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Israel Horovitz is a playwright and screenwriter. He was born Arthur Horovitz to Julius and Hazel Horovitz in Wakefield on March 31, 1939 and lived at 33 Elm Street. He attended the Warren School and graduated from Wakefield Memorial High School in 1956. At Emerson College he changed his name to Israel, His first play, The comeback, was written when he was 17 and premiered at Emerson.

He has written dozens of plays, many of which have been translated into foreign languages. The Wakefield plays is a cycle taking place in Wakefield comprised of The Quannapowitt quartet and The Alfred trilogy. The Quannapowitt quartet includes four inter-related short plays, Hopscotch, The 75th, Stage directions, and Spared; the Alfred Trilogy includes Alfred the Great, Our father's failing, and Alfred dies.

Horovitz is married to Gillian Adams and has five children. He lives in England; New York, where he is artistic director for the New York Playwrights Lab; and Gloucester, Mass., where he founded the Gloucester Stage Company in 1979.