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Beebe Library intends to provide at least one age-appropriate Story Time session annually for every Wakefield child. To that end, the library offers four 6-week Story Time sessions during the school year – Fall, Winter I, Winter II, and Spring.  Meeting times usually change after each session.  For example, Lapsit may meet on Wednesday at 9:30 during the Fall session, but change to Thursday at 11:00 when the Fall session ends. The library also offers evening story times, which do not run on the same schedule. See attached schedules for more information.

The library offers Story Time session on a limited, drop-in basis. No pre-registration is necessary. Just bring your child and library card to one of the age-appropriate Story Times offered each week. Arrive a little early so you can provide your name and library card number on your admission sheet.

The library will admit twenty children to each Lapsit, thirty children to each Toddler Story Time, and fifteen children to each Preschool Story Time. If the library routinely has to turn away participants, then preference will be given to Wakefield residents. The library does not provide Story Time services to residents of communities without certified libraries.

Please plan to stay with your child during Story Time, as the adult-child interactions are an important component of the experience.

child-1065633__180Please note:  The Friday Toddler program you enjoyed in the Fall session will likely meet at a different time during the Winter I session.  So please read the meeting times carefully to avoid schedule conflicts.  We change meeting times throughout the school year so that we can reach as many Wakefield children as possible.  Our goal is to provide at least one age-appropriate Story Time session each year for every Wakefield child.

Click on the age below to see the schedule for your child.

See you at the library!

Please refrain from recording image or sound during library programs and story times. This not only distracts participants, but also may violate the wishes of others whom you did not intend to record or photograph.

Beebe Library is a social, public facility. While the staff strives to maintain a clean environment, public places carry the risk of germs. If your child has a cough, cold, or other communicable ailment, please consider postponing your visit as a matter of public health.

Story Times are cancelled if the Wakefield Public Schools close or delay opening for bad weather.