Tuesday, February 19 at 7:00 pm
Did you know that the shape of Japanese high-speed trains is based on the shape of a kingfisher’s beak? Did you know that the owl’s trailing edge fringe has provided clues to producing silent and more efficient onshore wind turbines? If you knew about any of this, you already know something about biomimicry.
Rather than ‘improving’ and extracting from nature, biomimicry asks: what can we learn from her? Nature’s R&D lab has been in business for over 3 billion years. As a result, life has evolved to thrive everywhere on this planet, including in extremely severe conditions.This talk will provide an introduction to the new discipline of biomimicry (also called biomimetics), which is sustainable innovation inspired by nature.

Peter Lawrence is President and co-founder of Biomimicry New England. Prior to this he was Chairman and founder of the Corporate Design Foundation in Boston. He has a degree in architecture from Rhode Island School of Design and a degree in economics from Lafayette College.

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