James H. Keough

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Major James H. Keough was one of the nation's, and indeed the world's most outstanding marksmen in his day. Born in Southbridge, Massachusetts in 1864, he later moved to Wakefield. He died in Wakefield on January 31, 1946 at the age of 82. He was the holder of several world records for marksmanship, and also served in the Richardson Light Guard, which he joined in 1888. He served with the Guard in the Spanish-American War, and was one of the founders of the Reading Rifle and Revolver Club. After his death the Lucius Beebe Memorial Library received two display cases of Keough's trophies and awards. With the exception of the Eros statue, all of those other awards are now in the possession of the Wakefield Historical Society. He also donated $2500 to the library for the purchase of books and magazines pertaining to rifles and rifle shooting.