Besides books, there are a ton of things you can get or use at the library! More than you probably know.

Materials in this section can be borrowed just like books!

We have a wide selection of movies. Some of our movies, most of our kid-friendly below PG-13 movies, are downstairs and completely free to check out for a week. Others are upstairs. This is generally anything PG-13 and up, although there are a few exceptions. We have a small collection of anime aimed for an older audience in our young adult section as well.

We also have a huge variety of CDs on offer. Our Young Adult section has both soundtracks/musicals as well as pop and popular things. Upstairs also has a great collection of music. All of these are burnable.

You can borrow a wide range of video games rated Teen and under near our Young Adult section. We have games for: DS, 3DS, Wii, WiiU, xbox 360, xbox One, Playstation 2, Playstation 3 and Playstation 4. We also have one or two games for Playstation Vita. We generally order games that are easy to play for a while and return, without losing hours of work. These include but aren’t limited to: racing games, Lego games, dancing/singing games and games like Mario Brothers. This collection has games appropriate for as little as 2 years old and as old as you want.

We have a wide assortment of graphic novels and manga, including popular superheroes. There is a graphic novel collection in both our young adult section and our adult sections and many titles in both have cross appeal. Our manga selection is limited to our young adult area but contains quite a few complete series and tries to stay on top of some of the more popular series. Suggestions for these are always welcome.

Although the most current issues are available only for in-house use, all of the back issues are available to be checked out. In our adult collection, we have tons of different options. In our young adult collection, we have old Twist, Transworld skateboarding, Thrasher (also about skateboarding), Teen Vogue, MAD, Seventeen and the Marble Collection (writing and art done by fellow MA high schoolers). For all of these, we have the current copy as well. We also have a bunch of old Shonen Jumps and the most recent TeenInk, which is writing and art done by teens all over the world.

Some things you can use in the library if you just ask at the Youth Services desk.  For each of these items, you are responsible for the item and the cost. If we do not get the item back in two hours, you will be charged the cost of the item.   Make sure you always return the item to a person at the Youth Services desk; do not just leave the item for them to find as anyone could take in the meantime.

These will be tethered to a piece of furniture.

These can be hooked up to any computer.

These are available only for playing in the library.