Saturday, March 16 at 2:20 pm
Sign up is required. Join the Library and Sustainable Wakefield for this gorgeously shot film about honey bees, which not only gives us a bees-eye-view of these amazing creatures and the organization of hive life, but takes a look at colony collapse and how the dying off of countless bees is affecting humans ability to grow food. The director’s unforgettable cinematography and deep knowledge of bees will leave you with plenty of food for thought. (Ages 10+ welcome).
Want to know more? Sign up for our upcoming program, The Buzz About Bees, with Nancy Mangione, a local beekeeper, in which you’ll get to meet the bees and learn more about beekeeping. And there’s more…pair these two programs with our April 2 offering of Landscaping for Pollinators, and find out how to make your garden friendly to bees and other important pollinators.

For more information, please contact the Reference Desk at 781-246-6334 x2, or e-mail us at