All students must read four titles this summer. The only requirement is that one of them be a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Music) book. The others can be fiction or nonfiction — your choice! For ideas on STEAM titles, see the brochures listed on this page and look for STEAM books under Nonfiction on the Suggested Reading List.

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Preschool & Grades 1-4

This summer, kids in preschool and entering grades 1-4 will receive a Bingo Card with a variety of reading-and-library-themed challenges. As students complete the challenges on the Bingo card, they’ll cross it off. If they complete 5 in a row (up/down, across, or diagonally), that’s a BINGO, and they can bring the card to the library to collect a small prize. They will get a small prize for each BINGO they complete on the card. Limit 3 BINGOs per card.

When they’ve done all the BINGOs they want to on this card, they can turn it in for a new card with different challenges.

 If they complete ALL the challenges on their card, that’s a Blackout, and they can turn their card in for a larger prize.

Grades 5-12
This year, every time one of our young adults (incoming grades 5 through 12) stop by the Youth Services Desk at the Library, they can pick up a scratch ticket to win prizes. Prizes range from candies to Beebe Library sunglasses to free books and gift cards. Every ticket’s a winner. All scratch tickets from the summer will be entered at the end to win a free pass to TreeTop Adventures in Canton, MA or access for them and a friend to our After Hours Summer Event.

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Suggested reading lists are available below by grade level as well as links to brochures with information about where to find STEAM subjects. 

Grade 1          Grade 2          Grade 3            Grade 4

STEAM Brochure for PreK-1     

STEAM Brochure for Grades 2-3

STEAM Brochure for Grade 4

Grades 5-6                                         Grades 7-8

STEAM Brochure for Grades 5-6

STEAM Brochure for Grades 7-8

High School Suggested Reading List

STEAM Brochure for High School, Grades 9-12

Advanced Placement History Summer Reading List