the future when aliens attack the Earth. It is a very well written book about aliens because the story is realistic. If an alien apocalypse was ever to happen, it would most definitely play out like it did in this book.

      7) “The 5th Wave” is a fairly long book but it was definitely worth the read. The genre of the book is what I look to read and this book is so well written and unpredictable.

      1.) I chose to read The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey.

      2.) This book’s genres are Science Fiction and Apocalyptic.

      3.) There were a few themes that stood out to me throughout the book. The first was the important idea of family. Cassie spends the entire book trying to rescue her brother Sammy after he is taken. Both her parents had already been killed, so Cassie and Sammy only had each other. The kid “soldiers” that were training with each other at Camp Haven also formed a familial bond, especially Ben and Sammy. This is shown when Ben purposefully injures himself so he can go back to base to rescue Sammy from the aliens. Another theme that stood out to me was trust and how paranoia could affect it. Throughout the book, the characters constantly struggle with who they can trust in a world where aliens can inhabit humans. Because of the ever-looming threat, the main character, Cassie, especially struggles with the concept of trust, but eventually learns that she has to trust someone and that she can’t solve her problems alone.

      4.) I really liked this book. It always had me on the edge of my seat. This was largely due to the fact that because this book was told largely in the point of views of Cassie and Ben, I didn’t know who I could trust either. Just when I would be lured into a false sense of security, something new would come up that would have me questioning everything and everyone.

      5.) I loved the character of Cassie. I found her to be extremely relatable. Like Cassie, I also have younger siblings, so I was able to picture what I would do save them through Cassie’s story. Her sarcastic thoughts also constantly made me laugh. I hated Commander Vosch towards the end of the novel when we find out that he is an alien, and has been brain-washing the reader and the kid soldiers the whole time. I struggled with trusting him throughout the novel, but, after realizing his ultimate betrayal, I was angry that I had trusted him at all.

      6.) This book’s setting takes place in near present day Dayton, Ohio. The book represents its setting by demonstrating the lives of teenagers attending high school in America before the aliens come down. It also demonstrates its setting during the first wave, which is the wave that wipes out all of the world’s technology, for example, cell phones, cars, planes, etc. It shows how dependent people today are on technology and that without it, people can die.

      7.) This book is definitely worth reading because it is a somewhat unique take on an alien invasion and how it would happen. As a teenager, I also found the main characters to be very relatable and enjoyable. I would recommend this to anyone who loves science fiction, strong female characters, and apocalypse stories.

      This summer I read The Fifth Wave by Rick Yancey. It’s an action packed book that follows a 16 year old girl named, Cassiopeia, or Cassie for short. Earth is being attacked in waves. The first wave caused all the lights to shut off. The second was a wave of mass destruction. The third was plaque. In the fourth wave, the “Others” arrived. The “others” picked off any humans they could find and even disguised themselves as humans. Cassie is doing her best to save her family and get them through the waves. Until one day there’s a massacre at her camp and her brother is taken away. Another big character in the book is Ben Parish. We hear Cassie mention him a few times when we are in her point of view. They go to school together and she has a crush on him. However, the POV is now from Ben himself and we learn a lot more about him.

      Ben finds himself at a survival camp. The kids there are being trained to fight the aliens. He is picked to fight. His story is about survival and pushing through while Cassies is about discovering and trusting, as well as pushing through. Their stories intertwine at the very end of the book and it’s really exciting. I would recommend reading this book.

      I think Rick Yancey tells an exciting and new story. The book is interesting and you can really understand and relate to the characters. Some of them you hate, but for the most part you love them. Dystopian novels are one of my favorite genres to read. I assume this takes place in modern time. I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for an adventure or maybe if you like alien attacks.

    • PAPERBACK TV & Film Zu
      Zuckoff, Mitchell
      13 hours : the inside account of what really happened in Benghazi

      I chose 13 Hours, by  Mitchell Zuckoff for my summer reading choice book. This book is of the Non-fiction genre. One of the strong themes that really stood out to me in 13 hours is the bravery and courageousness of the members of the U.S. Military. Personally, I was amazed after reading 13 hours. It showed me just how lucky I am to be living a privileged life in America, rather than living in a dangerous, underdeveloped city like Benghazi. Also, It showed me how much the U.S. military cares about keeping every American safe. It made me proud to live in the U.S.A. Honestly, I loved all six of the members of the Annex Security team (D.B., Oz, Tanto, Jack, Tig, and Rone) throughout the text. It was almost as if their strength, bravery, and skill was something straight out of a fantasy novel. And, even though none of them were crucial or main characters in the book, I hated all of the Islamic militants, who attacked the U.S. diplomatic compound. The book was written in 2014, in America (published on September 9, 2014).  I think that the book reflects the time and place in which it was written because, it is a fairly modern book, which reflects this modern era of terrorism, and terrorist attacks, which have been taken out on not only the U.S., but on the whole world. I would say that 13 Hours is a must read. Its a very powerful, action-packed text that does a very good job of illustrating the awful events that occurred at the U.S. diplomatic compound on September 11, 2012. I would heavily recommend this book to anyone, its a great read!
      The book that I chose to read was titled, “13 Hours: The Inside Account of What Really Happened in Benghazi”. The genre of this book is a non-fiction/war story. As for a major theme that stood out in this book, was the notion of going above and beyond the call of duty to do what is morally right for the bettering of others. this was noted as contractors protecting a C.I.A. annex leave their post in order to aid other Americans located in Benghazi against enemy attacks.  Some personal reactions that I encountered during this read, would include a sense of pride in a nationalist outlook  along with shock and awe due to the true yet unbelievable events. Though I didn’t hate any characters I found myself frustrated with the C.I.A. chief of the annex as he held the contractors initially at the base preventing them from aiding the ambassadors compound which was under attack. As for loving characters, there isn’t one of the six ex-military contractors that you can’t enjoy due to their persistence and fight against the enemy in order to protect their base and those inside. This book was written in 2012  following the attack in Benghazi and it recounts the true events, that were hidden from the public, as to what happened during the attack and that time period. This book is absolutely worth reading  for a number of reasons. Mainly it is worth reading because it gives true insight as to events that occurred and were hidden from the public. Also, because it is a hart-felt story that provides a sense of pride for American people.